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In A Fit Of Enlightenment Democracy And Ebullient Goodwill, King Verence Invites Uberwald S Undead, The Magpyrs, Into Lancre To Celebrate The Birth Of His Daughter But Once Ensconced Within The Castle, These Wine Drinking, Garlic Eating, Sun Loving Modern Vampires Have No Intention Of Leaving EverOnly An Uneasy Alliance Between A Nervous Young Priest And The Argumentative Local Witches Can Save The Country From Being Taken Over By People With A Cultivated Bloodlust And Bad Taste In Silk Waistcoats For Them, There S Only One Way To FightGo For The Throat, Or As The Vampyres Themselves SayCarpe Jugulum Part of the Pratchett reread with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group in 2019.It s time for the naming of Magrat and Verence s new baby, and they ve invited everyone Including nobility from the neighboring country of Uberwald, who happen to be vampires, eh, vampyres, and who are very happy to exploit the invitation into the country of Lancre Meanwhile the witches of Lancre are going through their own issues now that Agnes Nitt is the new witch in town and Magrat is now a mother, which leaves Nanny Ogg in a position she doesn t want and Granny Weatherwax without her accustomed role.This is the last of the witches books where the witches of Lancre are the main stars Which is a shame, because with this one it really feels like they re just getting started, although I can see the attraction of beginning again with a new character to explore these themes Tiffany Aching is the new witch on the block in a few novels hence Agnes Perdita makes a great addition to the series here and it s a shame we don t see of her interactions with the other witches This book also sees the introduction of the wonderful Nac Mac Feegle, who get a slightly comprehensible outing in Tiffany s series.Where this book really shines though is outspokenly atheist Pratchett s take on religion and faith via the character of Mightily Oats, and it s a take that s honest and charitable, and above all, as with all of Pratchett s work, very human.One of my all time favorites in the whole Discworld series. Go for the throat That may not be the exact translation for Carpe Jugulum, the title to Terry Pratchett s 1998 Discworld novel and 23rd in the series but it describes Pratchett s approach to a searing roast of a parody for vampire lit.Published seven years before Stephenie Meyer s Twilight books, this does not make fun of that vampire interpretation, but Sir Terry does poke good fun at all things vampire when a family of the undead come down out of Uberwald and subtly invades Lancre But the witches of Lancre, led by Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Og, are than a match for the bloodsuckers.Also making this an enjoyable visit to the Discworld is the first appearance of the Nac Mac Feegle Fans of the Tiffany Aching sub series will want to read this as well to get a very early glimpse of the drinking, fighting and stealing tiny heroes.Good fun. Death reached down and took a handful of sand He held it up, and let it slip through his fingers.CHOOSE, he said YOU ARE GOOD AT CHOOSING, I BELIEVE Is there any advice you could be givin me said Granny.CHOOSE RIGHT.This one is all about choices life or death, justice or mercy, to obey blindly or to fight backVampires have taken over Lancre, and it s up to the witches and a befuddled priest to kick some bat Oh, my, how I loved this book From Magrat s insistence on taking EVERYTHING for the baby along on the journey to the way Granny and the priest helped each other over the mountains it all made me happy.Lusty, boozy old Nanny Ogg continues to be my favorite Observe as she shares her views on dealing with cow stealin pixies I d rather have em in here pissin out than outside pissin in There s of them and they ll make your ankles all wet.Talks back to a vampire I m fed up with you smarming at me smarmily as if you were Mr Smarm And gives advice to Agnes on how to tame one of the bloodsuckers by using feminine wiles Marry him, said Nanny firmly You can refine a husband Maybe you could point him in the direction of blutwurst and black puddings and underdone steak You really haven t got any scruples, have you, Nanny said Agnes No, said Nanny simply This is Lancre we re talkin about If we was men, we d be talking about laying down our lives for the country As women, we can talk about laying down Ah, the book is filled with the wisdom of Nanny, and also the wisdom and bravery of others who play a part in the overthrow of those damned vamps It seems a close call for a while there, but in the end, Headology and the power of a cup of tea will triumph.But, what did I say this one was about Oh, rightCHOICES We also have choices.We can also choose to keep our thoughts focused on some vague promise that may await us someday, OR we can choose to see the beauty that surrounds us everydayBehold, the wisdom of Mightily Oats The world is different, Oats s gaze went out across the haze, and the forests, and the purple mountains Everywhere I look I see something holy CHOOSE RIGHT. This 23rd Discworld novel is the last of the witches books before the appearance of Tiffany It s kind of like a goodbye to the trio of Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and first Magrat and in the meantime Agnes Nitt Perdita.As is known from the previous books, Magrat has left the coven and married the King of Lancre Now, she has also given birth to a daughter However, as in classical fairy tales, the naming ceremony goes well, slightly wrong.The main problem is the guest list for the naming ceremony of the little princess You see, Verence is not only just a symbolic king as is tradition in Lancre, he also very much believes in reforming the place, amongst other things by introducing cooperation and extending a hand in friendship to all kinds of creatures Unfortunately, just because he s nice doesn t mean all others are as well Thus, he invites vampires vampyres from berwald and we all know what happens when you invite vampires vampyres in, no matter how modern and progressive they pretend to be.In the middle of the ensuing chaos is another guest The Quite Reverend Mightily Praiseworthy Are Ye Who Exalteth Om Oats, a priest of the god Om who is remarkably similar to the Christian god While this kind of priest loved to burn infidels in the past, he s a modern version and Nanny soon discovers that he s not what she feared him to be.There are a lot of great secondary characters such as Igor and his dog introduced in one of my status updates , Lancre s chief bird wranglerand the finally introduced Nac Mac Feegles who were as glorious as I had been promised What do you do when the odds are not in your favour, vampires vampyres are trying to take over the kingdom, and you re tired as well as outmatched and people don t seem to value you very much You do right by them, of course And boy, does Granny ever I must say that this was not only a funny romp full of action and nice bends in the road, it was also a great way of ending the witches as we ve come to know them Like handing over the torch though I m not sure the author was aware at the time of writing.I have always loved Granny, from the first book she was in, and therefore positively dance whenever she s in a story, however briefly, and to see her teaching her enemies as much as her not enemies what is what, is simply glorious Not that I don t value Nanny or Greebo, but it wouldn t be as fantastic an adventure without Granny and no, the young witches both can t hold a candle to the two old ones.Anyway, apart from numerous clever puns and turns of phrases that Pratchett has become famous for, the central theme in this book is faith And religion Yes, there is a difference Terry Pratchett himself was an atheist but the kind that didn t mind believers so long as they didn t mind him With this book he shows that he had a very entertaining and almost gentle way of addressing any and all issues he has had with God and His followers, making his points not only solid in argument but the delivery of said points also very agreeable and downright charming.A wonderful addition to the series and I hope the future books about witches will be just as great.