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Circle of Grace Praying with and for Your Children eBook

It is a well known paradox of the spiritual life that when we gather together and focus our love and attention outward on God's goodness and grace we actually grow closer to one another That is the secret of praying together as a family Gregory and Suzanne WolfePrayer it has been said is the natural language of the heart Indeed surveys reveal that Americans overwhelmingly believe in the power and efficacy of prayer Yet many parents feel uncertain about introducing their children to prayer because they themselves have forgotten or never learned how to pray Consequently their children too are kept in the dark uncertain how to start what to say Now Circle of Grace gives parents the inspiration confidence and practical help they need to begin integrating prayer into the fabric of family life This compelling book contains than four hundred prayers from many faiths as fresh and moving today as when they were first utteredWriting from their own experiences with family prayer the authors answer such questions as What is the best and most natural way to introduce your children to prayer? What if parents are of different faiths? Are there special times and places for praying? What if your child resists this intimate new family activity? Inside you'll discover prayers of praise and petition for bedtime mealtime and birthdays for holy days and the seasons for sickness death and times of special need for family friends even petsPraying with your children not only passes on a precious gift but also can become a source of spiritual renewal for parents a chance to rejoin the pilgrim's path With wisdom and common sense Circle of Grace sets us on our way

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    The commentary at the beginning of this text was encouraging but nothing revolutionary if your family prays together in any way Coming from a church that emphasizes extemporaneous prayers I'm looking forward to incorporating some of the traditional written prayers from the latter section of this book into our family prayer times and my personal ones I could really use some help with something helpful to pray in the morning beyond So tired Please make the kids go back to sleepYou should know going in to this book that the authors draw from both Protestant and Catholic traditions as well as some Jewish Native American Hindu Buddhist etc prayers I'm comfortable editing that to build a group of prayers that fits my theology if you aren't this isn't your book