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Meet Art Historian Vicky Bliss, She Is As Beautiful As She Is Brainy With Unassailable Courage, Insatiable Curiosity, And An Expertise In Lost Museum Treasures That Often Leads Her Into The Most Dangerous Of SituationsA Missing Masterwork In Wood, The Last Creation Of A Master Carver Who Died In The Violent Tumult Of The Sixteenth Century, May Be Hidden In A Medieval German Castle In The Town Of Rothenburg The Prize Has Called To Vicky Bliss, Drawing Her And An Arrogant Male Colleague Into The Forbidding Citadel And Its Dark Secrets But The Treasure Hunt Soon Turns Deadly Here, Where The Blood Of The Long Forgotten Damned Stains Ancient Stones, Vicky Must Face Two Equally Perilous Possibilities Either A Powerful Supernatural Evil Inhabits This Placeor Someone Frighteningly Real Is Willing To Kill For What Vicky Is Determined To Find

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    A tongue in cheek mystery Lots of fun with a heroine who has an insatiable curiosity tucked into the body of an beauty She is slightly cynical, extremely smart and has a high self esteem Unusual in a heroine but Vicky Bliss is not your usual heroine Her kinda boyfriend makes a bet with her that if he can prove he is intellectually superior to her she will marry him Pshaw The two set out to uncover a mystery and find an archeological artifact lost for centuries Who will find it first

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    3 plus, really, since it was certainly rereadable I seem to be on an Elizabeth Peters mini binge this week I had lost track of the difference between heroines Vicky Bliss and Jacqueline Kirby, and decided to refresh my memory, since my library has both short series in e book now Since I first read this one years back, I d had time to forget the details, so it was almost like a whole new read There has also been time for it to gently age from contemporary to historical fiction, urp This kicks off the set about the art historian from the Midwest my home the Kirbys are about the librarian with the giant purse, both brainy women beyond the age of the usual ingenues.Lavish setting, intertwined historical and current murder plots in a castle in south Germany, a certain amount of my research let me show it to you supported by the shared academic backgrounds of writer and protagonist.Still fun, after all these years.L.

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    7 10 After three Amelia Peabody Egyptian mysteries, I decided to branch out and try something else by the author Enters Fraulein Bliss, a contemporary cca 1973 American art historian, feminist alter ego of Indiana Jones, hunting for lost treasures among the tombs of the past Borrower of the Night takes her to Bavaria and a 16 Century castle turned into a hotel, where a priceless wood sculpture from the time of the Reformation may be hidden.There are some parallels that can be drawn between Vicky Bliss and Amelia Peabody both strong, opinionated women, impulsive and careless of the dangers inherent to their career paths At the moment I prefer Amelia, probably because I spent time in her company Vicky Bliss is supposed to be of MidWestern Ohio origins, but I found her voice generic and less convincing than her Brit counterpart She s also supposed to be super smart, but i found her sometimes inconsistent in her feminist rationalist atitudes, engaging from time to time in hysterics and whimpering I loved though her self deprecating presentation as a 6 foot tall cross between a Playboy bunny and a Scandinavian Valkyrie, the very anthitesis of what she considers the standard romance novel heroine The heroine of my adolescent daydreams had a heart shaped face framed in clouds of smoky black hair She was a tiny creature with an ivory complexion and a rosebud mouth When she was enfolded in the hero s brawny arms, her head only reached as high as his heart I found the passage particularly hilarious as it is an almost perfect description of Skye O Malley the annoying perfect woman whose bodice gets frequently ripped in Bertrice Small series To continue the feminist dismissal of these romantic clichees, Vicky likes men, but doesn t see the point of marrying them Her views are very clear on the subject, and expressed forcibly when she refutes her boyfriends Tony proposal Any man with a grain of sense knows that marriage is the only way, these days, to acquire a full time maid who works twenty five hours a day, with no time off and no pay except room and board After an introductory segment in the US, the chase moves to Rothenburg in Germany, a fitting background to a story that relies heavily on ruined castles, dark alleys, ancient cemeteries, secret passages through walls, moldy dungeons and even what appears to be ghosts and other supernatural manifestations Here s how Vicky describes the city Rothenburg is the quintesence of Romance not the watered down love stories that pass under the name today, but Romance in the old sense masked desperadoes lurking in the shadow of a carved archway, to intercept the Duke before he can reach his lady love conspirators gathered in a raftered tavern room, plotting to restore the Rightful Heir Cyrano and D Artagnan, striding out with clanking swords to defend the Honour of the Queen The prize is a shrine sculpted by Riemenschneider he s real, I checked, and his art is superb , and the key to unlocking the mystery requires the solution to a 600 years old murder Murder is also afoot in the present times, with someone trying to stop the investigation by any means I didn t find the plot particularly interesting, I believe it was of an excuse for Vicky and her friends to go out every night in spooky locations and get into all sorts of mishaps and misunderstandings The comedy is balanced with some good and informative passages about the Reformation period One character quotes Montaigne in a discussion about Church abuses and persecutions It is setting a high value upon our opinions to roast men alive on account of them In another place , Vicky explains her interest in the past In recent years, students have done a lot of complaining about relevance No one can quarell with the basic idea that education should have something to do with real life and its problems The trouble comes when you try to define the word What is relavant Not history, according to the radical critics Who cares what happened in ancient Babylon or medieval England It s now that counts.They couldn t be wrong Everything has happened before not once, but over and over again We may not be able to solve our problems through what are pompously called the lessons of history , but at least we should be able to recognize the issues and perhaps avoid some of the solutions that have failed in the past We can take heart in our own dilemma by realizing that other people in other times have survived worse In conclusion, while the book has a general lightweight feel of a 1940 s screwball comedy, it also has good research of the subject matter, and a likable protagonist that will probably tempt me to come back to the series.

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    I had a really hard time with this novel The story took forever to go anywhere and all of the characters were kind of jerks most of the time Indeed, I very nearly quit about halfway through as I just didn t care about anything not the characters, not the setting, certainly not the mystery.And I never did figure Vicky out, much She s oddly detached most of the time, but with nearly constant hints that undermine that detachment She vacillates between coldly logical and strangely sentimental and I kept wanting her to pick one and stick with it, finally It doesn t help that she has a sense of herself as strictly unfeminine when it s clear that sentiment isn t shared by the men around her And it really doesn t help that she treats sex so offhandedly that she sneaks it into assumptions and asides without actually confirming its presence in her relationship with Tony except the once, and that rather obliquely.And Tony is mostly contemptible as are all the rest of the men in the novel, come to think of it No wonder Vicky thinks she s unsuitable and doesn t want to ever marry Looking at her candidates, I d be refusing matrimony with real bricks delivered at speed, myself.Which leaves the mystery for interest and that didn t actually get started not really until well past midway Sure, we knew from the beginning what they were searching for, but there s no plan and no guide and no real clues as to where or how they might find it They just go into the countryside and start thrashing around And they don t even do it smartly Half the time, I wondered if they were seriously so gormless as to include strangers in their investigations or share information so easily with people they barely knew and whose motives were, at best, suspicious and at worst, all too clearly malevolent.So it was a frustrating read, for me, that fell most of the time at the two star range The ending pulled it together, some, but that s still a mighty generous three stars up there I m not sure if I ll try the next in the series, but certainly not until I m in a convivial mood for it

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    I hope this isn t representative of Elizabeth Peters work, cause I was looking forward to reading her stuff, but I felt kinda like I was reading a novelised Scooby Doo episode I suppose it s not that far from Mary Stewart s work, in a way, but the narration just made it feel cartoonish, than anything else And I don t think Mary Stewart ever set anything in a gothic sort of castle with mysteriously moving suits of armour.Not to mention her protagonists are usually a lot likeable and don t waffle on about how smart and beautiful they are so much Some of the narration was fun her description of herself as a bouncing Brunhild was a pretty perfect way to say it but mostly nah.So, yeah, I m not going to read anything about Vicky Bliss, even if I might try Amelia Peabody.

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    I enjoyed this series immensely.

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    I loved the first chapter of this book Vicky s introduction, Tony s proposal, the betit is good fun and left me chuckling And I love the end The conclusion to the bet I didn t see coming because series like this tend to follow a pattern and it didn t occur to me the pattern would deviate The mystery itself only gets about 3 stars from me It was clever and plays off the reader s assumptions nicely, but it was mostly Vicky and Tony stumbling around and then presenting brilliant hypotheses that they pull from dust I enjoyed it enough that I definitely want

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    Well, that was a book Really, I m having a hard time finding enough in the way of feelings about it to say much it did pass the time , and, I guess, allow me to read the other books knowing I haven t missed anything by starting mid series I was warned that this is neither necessary nor a good place to start, though, so the positive is outweighed by the negatives Though come to think of it, that isn t exactly a plus either, with a to read shelf containing several years worth of reading and growing It s not this or the back of cereal boxes It almost seemed to save all redeeming features along with a few new annoyances for the very end, which would be a stupid policy if it actually were a policy The dinner party and conversation that sets Tony and Vicky on their merry way is ridiculous, and Vicky s part in it, and her friendships with these people say nothing good about her She s only interesting than, say, Tony or George in being unevenly sympathetic and not at all so I suppose there s something to be said for having the female characters about as awful as the male ones It would have been 2 stars for sure, had the ending not pulled out some narrative cleverness I don t mean the mystery plot and some actual humour.Finally, I m not an expert on witchcraft in Europe in the 16th century, but I really didn t like what was suggested in the book about it view spoiler When Vicky said she hoped the Countess had at least burned to death believing she was serving her master, i.e., the Devil, it seemed very wrong on a number of levels Of course, plenty of lip service is paid to the fact that most of the women burned as witches were innocent of anything, but this is both stupid, implausible, and for my taste, offensive hide spoiler

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    I ve heard so much about this Vicky Bliss series that when I finally had the chance to pick it up I was almost afraid that my expectations would be too high and I would be disappointed I m happy to say that I wasn t It was a fun, cosy, gothic read, just the kind you pick up when you need a comfort read The book has very funny quotes as it is written in the first person and Vicky has the kind of self deprecating humour that appeals to me.Vicky Bliss is an Art Historian when the story opens she and her boyfriend Tony discover the possible location of an important artistic piece a shrine and they become competitors, both setting off for Germany to find it As soon as they arrive they find that they are not the only ones looking for it, that their chosen place of stay is a gothic castle complete with ghosts and some pretty disagreeable characters and that to find the shrine they have first to solve an old mystery dating back to the 16th century.However interesting I think it lacked a bit character development and a better expression of Vicky and Tony s relationship A friend has already mentioned that this is of a prequel to the series so that won t bother me in future books Other than that I have no real complaints, it s the perfect light mystery to read on a rainy afternoon and close with a satisfied sigh.Grade 4 5

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    I loved the Amelia Peabody series, so I tried this one I do not like Vicky Bliss Aside from her constant I m not being vain, but I m ridiculously hot comments, I was SICK TO DEATH with her women s lib rhetoric I know this was written in the 70 s and that was topical, but really, a women that fixated on what men are, can, or should be doing for her, is not liberated.