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Can The Future Ever Erase The Past Rose Has A Cross Mother And A Nought Father In A Society Where The Pale Skinned Noughts Are Treated As Inferiors And Those With Dual Heritage Face A Life Long Battle Against Deep Rooted Prejudices Sephy, Her Mother, Has Told Rose Virtually Nothing About Her Father, But As Rose Grows Into A Young Adult, She Unexpectedly Discovers The Truth About Her Parentage And Becomes Determined To Find Out But Her Father S Family Has A Complicated History One Tied Up With The Fight For Equality For The Nought Population And As Rose Takes Her First Steps Away From Sephy And Into This World, She Finds Herself Drawn Inexorably Into And Danger Suddenly It S A Game Of Very High Stakes That Can Only Have One WinnerThe Powerful Third Story In The Noughts Crosses Sequence

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    Malorie Blackman delivers again with her third instalment in The Noughts and Crosses series.The story is told through the past and present where we get a glimpse into Callie s Roses upbringing and how Sephy struggles to tell her about her father.The story is yet again fantastic and I loved every narrative and each character as they draw you in, in their own way and every narrative is intriguing.I loved the fact that Malorie Blackman allowed us to witness Callie Rose growing up as it gave me insight into her character and her struggles in the unjust world,replicating our own.I only rated this book four and the others five as I just personally found the others exciting and entertaining and this book dragged on a little, but this book was still great as a whole.The ending again was upsetting and a surprise but was delivered excellently with great writing.

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    Malorie Blackman broke my heart with the first book of this series and only now, has she tried to mend it This is a remarkable story The turmoil emotional, physical, mental, and social is overwhelming Its like standing on a log in the water, constantly being tipped over here and there, your arms flailing about, never knowing when you ll finally lose your balance and plunge into the depths below Sephy, Callie Rose, Meggie, all these people take so many punches I can t understand how they re still upright My favourite thing about Blackman s writing is her characterization We ve been with Sephy for three books now, and we ve seen her grow from a carefree child, to a bitter teenager, to a dissipated woman she s so clear on the pages its impressive We know why she s affectionately distant with her daughter, we know why she s suddenly cold towards Callum s mother, why she s suddenly in the good with her own mother, Jasmine Sephy s development is so linear with the books, its like we know her for real Sephy is a solid image that stays in our memory when not engrossed within the folds of their lives, and one that we immediately recognize as soon as we do return That s an achievement in my opinion We come across many characters, most of them disappearing into faint blurs as soon as we close the pages shut, but Blackman does not let her characters slip through our readers hands she makes sure of that Thanks to her writing, we can see and feel the connections between these women We see Sephy in Callie Rose, we see Jasmine in Sephy More than just another commentary on racism a good one at that , this is also a story about womenwomen who have to pick up the pieces of their broken lives, women who have had very little power to act and affect, women who have had very little say and contribution in the outcomes, their voices echoing in the hollowness of deaf ears either because they are not the right color, not the right age, not the right gender Women who have lost so, so much and have been beaten down to their absolute lowest, who have been left with nothing to hold onto but their pride and stubborn will, sometimes their anger and resentment, sometimes love, sometimes desperation, sometimes pure determined convictionit knocks the breathe out of you once you re able to have a full grasp of what it must be like for these people I tell you, these are women who have been left with nothing but each otherwhich they come to find is enough Eventually They are victims, yes, but Blackman does not serve us characters that deserve or need only sympathy They are flawed Sephy chooses to take what has been done her and bury herself in the darkness She turns her rage and sadness and bottles them up, occasionally patching cracks throughout the years She has made herself alone, and numb So different to the girl we first met We get mad at her because we know she knows what she s doing is destructive that she should go over to her daughter and hug her, tell her all the things we read her saying in her head but never has the courage to say out loud Meggie, who has lost her entire family, should not have bribed and threatened Sephy and Callie Rose into staying with her Jasmine should not be so methodical Callie Rose, so blind, so disillusioned We have reasons to want to shake them and wake them, except that these are incredibly sad people, and we also know why they are the way they are, and we ask ourselves, what would I have done But in the end, they pull through These are strong women, despite being wronged perhaps, it is even in spite of being wronged They have strength they ve kept hidden from their oppressors who take all forms, from husband to son, from the public to one s self , and we see them reaching the end of their patience, moved by urgent events, to finally unleash their wrath We see what they re capable of and we re in awe Another extraordinary thing about them is that they might argue that what they ve at last resolved to do isn t bravery at all And in a way, it isn t Jasmine and Meggie shake, cower, doubt and fear every step of their path Jasmine and Meggie might rationalize and say its out of necessity, that it is for the greater good But it would be a lie Because they do not, for one second, choose willingly what they re called to do They accept, that is all They are required to make the deepest, greatest sacrifice and its one of those moments I think we ll never fully understand unless we re one day asked to do the same Blackman gives us a lot to swallow, and it doesn t go down smoothly This isn t a review is it More like a rant of the opposite kind I love these books and I m angry I didn t have time to write a review immediately after reading as that s when I have most to say But days have gone and most of what I wanted to write has gone with them I wouldn t have been able to do this justice anyway, so perhaps its just as well Somethings I will say I didn t enjoy as much , hence the missing star, is that there were a bit too many p.o.v.s, but again, I didn t hate it The problem was that I wanted so much of Sephy, of Callie Rose, that when I was taken from them, I was disappointed But then it was to get to know about Meggie and Jasmine and I complained no This is also a very reflective book it is marinated in internal monologue Many, many thoughts are expressed Now, usually I hate that but it works here because I love the characters The dialogue was also occasionally cheesy, but digestible Remarkable book, let me say again Remarkable More people should be reading Blackman s Noughts and Crosses series I don t know how I ll get my hands on the fourth, but I tell you now, I will.

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    finaly rereading after 6 years Ok of too double cross, but i dont like this one as much as i did the 1 time, it drags a bit and honestly both heroines can be counted as bitches, i mean Saphie was passive agressive most of the book and way too controlling as a mother and she kept hiding important info from her daughter, even, though she knew, that Jude is out for revenge and there, others, that can tell Callie Rose the truth in much less kind words, also when Callie Rose became agressive and found the truth she didnt stop and actually talk too her untill she got Caleb s letter proving, there love was real and untill it was almost too late, so it looked like if she didnt get the letter and hear, that Callie is abought to get killed, she wouldnt have done anything and ther conflict would have grown

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    Read this in like 24 hours.So action packed.So intense.SO good.

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    Set in a dystopian 21st century near future British society the Noughts Crosses award winning series of novels initially a trilogy, subsequently extended to a quadrilogy opens following a period of alternative history, a post slavery period where the white population Noughts have been enslaved by the ruling black elite Now post emancipation, it is the non black population who are distinctly disadvantaged and impoverished in this alternative future society which is ruled and controlled by the dominating blacks Crosses.The Noughts Crosses series provides us with an explicit flip and twist on both the history and current political and cultural demographic of British society where racial politics is turned on its head and power structures are completely reversed The fundamental premise underlying this series is a vitally important one what Malorie Blackman seems to have set out to do, is to robustly challenge what may be many readers current perceptions, presumptions, assumptions and views on race and British society An attempt to provoke thought and to revisit the absurdities of a society ies run along lines on racial disadvantagement and the domination of one ethnic group or groups in society by another controlling ethnic almost always white group The books successfully challenge and encourage particularly the non black reader to reconsider and think again about being part of and party to, a racially privileged white society and by extension, to consider the real life alternative in the light of the fictional world that is portrayed here in the Noughts Crosses series Moreover to consider the possibility of a third way a society run entirely along non racially defined power structures This is an original, intelligent, perceptive and though provoking series of books and whilst squarely aimed at the Young Adult market, it clearly transcends the restrictive boundaries of that genre.The first installment Noughts Crosses is the strongest of the series, closely followed by the second and third parts of the original trilogy namely Knife Edge and Checkmate Whilst Double Cross is well written and ostensibly does add value to the series, it does feel ultimately a little superfluous and does not provide the same impact as the preceding three novels.Moreover, apart from being politically and culturally astute, what makes the Noughts Crosses series of books so successful is not merely the originality and the ever present underlying theme of racial politics, but the fact that Blackman has created great characters who inhabit great page turning stories which are both compelling and engaging.These are increasingly important books to be read by all particularly in view of the current political climate and the ever disturbing rise in the so called alt right white supremacist groups in certain parts of the world It is very encouraging that Blackman s series of books has been so successful and is widely read and made available in UK schools as it quite rightly should continue to be.Throughout the course of the Noughts Crosses series of novels, Malorie Blackman successfully shines a light on the absurdities of racial domination and subjugation of one group by another and the fundamental racist agenda implicit and explicit, covert and overt at both personal and societal levels that underpins and perpetuates this ridiculous cultural dialectic.In the words of Nelson Mandela as recently quoted by Barack Obama No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion

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    I loved this book, it was brilliant The third book in the Noughts and Crosses quartet definitely lived up to the first two books and in some ways surpassed them.SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN T READ UP UNTIL THIS POINT including this book , YOU WILL BE SPOILED Okay so I m quite confused with that ending are Jude Jasmine dead Did she set the bomb off I don t know There s another book and the blurb for that book also confuses me I highly recommend not reading the blurb for Doublecross.I found it really sad towards the middle where Callie s thoughts and feelings regarding Callum began to get really negative since we know Callum and all the information Callie received was based on lies and it was just really sad to read Similarly it was so cute at the beginning when Callie was like seven or so and she had such a positive outlook on the world and believed positive things about Callum It makes perfect sense to me that Sephy would treat her daughter in such a way to keep her independent and make her stronger Especially because of the incident at the end of Knife Edge when Sephy hugged baby Callie so tightly that she stopped breathing However by keeping her at arms length Sephy fractured their relationship really badly.Most of Meggie s actions and such in this book just spelt desperation to me Meggie obviously has lost most of her family members and was holding onto Callie Sephy by a thread.Although I don t think Jude s actions are justified as there is nothing in the world that justifies terrorism, I find it really unfortunate that he ended up in his current position due to such strong injustices in his from such a young age His whole hatred towards the way things were stemmed from him not being able to continue getting his education after getting a glimpse of it and loving it than anything while he had it It s like if you deny a human his basic human rights, how can you expect him to have any humanity left It makes sense now as well of the little bits of Jude s resentment towards Callum in the first book for taking school for granted I really wished Jude would be redeemed in some tiny form at least I suppose he was slightly in the sense that he finally realised that Cara Imega was his ultimate love, despite being a cross He realised that he could and in fact did love a cross for who she was and her being a cross didn t contribute to her personally It s what s inside that matters as some clever person once said.CALLUM S REAL LETTER WAS THE CUTEST THING I knew for obvious reasons that the content of the first one was lies I grew so attached to Callum s character in the first book just to have him ripped out from under us but when his real letter was revealed, to see it written under Callum s perspective as a header, two books later following his death was so hearbreaking but beautiful at the same time All the feels.I am really intrigued to see where the next and final book will go.

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    Thoughts to come

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    4.75 starsAm I to finish every of these books crying

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    This book seemed vaguely familiar when I read it But if I have read it before, I d completely forgotten everything that happened in it Which says volumes about how thrilling a story it wasAnyway I liked Callie Rose, which surprised me since she s an Angsty, Troubled Teen But she actually had proper issues to angst about I couldn t believe what an awful mother Sephy turned out to be It was pretty uncomfortable reading all those childhood stories I didn t really understand why Callie was going to go ahead with the suicide bomb though I mean, when she first discovers the truth about her dad and she s furiously angry with her mother, yeah, I can see her joining the L.M But killing herself The fact that she was so unhappy and torn about whether she should go ahead with it was surely a clue that she wasn t committed There didn t seem to be any motivation for her actions.The writing was as awful as it was in the last three books in this series I suppose Malorie Blackman thinks all the similes are original, but they re annoying as hell I could accept the younger characters coming up with them Sephy and Callum in Noughts and Crosses, Callie Rose in this book but EVERYONE does it ALL THE TIME Meggie, Jasmine, and Sephy are all too old to say things like, My jaw sagged like a leaf of limp lettuce The dialogue tended towards sappy a lot of the time In real life people simply don t sit around philosophising and having long conversations where they manage to say NOTHING AT ALL in several hours The bits with Sephy and Callie in the cellar were so drawn out.The switching point of view got a bit ridiculous what with changing practically every page It seemed like Malorie Blackman wanted to write every character s reaction from their own point of view, before switching back to the other character to see how they d taken this reaction I m not an idiot, thanks I didn t need that much internal monologuing to figure out how characters would feel Show not tell, etc.As for the message that We should be with the people we love PLEASE tell me that wasn t supposed to refer to Sonny and Tobey I didn t like that Lucas s sudden conversion was entirely explained by, Oh, he was just quoting his dad, that wasn t what he REALLY thought But I did like Lucas and Callie together Likewise, I thought that Nathan and Sephy made a good couple Tobey seemed rather special and Sonny was just pathetic and inherently unlikeable.

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    I ve said it before, I ll say it again, it s so hard to review books in a series I m not one for spoilers, so I try to really make it obvious if there s going to be a spoiler The trouble with this series is that it s so damn good I want to speak about it, but I would HATE to spoil it for others So, as per usual with this series, I m going to be wonderfully vague I apologise Checkmate is the third book in the Noughts and Crosses series It follows Sephy and Callum s daughter, Callie Rose, as she grows up and learns about her past Callie Rose meets her Uncle Jude who is still bad news although Callie Rose isn t aware of this yet It is narrated in a similar manner albeit with different characters as the rest of the series Alternating chapters are narrated by different characters It still works for me I love reading from different points of views It keeps it fresh and exciting.I really liked how Malorie Blackman explored the difficulty individuals can have growing up as mixed race The prejudice that is explored in the previous books continues to be identified I particularly like how it was portrayed with Callie Rose who was experiencing prejudice from both sides, making her feel very confused about her place in the world Alongside the family secrets, Callie Rose is an incredibly confused character who doesn t make the best decisions.I don t think this book had as much of an emotional impact on me as Noughts and Crosses and Knife Edge did, but it is still a powerful read which answers questions I m reading Double Cross very soon and I m excited to see how it is all brought together.