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[Audible] BreatheAuthor Sloan Parker –

Loved it, though it might be hard to believe that these two guys would hook up in normal circumstances, not that there is anything normal about their situation Did I mention the angst, drama and heartbreak There s plenty of it going around, it s emotionally draining, so pace yourself and suck it up, its worth it Jay and Lincoln have no idea what they are both about to unleash when they meet, the past is about to blow up in their faces After finding out who Linc really is, Jay has a lot to think about, his attraction and those pesky, overwhelming feelings of guilt keep getting in the way Complicating things further, Lincoln starts receiving hate mail and threats against his family Hmm figuring out who the bad guy is, isn t easy I was kept on my toes Yes, I know I am pretty lame at figuring out these mysteries but honestly this time it was a tricky business I love and need happy, I got it in the end A wonderful romance about love, second chances and learning to forgive Now I am off to read What You Do To Me a free epilogue, which should be sweet. OMG the angst I m an angst loving girl but there is a limit and this book reached it I love you, I need you but I will ruin your life and I don t deserve a man as kind as you I must push you away and then a moment later, pull you back in I can t resist Your touches make me feel again but I don t deserve them I deserve to wallow in a pool of self pity and drink myself to death I must leave you alone You re better off that way Wait, I need you back Get those hot lips over here Arrrrggh, my heart just exploded I can t take it These two guys have a life filled to the brim with melodrama They re good guys, they re hot together, they re truly lovely people but they can t past their grief and guilt It was so emotionally wrenching I don t know how I got through it all but I did I recommend only to those with an inhuman tolerance for drama. This book took me forever to read And I m not sure why It wasn t that long But I liked it Mostly It was definitely different and not a premise I have read in MM The writing was really good, which I think took the story a long way But if I really really think about it not a lot happened Lincoln and Jay definitely fall in love under rather strange circumstances I d like to believe that something like this could happen What happened was a true tragedy I also have to question whether the whole suspense part of the book was needed I literally spent the whole book going back and forth as to who I thought was responsible for the notes and threats Every chapter I would change my mind Other than thatand Lincoln and Jack going back and forth about whether they could ever be together given their circumstances.not much else happened Yet I kept reading on Forgive my ramblings Ultimately if you are looking for something different, with some really good steam, heavier undertones, great writing, that might take you 3x as long to read as it shouldgive this one a go 4.5 stars Breathe was an amazing read for me Very nicely done Sloan Parker Breathe is about two men and their experiences following a horrific tragedy and their individual journeys towards forgiveness Surprisingly, I read a M F book with a very similar premise only a few months ago I ll put the other book s name in spoiler tags because the fact that the guy was involved in the girl s accident is a huge plot twist view spoiler Ten Tiny Breaths hide spoiler So another successful buddy read with my great friends Mark, Tina, Gina and Bev and another 5 star rating from me My first thoughts before reading was how can someone make a romance between a man whose wife is killed in a in a dreadful car accident fall in love with the man who was the cause of that accident I couldn t see how it could work at all but I hold my hands up because Sloan Parker took a sensitive subject that could have been a complete mess and made it meld so well that by the finish I couldn t imagine these two damaged men never having been a couple From the first time they spy each other outside the bar to the first sexual liaison outside of it before they know who each other are, through to the brilliant ending I was totally immersed in every aspect of the story When Lincoln and Jay were together the sexual tension they created was combustible and the love scenes incendiary To team them up to find out who was targeting Lincoln and his family was a perfect ruse to allow them to get closer and you could see over time that in a way, only the two of them could truly ease each others pain, despite the reactions of others outside their relationship All the supporting characters added an extra depth to the story even though some of them had me gnashing my teeth.The actual mystery of who it is threatening their relationship is extremely skilfully done, loads of angry family members who are suitably nasty enough to draw you to them as the culprit and tons of red herrings that completely turn all your preconceptions upside down, then theres the OMG moments that hook you in and keep you on the edge of your seat till the nail biting conclusion I absolutely loved every moment of it and pretty much devoured it in a couple of sittings There were a few questions but I let those go and didn t let them interfere because I got lost in the book and to be honest in all stories its easy to pick holes Sometimes its worth invoking poetic licence and just letting the story flow This did and its now a do not delete for fear of death story on my trusty kindle Lincoln and Jay you are now in my most favourite m m couples lists and I ll definitely be reading this again Totally and utterly satisfied 2.5 stars Sloan Parker and I are breaking up I liked this book better than More but not that much better It started off promising, and the premise falling in love with the person who took something from you was interesting However, I didn t feel that the relationship between Jay and Lincoln developed organically or realistically I didn t learn anything about the MCs other than their shared tragedy, and I kept questioning what they really had in common besides passion and even that felt flat Why the dramatic running around and breaking into houses while playing detective Who really does that I also get extra annoyed when a story serves up a mystery that can t be solved because there are no real clues, just red herrings One could guess who the bad guy here is, but it would be just that a guess I felt bad for both MCs, but they both changed their mind a lot with no real motivation There was too much focus on Jay s wife, who was painted in such rosy colors I came to sort of loathe her not an appropriate emotion to feel for a dead woman , as well as Jay s relationship with his wife vs Jay s relationship with Lincoln If Jay reacted so strongly to Lincoln, he was clearly gay, so I kept thinking that sooner or later his marriage would have fallen apart anyway, but Jay s sexuality wasn t really explored The ending was also just crazy silly, too convoluted and melodramatic, with not enough focus on the HEA These two just needed to get the hell out of dodge and move out of town already. 2.5 starsWell gee kicks dirt I don t knowI know everyone loved this book, but, umI really struggled with it.It starts off with so much potential How do you not jump into a story about a man who loses his beloved wife in a car accident and then falls for the man that was the driver of the other car Oh the possibilities And yes, a lot of the grief and the guilt and the struggle for everyone involved to move on were here in this story And throw in a gay sex virgin and a host of peripheral storylines that felt the promise of being emotionally pulling, and you have the recipe for a winner Right Well, for a lot of readers, yes For me.I wanted to punch this book in the face.I was just so TIRED of the repetitive this can never happen again fuck like rabbits this can never happen again fuck like rabbits too bad this can never happen again and on and on and on.I think Lincoln was a sympathetic enough character I liked how the author didn t take the easy way out with his life and the accident and his guilt over it all Bouncing back and learning to LIVE again after a tragic loss at your hands must be difficult and this felt very REAL the way the author put Lincoln s life on page.I wanted to feel this same genuine emotion for Jay, the one who lost the love of his life in this accident But, goshJaydrove me nuts I get that he s torn and there s overwhelming guilt and his family was crazy It just got really old after awhile and I started to not believe this character any.I think if this book merely focused on the odd relationship between the two and explored their attraction and growing feelings , I d have been ok with it But the story took a weird turn into some vigilante justice revenge plotline that I was so aggravated withI was pretty much fuming by the end I almost couldn t stand to finish it, the details THAT outrageous and unbelievable.This book just didn t work for meeven writing this review a few days later, I m starting to get angry HA SorryI think than anything, I m upset about the wasted potential of what could ve been a much better book. Lincoln McCaw Lost Everything His Home, His Job, His Partner After He Caused A Fatal Accident A Year Later, He S Drowning The Guilt And Despair In Whiskey, But He Needs To Move On His Sister And Her Kids Are Counting On Him Then He Meets A Man Who Ignites A Passion Lincoln Thought He D Never Find Too Bad One Night Is All They Can Have Together Now He Needs To Figure Out How To Turn Away From The Only Person Who Makes Him Feel Alive Before Whoever Is Sending Him Threats Decides Lincoln Needs To Suffer Than He Already HasJay Miller Is Surrounded By Grief And Misery Until He Finally Gives In To All Those Years Of Sexual Fantasies About Being With Another Guy Realizing He S Ended Up In The Arms Of The Man Who Caused His Wife S Accident, He Tries To Pull Away But How Can He Give Up A Friendship He Needs Than Anything A Friendship And A Love That Could Save Him He May Not Have Time To Make The Choice Before Someone Else Destroys It All Buddy Read with Gina, Tina, Mark and Macky.thank you 4 stars for this from meWell, there were things that I loved about this book, and then there were things that I couldn t quite understand view spoiler how did Jay not know that Lincoln was the man that killed his wife hide spoiler Not a perfect book, but despite the overdose of drama in spots, the age gap which I honestly didn t really notice , and the speed with which the relationship developed I liked this story I think because, despite the angst, it was ultimately a story about forgiveness, acceptance, moving on, and learning to live with those things that cannot be changed In the end it is a hopeful story in a very real, and honest way.