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Cat Doesn T Mind Living In The Shadow Of His Sister, Gwendolen, The Most Promising Young Witch Ever Seen On Coven Street But Trouble Starts Brewing The Moment The Two Orphans Are Summoned To Live In Chrestomanci Castle Frustrated That The Witches Of The Castle Refuse To Acknowledge Her Talents, Gwendolen Conjures Up A Scheme That Could Throw Whole Worlds Out Of Whack

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    I ve just finished reading this to my daughter Celyn 11, too disabled to read for herself.It s a fun story of Cat and his witchy sister Gwendolin living in a world that s almost ours but where witches and wizards exist and are well known Like an enormous wedge of literature it s one of those adventures that would be over really quite quickly and with very little fun if the man or woman at the top just sat down and told everyone what was going on Dumbledore could probably have reduced the Harry Potter series from seven long books to three short ones if he just told Harry things he knew that Harry needed to know But let s not dwell on that.At first glance it s quite a light hearted tale centred around the true motivation of the eponymous Chrestomanci, a very dapper master wizard who takes the siblings into his castle and family It s written with Diana Wynne Jones customary skill, energy, and imagination, and very enjoyable As things develop elements of the story takes a surprisingly dark tone, but the best children s books always carry an edge, and this edge serves to add interest in the finale Those seeking a magic system will be disappointed DWJ s magic is magic and she doesn t share the rulebook in any of the four novels we ve read so far But that s how I like it and I ve no complaints.I ve ordered book 2 on the strength of this one, so that s my recommendation right there Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes..

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    Sibling rivalry can feel like life or death when you are a kid I mean, probably I have an older brother but I think the roughest thing that ever went down between us was maybe at ages 4 and 6 when he kept all the toys at one end of the bathtub We ve never had a physical fight I don t see one in the offing, since we re both pushing well past 30, agree on everything well, not politics, but the important stuff like the Star Wars prequels suck and Mario games are the best, plus he lets me borrow his DVDs And besides, we are still united against my dad Hi, dad, who reads my book reviews Look at my joke Google turns up some really crappy stock photography when you search sibling rivalry Look at these twerps can t you just taste the hatred Kids, stop hugging and smiling and come eat Better My girlfriend on the other hand has two younger brothers, and from what she s told me, it s only mere chance that she has never appeared on one of those shows about child psychopaths in her defense, they sound like little beasts Anyway, the point is that if you have a pair of children who fight a lot, it s probably best not to let the younger one get anywhere near this book, because it will only confirm his suspicions that, yes, his older sister really is a sociopathic witch trying to murder him as part of a grand scheme to be named queen of the world No, literally In the interest of full disclosure, I also have a much older half sister, but I don t think she s trying to steal my magic.

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    this is a winning intro to what looks to be an enjoyable children s fantasy series the young Chant siblings exist in a world with magic, one of many such worlds or, rather, dimensions after a tragic accident that leaves them orphans, older sister and talented witch Gwendolen takes to learning magic the old fashioned way, through some sort of hedge wizard, while so passive it hurts younger brother Cat blithely assumes he is magic free soon they are taken to the castle of Chrestomanci, an enchanter and super cop in charge of minding magic used and magic users in general, so that they do not run rampant and control all the poor wittle ordinary folk and so the adventure begins.i say adventure because this is barely an adventure novel the tone is rather unique to me it is all determinedly minor note Gwendolen is definitely a mega bitch but she doesn t exist on a grand scale for the most part her bitchiness is that of a self absorbed little princess Chrestomanci is rather sinister, rather intriguing but is far from a larger than life character he isquaint the castle is rather of a sprawling estate and the magic practiced there is not exactly mind blowing there is even a dragon but a very small, baby dragon and Cat, our hero, is a sweet kid and is also perfectly ordinary in his thought process the only thing really unusual about his personality is his docility i wonder how kids reading this feel about how ordinary everything is, how this tale is pretty much the opposite of epic personally, i thought it was striking, in a good way.the ordinariness is in some ways a cover Chrestomanci s duties actually rather boggle the mind Cat learns some surprisingly grown up lessons about the various adults around him at one point realizing the shallowness and greed at the heart of his former caretaker, a person who loves him and whom he loves in returnthat was a very adult revelation the betrayal at the center of the novel is genuinely awful, almost breathtaking when realizing its long gestation and the sheer evil behind it and Cat s destiny is truly an awesome one yet neither he nor the other characters treat it as such in the final revelation everything in the novel, no matter how potentially grand scale or deeply personal, is treated with the same surprising lack of affect overall, an unusual and intriguing experience and a very quick read too, much helped by Jones clear and straightforward writing style.

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    What a perfect book for my mood Thank you, Fiona And a terrific introduction to a new for me series Diana Wynne Jones was a talented writer, and I so enjoyed wandering through the pages of this book Don t let the YA throw you off If you like Harry Potter, I think you would like this also Not saying they re very similar, really, but the magical worlds created are so interesting and fun I just love her writing and the audio performance was also well done Will definitely be continuing with this series This genre is my sweet spot right now 3

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    I guess I ll read the complete series, this book was good.While reading this, I realized that J K Rowling might have had some inspiration from this series for Harry Potter, not in terms of story or characters, but the fantasy and magical elements The name You know who , the moving paintings, chess pieces that are animated and so on.Cat Chant and Gwendolen Chant are orphan siblings Gwendolen is a witch and she is a very ambitious one at that Cat is quite a mellow and reserved kid and stays in his sister s shadow as he is too afraid of everyone else in the world While Gwendolen is taking classes from a necromancer, a mysterious person named Chrestomanci comes and sort of adopts these two kids They know that he was an acquaintance of their late parents but don t know who he actually was They go to Chrestomanci s castle and Gwendolen is hugely disappointed that she won t be taught magic until she starts behaving like a mature kid, because she was a very arrogant, petulant child.What starts off as the usual struggle of orphan children to adjust in a new home, with new people, new kids of the same age, pulling pranks on everyone because you are petty and jealous slowly turns quite dark as parallel worlds and incredible magical powers come into play.The dark side of the story hit me pretty hard, such a cruel and evil idea would never cross your mind until half way through when you start to doubt whether everything and everyone is truly who they seem to be.While this is not as intricate a fantasy setting as Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone, it is still something a HP fan might enjoy as much.

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    Questo libro una chicca Azzardo a dire che secondo me l ha letto anche la Rowling. Per me Charmed Life un po il nonno di Harry Potter, sotto alcuni aspetti 3Punto di forza sono sicuramente i personaggi non credo di aver mai incontrato tra le mie letture a target giovani un personaggio cattivo e meschino come Gwendolyn. Ragazzi, che tipaccia Crudele, amorale, egoista, subdola e presuntuosa..Ah s , ha circa 12 13 anni DIl modo in cui poi Cat viene dipinto davvero particolare lui il vero protagonista della storia, ma l autrice riesce a nasconderlo MOLTO bene 3Passando alla storia vera e propria. Io l ho amata un sacco L ho trovata intricata e ben costruita, ad un certo punto la disperazione di Cat era anche la mia e continuavo a chiedermi come si sarebbe cavato dagli impicci. Insomma, un romanzo per ragazzi che intelligente, divertente, con bei personaggi e ben costruito Cosa chiedere di pi Ahhh, Chrestomanci

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    I love this book I ve already reread it several times, and it seems to get better every time I revisit it The same goes for the rest of the Chrestomanci series, and indeed for all the books by the late, great Diana Wynne Jones I ve read This book, published in 1977, was the beginning of the craze for kids books about witches and wizards and schools of magic, and the Chrestomanci series obviously was a major influence on J.K Rowling, who DWJ said had likely read them when she was young and, of course, absorbed some of the ideas.DWJ s books are superior to Rowling s, in writing, complexity, originality, and character portrayal I say this as a big fan of the Harry Potter series If you love Harry Potter, do give DWJ s books a try There s a good chance you ll love them too Charmed Life was the first book by DWJ I ever read, and I chose it as the first in my planned reread of books by her that I have on my shelves which is almost all of them Next I ll reread Witch Week and all the rest of the Chrestomanci books, then go on to Fire and Hemlock another favorite and all the others I m grateful that DWJ left us so many books to enjoy Reviewed on April 7, 2011 I ve just enjoyed revisiting this old favorite, this time on audiobook, enhanced by the fine narration of Gerard Doyle.

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    It may seem odd that I can give 4 stars to a book that I the label under favourites , but my reasoning is this The book is not perfect, nor is it quite close However, since the first time I read it over a decade ago, and in the many times since, it has never failed to pull me into its world and allow me a brief escape from the mundanity of everyday life Books like this may not be technically the best I have ever read, but nonetheless remain among my all time favourites

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    Gwendolen was just as horrid as I remembered, but oddly I somehwat disliked Cat this time around though nothing s exactly his fault, he is so terribly attached to his sister who is horrid to him I agree completely with Janet that it s infuriating Chrestomanci and the Family said nothing about what was going on to Cat But most of all, I want one of those dressing gowns

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    Stories of learning magic have become commonplace these days I ve even heard Diana Wynne Jones dismissed unfairly as a ripoff of JK Rowling when Diana Wynne Jones came first There s nothing commonplace about Charmed Life this is a fantastic story about a boy, Cat, who lives with a very ambitious witch sister after their parents drown He goes to live with an impressively powerful man, Chrestomanci, and becomes involved in a strange political war between those who want to use magic without regard to the consequences for ordinary folks and those who want to keep magic somewhat under control Cat is a charmingly unassuming narrator who is aware of his own inferiority he can t even work the charm to turn buttons into gold but caught up in something much bigger than he is I think I ve read this novel several times and still found myself laughing and commiserating with Cat every time This is one of the gold standards I judge children s fantasy by it s a world of magic with true character and unique plays of ideas, particularly in the concept of a nine lived enchanter and a brilliant use of alternate universes that manages to feel comfortable and appropriate rather than forced and contrived.