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This was a fun, hilarious, book which had a little less conversation and a littleaction. Bubba Ho Tep was recommended by a friend blogger you know who you are and my thanks for a cracking rec , so it went on the old list for consideration until I eventually got round to reading it on holiday Wish I d read it long before that though, what a thoroughly enjoyable tale of the elderly and mentally unstable s battle against a supernatural entity that feeds on souls And with some famous adversaries in Elvis Goddamn Aaron Fucking Presley, John F Kennedy who believed his brain was in the White House running on batteries and Mums Delay who thought she was John Dillinger It s all kicking off at the Shady Rest Convalescent Home as Evil makes an appearance This is absolutely hilarious in places, here s one quote for you, a comical, almost poetic prose that I loved The sun, like a boil on the bright blue ass of day, rolled gradually forward and spread its legs wide to reveal the pubic thatch of night, a hairy darkness in which stars crawled like lice, and the moon crabbed slowly upward like an albino dog tick thriving for the anal gulch And another for good measure Meanwhile The Earth swirled around the sun like a spinning turd in the toilet bowl to keep up with Elvis s metaphors and the good old abused Earth clicked about on its axis and the hole in the ozone spread slightly wider, like a shy lady fingering open her vagina, and the South American trees that had stood for centuries were visited by the dozer, the chainsaw, and the match, and they rose up in burned black puffs that expanded and dissipated into minuscule wisps, and while the puffs of smoke dissolved, there were IRA bombings in London, and there waswar in the Middle East Blacks died in Africa of famine, the HIV virus infected a million , the Dallas Cowboys lost again, and that Ole Blue Moon that Elvis and Patsy Cline sang so well about swung around the Earth and came in close and rose over the Shady Rest Convalescent Home, shone its bittersweet, silver blue rays down on the joint like a flashlight beam shining through a blue haired lady s do, and inside the rest home, evil waddled about like a duck looking for a spot to squat, and Elvis rolled over in his sleep and awoke with the intense desire to pee Apologies for that overly long quote but it was worth it just to read it again and there are loadsI could put in, anyway I loved this, the humour is spot on and I ve bought the film, all from my first Lansdale Looking forward to my next.Also posted at.http post This has got to be one of the best opening lines for a story ever view spoiler Elvis dreamed he had his dick out, checking to see if the bump on the head of it had filled with pus again hide spoiler I loved the Bubba Ho Tep movie with cult actor Bruce Chin Campbell as Elvis , but Joe Lansdale s short novella was a real blast of a read A sad, weird and funny tale about the fight for their souls against a mummy of the old guests of a retirement house thinking to be celebrities like Elvis, Kennedy and Kemosabe The Lone Ranger.Lansdale is a real master storyteller, and he really makes you doubt that maybe old Sebastian Shaff is not just a geriatric impersonator, but the real Elvis Presley.Sadly the following prequel novella, Bubba and the Cosmic Blood Suckers, was just not much good. Shady Rest Convalescent Home an elder care residence or a home for nutters An inordinately large number of the residents think they are celebrities Elvis, JFK, Dillinger, the Lone Ranger When you get old, Everything you do is either worthless or sadly amusing A mummified soul eater is on the prowl there at the Shady Rest During the wee small hours of the morning, Elvis and JFK have a notion They may be old, and mayhap crazy, but worthless BUBBA HO TEP is just a superb novella by Lansdale When you combine Elvis and horrorwhat s not to love The film adaptation is also fantastic, for those of you who might have missed it Bruce Campbell plays The King TCB, babyTakin Care of Business. Set in the Mud Creek Shady Rest Convalescent Home, we are introduced to some residents, including a geriatric man who believes he is radically disguised as President John Kennedy, and another who believes he is the true Elvis Presley Landsdale describes parts of their sad, meaningless days with most having no family that bother with them any In the hands of a lesser author, this would have been depressing as hell however, Landsdale has the ability to turn this bleak situation of society into a laugh out loud story.These are characters you quickly grow to care about cantankerous though they may be While the outside world and families may have already forgotten about them, they connect with their fellow patients an become their own type of family.Enter the soul sucking mummy, Bubba Ho Tep.What does the aging Elvis , and President Kennedy say to this I have to add that the way Landsdale pulled this novella together was fantastic He took a brief look at how our society treats the elderly in cases, and quickly morphed it into an almost uplifting story if you ignore the soul sucking mummy part view spoiler How could you not love hieroglyphics that read Eat the dog dick of Anubis, you ass wipe hide spoiler A short, standalone story that is as imaginative as it is entertaining That s the focus here, on just telling a good tale, and Lansdale as always makes it seem effortless. This is an excellent novella Lansdale describes the world in which this story is set with a sort of over the top, vivid cynicism that forces you to laugh out loud for fear of spiraling into the depths of despair This is wholly appropriate considering this story is set in a retirement home populated with lonely and dying elderly persons who are largely treated like humanity s dirty little secret by the staff and society at large Sadder still are the heroes of this story, two old men who may have taken on the personalities of celebrities to overcompensate for their overwhelming feelings of uselessness and inconsequence It s better for them, it seems, to go to their graves as JFK and Elvis than to die as the men they were, men even their families have long forgotten Oh, and there s a mummy sneaking into the retirement home in the middle of the night to kill elderly folks and steal their souls Don t forget about the mummy. 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