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MEET THE CATERER WHO WHIPPED UP THE MULTIMILLION COPY MYSTERY SERIES AS GOLDY SOLVES HER FIRST MURDER Diane Mott Davidson S Winning Recipe Of First Class Suspense And Five Star Fare Has Won Her And Caterer Goldy Critical Raves And A Regular Place On Major Bestseller Lists Across The Country In Goldy S Tantalizing Debut, She Serves Up A Savory Dish Of Secrets, Suspicions, And MurderCatering A Wake Is Not Goldy S Idea Of Fun Yet The Colorado Caterer Throws Herself Into Preparing A Savory Feast Including Poached Salmon And Strawberry Shortcake Buffet Designed To Soothe Forty Mourners And Her Culinary Efforts Seem To Be Exactly What The Doctor Ordereduntil Her Ex Father In Law Gynecologist Fritz Korman Is Struck Down And Goldy Is Accused Of Adding Poison To The Menu Now, With The Department Of Health Impounding Her Leftovers, Her Ex Husband Proclaiming Her Guilt, And Her Business About To Be Shut Down, Goldy Knows She Can T Wait For The Police To Serve Up The Answers She Ll Soon Uncover Than One Family Skeleton And A Veritable Stew Of Unpalatable Secrets The Kind That Could Make Goldy The Main Course In An Unsavory Killer S Next Murder

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    Diane Mott Davidson s Goldy Bear Schultz series was one of the first cozy books I began reading I started with Lilian Jackson Braun s Cat Who series and found myself intrigued by the genre As I began doing background research, I realized it all stemmed from my early love of Agatha Christie back in school days.The Goldy series was a fun read that created a world of characters I enjoyed learning about Understanding the relationship between the protagonist sleuth and the local police detectives, I quickly fell in line with loving this series In this first book, the author draws you in and leaves you wanting providing just enough quirky settings I think it s a good approach to have two best friends both recently divorced from the same man the conflict setup is perfect As the series continues, characters appear and the stories get stronger Cozy readers will like this series

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    This is the first book in the Goldilocks Catering cozy mystery series Divorc e Gertrude Goldy Bear works hard at her business Goldilocks Catering in Aspen Meadows, Colorado Goldy needs the money to support herself and her 11 year old son Arch, since child support from her ex husband, gynecologist John Richard Korman, is sporadic and inadequate Korman was a serial philanderer and wife beater, and Goldy is still wary of his vicious temper Goldy s best friend is Marla Korman, John Richard s second ex wife The two women call their mutual former spouse The Jerk , and delight in trash talking him over coffee and pastries.As the story opens, Goldy is preparing to cater the funeral food for Arch s former teacher, Laura Smiley, who purportedly committed suicide A large crowd is expected at the post burial gathering, including John Richard and his new girlfriend As if that s not awkward enough, Arch s grandparents gynecologist Fritz Korman and his wife Vonette Korman are also expected to attend Goldy prepares delicious food for the gathering, and asks Arch and Patty Sue a 20 year old girl who s boarding with Goldy temporarily to help serve The guests are enjoying the refreshments when Dr Fritz Korman falls to the floor, writhing in pain An ambulance is called, and John Richard shrieks at Goldy, claiming she tried to poison HIM and it backfired on his father The police are summoned, and discover Fritz WAS poisoned, by rat killer in his coffee Luckily, the physician gets back on his feet and back to work in a few days In the meantime, Detective Tom Schulz a big handsome bear of a man closes down Goldilocks Catering pending an investigation into the poisoning Goldy is desperate to re open her business, so she decides to help Detective Schulz with his inquiries Schulz isn t crazy about the idea, but he s attracted to Goldy, so he lets her unofficially assist Once Goldy gets the sleuthing bit between her teeth she pokes around everywhere, and makes some important discoveries It turns out the deceased teacher, Laura Smiley, babysat for the Kormans 20 years ago, when they all lived in Illinois Around that time Dr Fritz Korman was accused of inappropriate behavior, and moved his family to Aspen Meadows for a new start Laura also moved to Colorado and took a teaching job.Goldy finds out other things as well, and her compulsive snooping puts her life in danger In the course of the story Arch plays Dungeons and Dragons with his best friend Todd and gets over involved with the game s magic and violence Goldy s boarder Patty Sue gets driving lessons which don t go as planned Goldy secretly caters a couple of gatherings the townsfolk don costumes for a Halloween party Fritz is poisoned AGAIN someone dies Goldy and Schulz start a relationship lots of pastries are consumed and To add to the fun, the recipes for Goldy s culinary creations are included..both savory and sweet treats The story is set in the early 1990s, so people aren t running around with cellphones and feminists supposedly aren t shaving their legs Was this EVER a widespread thing Colorado is a wonderful setting for the novel and I enjoyed the story I recommend the book to fans of cozy mysteries You can follow my reviews at

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    1.5 stars Buddy Read with Nameeta as part of Mystery Book week.I really wanted to read a good mystery book as part of the Mystery week and what better to pick up than a cozy mystery We decided to pick this up as this was featured in the top books of cozy mystery list on GR Unfortunately it did not work out as planned.The thing is after reading a lot of Christie novels, my standard in the cozy mystery genre is set and to say the least this story did not even reach close.The main character Goldy is a divorced woman taking care of her 11 yr old son and trying to make her business work There is a funeral she is catering where her ex father in law is poisoned and rushed to the hospital All good till here But then the story just goes down hill.The investigation by Goldy if you want to even call it that, does not stick to any one trail She decides to find something out and then is easily distracted People around her have secrets that if she asks strongly enough, she may find answers too But she does not even try.And the detective who has a romantic inclination towards Goldy who by the way is a suspect , his investigation was an absolute joke.The secondary set of characters were uninteresting and the overall story did not keep me interested or even seem realistic AT ALL The ending was abrupt exactly out of a B grade movie and full of clich The mystery at the end was not a big surprise at all.I know that cozy mysteries are not supposed to be convincing or emotionally disturbing but they are at least supposed to have that atmosphere This story did not have that atmosphere that goes hand in hand with a cozy mystery.

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    I have a great love of book series I love to get plenty of time to get to know all the characters and immerse myself in their world So I m glad to get a start with this one So Goldy is a divorced mom trying to make ends meet while pursuing her dream of running a catering company But after a person gets poisoned at her affair she is forced to shut down When you barely make ends meet, being without one paycheck can sink your ship This leads Goldy to find the real culprit I can understand how a caterer got involved in solving crime this time It will be interesting to see what justifies it in future books.

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    This is one of my guilty pleasures I love light mysteries I want to see a body in the first 20 pages, lots of clues in the middle, and the solution in the last 20 pages I never try to figure it out I just skim the surface, suspend disbelief how many dead bodies is a caterer likely to find, really , and enjoy the ride.

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    I made it to the end, but I probably shouldn t have since bad books make me cranky.The book should have been titled Catering to Everybody The Story of a Doormat in a Village of Idiots.

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    I really wanted to like this book I mean, I am by no means an opposer of light literature and chick lit and light crime novels at all It seemed to have a really interesting premiseButThe only redeeming qualities for me were the whodunnit kind of guessing game and that it was exciting Other than that ugh I don t know if it was only the translation, but I felt it was badly written Too many unnecessary details and filler sentences and also, there were some sentences and structures where I was just thinking now that is not good writing, that is how a 14 year old writer wannabe would write.Oh, some quotes were good, too like the description about which places women tend to go to on a fitness class, that is SO true And I also liked the portrayal of everyone knowing about the case than Goldy, but no one talking, and letting her be the main suspect, when they know about her situation, just because that s easier for anyone.The characters were not real enough none of them Also, I was SO annoyed by some of the characters bad thing I was most annoyed by the most central characters, whom the writer really wanted to show as good and of desirable morals and traits Hell no Goldy she drove me crazy She was the most selfish person in the story She was all about how unlucky I am, my business is ruined, blah blah blah , and I hated how she wanted to seem like someone chasing justice and be so sad about Laura, when she was ONLY doing it for herself She wasn t even a good mother, she really didn t wanna get to know until a point what his son was doing or getting to know about it She also didn t accept any advice or requests of other people She was pointlessly odious to the people wanting to talk to her, yet was somewhat furious about it when Trixie did the same Not to talk about that her accounts of having been a person in an abusive relationship was not real for me It wasn t credible It was like Goldy mentioned some of the things his ex did to her as shock factor mostly, sometimes even in a joking manner I mean, if someone gets enough of a relationship like this, and feels bad about it, wouldn t go over it in a half, kind of joking manner.I was annoyed by Schulz, either He was described as the nice guy what I saw from him, well He is unprofessional as hell, as a police officer And rude and jerky, and of a bad sense of humour, and sometimes too aggressive in his ways, like dating Talking degradingly to people who he doesn t agree with and, of course dating a suspect especially when he was telling Goldy off when she mentioned it eating in her house on the first interrogation Acting too informal and intrusive I would be really nervous if the police worked the way he did in the novel, in my city I would feel UNSAFE Also, some other minor problems A professional sounding caterer buying some of her stuff off of the nearby bakery For real Also for buying stuff in the supermarket This whole kind of sudden character showing changing at the end wasn t that credible for me Did she have to make Patty Sue THIS dumb This is so stereotypical and not real at all Why are all the pretty and shallower described characters blonde Again, stereotypes much Arch s mood swings are not real, either and I am saying this as a teen who had mood swings but I ve never had mood swings this dramatic, and happen this frequently or if it happens, most of the times, the certain teen is either really mentally unstable or totally depressed, but Arch is not either

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    Listened to the Recorded Books cassette edition Now I ve previously read this book several years ago and went on to read in the series, but why sort of escapes me I didn t like the people in this book I found Goldy annoying and repetitive and Tom Schulz unprofessional, pushy, and patronizing I might try the second one at least because I know I kept going with the series previously but if I don t like that one better then I m gone I think this may be just one example of the problem I have with amateur detectives I like my detectives to be competent and often I don t think the conflict with traditional authority, such as the police, has enough reason for existing besides giving the amateur a reason to detect at all Particularly in this case since Tom Schulz is, I believe, intended to be a sympathetic character and doing his best on the case I thought the narrator did a fine job with the material she had to work with.

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    Ok, so books like this are the reason I m not a huge fan of commercial fiction It was well written, had a nice marketable plot, and was cleverly done with the recipes in the middle and all I mean, on those characteristics alone it seems like the perfect book, but I got kind of bored with it and fast.We ll start with Goldie, the main character, who s a recovering love addict and has battled to put her life together after an abusive marriage Doesn t that just sound like a wonderful thing to read about I mean really, what heroic struggle could a person go through than that Think of all the potential with a character like that inner reflection, angst, a struggle to change inside perhaps but Goldie doesn t have many inward demons as far as I can tell At least, not any she works to overcome in this particular novel In fairness, she fears dating and giving men another chance, which makes her cranky with men especially the detective she works with her on this case, but it all seems very surfacy.Next we ll move on to the detective I just finished reading this and am having a hard time recalling his name Ah, Tom Schultz You basically know nothing about him AT ALL Granted, it is hard to develop characters thoroughly when you write in first person, but really, I have read an entire book where this guy is supposed to be the protagonist s love interest and I know NOTHING about him, and I mean NOTHING except of course that he s good looking and has green eyes.The other guy in the book, who you know a lot about, is the Honey Bee distributor He s memorable because the author puts a lot time and effort into developing his character He s a closed off, introspective type which I had a hard time trusting.Not Goldie though, Goldie trusted him in a heartbeat A recovering love addict who won t even trust a detective to take her on a few dates is going on a car ride with an introspective man whose motives she knows nothing about her son in the car with her with out even batting an eyelash Yeah, that s realistic I think not I would have screamed at the stupid protagonist for being so well stupid, except I had a hard time identifying with her at this point and didn t really care whether she lived or died I m by no means an exceptionally smart person, but I d figured out pretty much the whole of the mystery well before the ending I think that s probably the main reason I got bored with it A young, attractive, woman in her 20 s has to go to the Gyno twice a week for a special treatment I had that one figured out at the end of the first chapter And how naive can a 20 year old girl possibly be I had a very hard time buying that Patty Sue was a victim Bebe yes, Patty Sue no Bebe, a minor, stuck in a house with her parents and a mother who knew what was happening but refused to do anything about it vs a 20 year old girl who lived away from home and could at the very least have called her parents and said, get me out of this situation End of rant Not a bad book, I got to the end and the plot was well crafted It just didn t invoke much feeling in me, no tears, laughter, extreme joy anything really I have a new appreciation for Libba Bray, I may have cried my eyes out at the end of her Great and Terrible Beauty series, but at least I felt something.

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    DNF 43%I just can t work up the motivation to listen to an audiobook that has done nothing but frustrate me I don t understand why a the protagonist gets shit from everyone around her particularly the men from her ex husband, to her new LI, to the little 11 y o shit she calls her son, b or why the entire town is filled with idiots.The writing seems odd and the protagonist is annoyingly repetitive and as subtle as a slap on the face with her interrogations It s also disappointing that the one interesting thing about her formerly being in an abusive marriage, has left no visible, major scars physical, emotional or mental on her I was hoping for a little depth in her personality Yes, time heals wounds and she might ve decided to find joy in the present rather than think about her past, but as often as she comes in contact with her ex, I was hoping for serious insight of her mental state during her marriage, rather than jokes about having cooking utensils thrown at her.