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Bread and Jam for Frances –

Frances, One Of Children S Best Loved Characters For Over Years, Now Springs To Life Even In Bread And Jam For Frances,beautifully Reillustrated In Sparkling Full Color By Lillian Hoban In This Memorable Story, Frances Decides That Bread And Jam Are All She Wants To Eat, And Her Understanding Parents Grant Her Wish At Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, And Even Snacktime Can There Ever Be Too Much Bread And Jam

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    One of the most perfectly written picture books perhaps one of the most perfectly written books ever Every single word is meticulously chosen, carefully placed on the page, like an artist painting a masterpiece Wipe away the familiar story for a moment, the just right illustrations of badgers , and the now familiar rite of childhood trope of picky eaters, and rather think about this book as a long, free verse poem It s a rich, lush, descriptive book that aches to be read aloud, not just in a sing songy I m reading to kids way, but in a poetic manner, like a bard or a poetry slammer I know, it seems silly, but think about the way Russell Hoban chose his words, placed on them page, purposefully slashing sentences in half to add to the strong, declarative tone Consider Albert s lunch, with Frances dismal bread and jam as a short, sad comparison Bread and Jam for Frances is filled with this kind of incredible, thoughtful, deliberate writing It s monumental.

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    This is perhaps my favorite Frances so far Frances does not like eggs and makes up a little song I do not like the way you slide,I do not like your soft inside,I do not like you lots of waysAnd I could do for many days Without eggs I can relate, Frances, I can relate The illustrations are wonderful, with Frances eating her toast and jam and staring with no small level of concern at her soft boiled egg Frances is a picky eater and pretty soon she is turning down her string beans and all sorts of other things and eating bread and jam instead But her parents have a way of dealing with this and getting Frances to eat new things Frances has the calmest, cleverest parents ever Every child should have the pleasure of discovering Frances and her delightful family.

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    Even though I don t actually like most of the foods that comprise Frances particular diet barring bread and jam, of course , the book always made me really hungry anyway Adventures in food are such a huge part of growing up, and no book I can presently recall understands, or represents with such joy, the endlessly aggravating, impossible to predict, and hilariously beautiful relationship that kids have with their lunch.

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    A sweet children s book with an underlying lesson have too much of something and eventually you ll get sick of it

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    I loved this book growing up The moral of this story is Be careful what you wish for Frances only wanted to eat bread and jam every day At first it was nice, but she got sick of it after a while Seeing all the different things her family got to eat, and she only got bread and jam And that spaghetti sure did look good.

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    I couldn t begin to tell you how many times I read this book I don t know where my copy came from I certainly never was read to as a child, but this is still the earliest book that I own I m going to guess it was probably my sister s first and handed down to me perhaps it was a Scholastic book We really did take advantage of those book orders when I was a kid And for that I m thankful.I loved reading this again there s so many warm and fuzzy memories caught up in the examination of a book you loved as a child, seen through the eyes of the adult I love her songs, and I love her exposition on eggs They do feel funny going down, and yes, I ve been stared at by many an egg on a plate The fact that an adult could put these feelings into words so beautifully is what makes this book, and this author, very special to me The mother s quiet solution was perfect without lecturing, threats, or even tears Believe it or not I shared this book with my husband when I read it again, and even he enjoyed it, showing that Frances is still beloved through many years, generations, and even ages of readers I cannot recommend these books enough.

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    I was not fair to my daughter last night I persisted in reading Bread and Jam for Frances, by Russell Hoban, to her even after she lost interest and started standing up and running around on the bed I couldn t put it down This is a favorite from my childhood that I am happy to revisit and will revisit again when my daughter is a little older.Frances is a girl well, a badger after my own heart She d rather eat bread and jam than eggs As my friends know, I abhor egg dishes, but will happily eat cake, even though it contains eggs as an ingredient However, Frances s preference for bread and jam extends beyond eggs to all other foods Her very wise parents decide to give Frances bread and jam for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, until poor Frances cries at the dinner table and asks if she could please have some spaghetti with meatballs, like the rest of the family is eating Frances is a delight, singing little witty songs about her likes and dislikes of food Frances s parents are sterling examples of parenting whom I would be well served in emulating There is a great scene where Mr Hoban describes Frances s classmate, Albert, eating his delicious, balanced, varied and interesting lunch bite by bite, as Frances wistfully looks on over her bread and jam I am looking forward to rereading other Frances books as well as sharing them with my daughter.

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    Frances Loves PBJ s and in the mothers infinate wisdom she blesses Frances with PBJ s at every turn As Frances sings her feelings from enthusiasm to forced conviction she slowely comes to the realization that variety is not a bad thing and ventures to ask for the spaghetti that others are eating I love the rationales Frances provides for not eating certain food but sunny side up eggs lie on teh plate and look up at you in a funny way and sunny side down eggs lie on their stomachs and wait and I love elaborate food descriptions I have a cream cheese cucumber and tomato sandwich on re breadand a pickle to go with it and a hard boiled egg and a little cardboard shaker of salt to go with that And a thermos bottle of milk And a bunch of grapes and a tangerine And a cup custard and a spoon to eat it with And I love the songs Frances sings to solidify her position on Jam sandwhiches Jam for snack and jam for meals, I know how a jam jar jeels FULL..OF..JAM The patient parents are the hero s in this book for allowing Frances to indulge in her dietary oddity without causing her a life long eating disorder by shoving diatribes and moral to the story down her throat.Funny how this can be pulled off when you re a good writer unlike Dr L.

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    Bread and Jam For Frances personifies a young female badger as a fussy eater who loves bread and jam The illustrations in this book are very soft employing pastel colors, soft edges and shading The story itself is extremely realistic, as many children have refused to try new foods at one point in time This book can help teach children the importance of variety and trying new things as even their most beloved treat can become stale and boring While I thing the moral of the story is a good one, I believe the story could have been shortened quite a bit and still convey the same message as effectively Heavy on dialogue, the length and amount of words per page may cause a young reader to lose interest.

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    Probably due to length and vocabulary difficulty, this is somewhere around a level 4 reading book Perhaps better read out loud by a parent Story wise, my children all loved it Especially my 5 yr old A story he could completely relate to about a child only wanting to eat their favorite things, it was a plot I could get into as well Be prepared your child might go the way of the parent in the book and try to get you to feed them their favorite food for every meal until he gets sick of it Not something I was willing to do for my 5 yr old picky eater, yet, we still all loved the book.