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Another new series from one of my must read authors, BRIER S BARGAIN is the first book in the Bodyguard In Love series and I am totally loving this book.This book is a spin off of the Men In Love series and it starts off with Brier s crack at love and happiness If you have not read any of the series before you will definitely be at a disadvantage because Brier comes with baggage and issues and without going into too much detail lets just say Brier is emotionally challenged and as big and lovable as he is, he will never be the man that his brother Bram is.This is where this books starts because Jackie is the man that Brier has set his heart on and luckily for him Jackie returns his feeling one hundred and fifty percent Jackie is a bodyguard and knows that some risk are part and parcel of his trade When he is hurt in the line of duty everyone in their zeal to protect Brier from the stress of the situation hides it from him.When Brier finds out he does not take it well and make his own pack with the big man himself Brier s wish is granted and Jackie comes home to him and Brier is all set to take on the new and optimistic Jackie and help him through this rough period.Then when all seems to be going well a period from Briers past rushes into his preset and once again all those around him band together and want only to protect him as usual Brier knows that if he is going to be the man that Jackie needs he has to face up to his responsibility and do the right thing Ms Lynne is just one of those author that you either love or hate for me it s all love, even when I am not happy with the offering BRIER S BARGAIN deals not only with the fact that Jackie, a healthy and Hearty young man has been dealt a tremendous blow and is dealing with it with in a sterling manner I have not read a book with this sort of attitude to a physical disability in a long time and I thought it was dealt with in a timely manner.Brier is actually the main protag of this story, he is liked, he is loved and he is the first one to admit he is not all there and I loved him all the for that Brier s heart is like a open book and his selflessness is something else to see, however the biggest plus for Brier is his sense of responsibility it goes beyond anything his man, his brother or his friends realises.Lynne s tackles some stereotypical mindset and gave not only Brier but Jackie even issues to push this book along and really made me look at both men differently That said there are some convenient scenes that could have benefit from some issues, but these were few and far between and did not turn me off the story..Fans of Lynne I am sure you have either read it or you are chomping at the bit to start reading, new readers, yeah you can start with this one, but as said before you need to read at least the last two books of the Men in Love series to get up to speed on Briers back history. What a sweet story about a man who is a little mentally disabled from childhood abuse and his boyfriend who is disabled in the line of duty I loved Brier from the start He is such a sweetheart and kind soul I was happy to see they way he and Jackie were together They make a nice couple and Jackie really seems to appreciate and love Brier.As I read this, I remembered hearing there was another series I should have read previously All along, I felt as though I was missing part of the story and would have really enjoyed seeing how Jackie and Brier came to be a couple I ll definitely be going back to read the Men in Love series to catch up. I loved loved this book I read it too fastI loved Brier he was too sweet It was an OK read, but nothing specialIt was a little bit hard to follow the story sometimes Generally it took off as if in the middle of the action Although it can be read as a stand alone, I later learnt that you should read at least 2 last books in another series by this author to be able to fully enjoy this one I guess the MCs of Brier s Bargain were already introduced in Tortured Souls as some minor characters.Nevertheless, it was t so difficult to read for me to DNF it and come back to those 2 previous books first It also ended up sort of in the middle of the plot twist we don t know how Brier s story finishes, whether view spoiler the man who abused him in the psychiatric hospital hide spoiler I am very very conflicted about this one On one hand I think it was interesting to see a character with a disability trying to handle with it I m thinking of Brier, obviously There was a sort of Forrest Gump ness that was cute at times On the other hand the author made him super gorgeous, and I don t think it was needed to make us love the character or understand why Jackie was in love with him I think the slowness of the writing was a reflection of Brier s way of grasping what was happening around him, but the author failed to change gear when she told the story in Jackie s point of view I think it s a book that was courageous enough to deal with a mentally challenged character, but not enough to renounce to his physical awesomeness and to give a rounder personality to Jackie, his lover, whose feelings were fundamental in my opinion to see how their relationship could work I think the problem is that it s a spin off of another series, so as readers we probably missed what was the most important and interesting part in my opinion how Jackie and Brier fell in love Fortunately I didn t have the impression that Jackie was taking advantage of Brier, especially because it s clear that Brier has a lot of people looking out for him.It could be a very good book, but in my opinion the most engaging parts Brier s hearing with the FBI, Brier talking to Jackie about the abuse he was a victim of, Brier really complaining with Jackie because he felt his lover didn t want to talk to him about difficult things, Brier and Jackie adapting to Jackie s amputation were glossed over or happened behind the scenes.I realize I was probably expecting a whole different book. re read August 2019Rating 3 starsI remember liking this book the first time I read it I think there two issues that threw me this time around One, it had been so long since I had read this that I didn t remember the back story and I really don t feel like it should be read as a standalone This book is part of a spin off series and when you start the book, you are basically plopped down in the middle of an ongoing story The second is, you are left hanging at the end to the outcome of Brier s Bargain that the book is named after I really wanted to know what happened next and didn t get it So overall, the book was okay I probably should go back and read the previous series to get context or read the next in the series, but just don t feel motivated enough to do it. This was a really sweet read Carol has an amazing way with her writing that seems to allow me to get into her characters minds regardless of their mental or physical handicaps.In this book, Brier a young man damaged by the abuse of both his father and those in the medical industry entrusted to his care, falls in love with Jackie, a body guard who loses one of his legs very early on in the story Both men have their own demons and handicaps to cope with, yet manage to love one another ardently.When Jackie is first hurt, Brier goes into a church and makes a bargain with God Thus, the title of the book The bargain is that if he brings Jackie back to him alive, he ll help put the main man responsible for his abuse in the mental hospital in jail This bargain ends up becoming a bit involved than Brier originally thought, as many bargains with God do Bringing about a series of events that eventually leads to Brier facing the man who harmed him and saving a fellow victim.I was captivated by Brier s character in particular and how he struggled with his mental handicap, yet didn t really allow it to hinder his life in any major ways Strength like that, even in a protagonist of a book is always inspiring.I m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Book One In The Bodyguards In Love SeriesLove Is Always Special, But When You Re A Thirty Six Year Old Man Experiencing It For The First Time, It S EverythingAfter Spending His Entire Life In A Hospital, Brier Blackstone Is Finally Free To Become The Person He S Always Wanted To Be With The Men Of Three Partners Protection Agency As Role Models, How Can He Go Wrong And Falling In Love With Bodyguard Jackson Benoit, Is A Dream Come True, But The Dream Becomes A Nightmare When Jackie Is Gravely Injured In The Line Of Duty Feeling Helpless, Brier Makes A Promise To God In Exchange For His Lover S Life One He Intends To Keep No Matter WhatJackie Benoit Cherishes The Love He S Found With Brier When His New Lover Insists On Testifying Against A Violent Man From His Past In Order To Fulfill A Promise, Jackie Has No Choice But Try To Stop Him If That Doesn T Work, Jackie Will Protect Brier With Everything At His Disposal I have mixed feelings about this story for reasons outlined in other reviews What really kept me reading, though, was the character of Brier It s rare to find a character with serious learning difficulties and mental health issues as the hero in a romance, and I was touched by Carol Lynne s portrait of a man trying to prove to the world that he was an adult and capable of making his own decisions Brier has a simple outlook on life, but takes an infectious joy in the little details, and it was easy to see why Jackie loved him This aspect of the story resonated strongly with me not only because it is an issue I am concerned with for my daughter s future, but because I have worked with adults with learning difficulties and I can appreciate how hurt they feel when the rest of the world protects them so much they end up not being able to lead a normal life I genuinely felt for Brier, and for Jackie who had to deal with Brier s twin brother not including him in important decision making about his boyfriend s future.In short, if you are interested in the sound of Brier s dilemma and want a fast paced, easy read, then this could be for you. Argh My problem with Carol s stories is that she has fabulous ideas, but never takes the time to flesh out the stories These could be great, but they end up being frustrating and make me feel mad I spent money on them.The book is too dependent on a huge series of back stories To the point of being almost an unintelligible mess without having knowledge of what has gone before The characters tip between angsty and melodramatic and not in a good way I wanted to love Brier but was so confused and frustrated from the very first page of the book with having to backtrack almost two whole series of books to get to who he and the rest of the characters were I wanted to throw my computer across the room.I want to enjoy this author and further, this series, but I just can t.