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2.5ish I get the impression enforcers are chosen for their brawn and bravado rather than their brainsWhen I read The Immortal Hunter, Eshe s brief appearance sparked my interest She was forceful, confident and, as a rare female enforcer, she was someone I wanted to learn about.So I was eager to get started when I realised Born to Bite concentrated on Eshe s investigation into the accidental deaths of Nicholas and Armand s wives I m pleased to get closure on that front, but the story itself was ho hum Other reviewers complained about the lack of Will They or Won t They That didn t bother me a bit Though Sands could have gotten mileage out of Armand s suspect status, why bother when we know everything will turn out fine Besides, the story just prior used the ploy of criminal as romantic lead no use repeating it We ve also had countless stories where the main couple have tried to devour each other from early on More significant than any of that is the fact that both these characters are immortals who ve had life mates in the past they know the amazing gift they ve been given As with almost every character Sands creates, Eshe and Armand are enjoyable, amusing, and caring Eshe in particular prompted me to smile as she teased and badgered Lucian Armand is somewhat bland, but his protective instincts raise my opinion of him.Characters aside, not much happens in this book Sands should probably take her focus off the enforcers because it s increasingly obvious they re shit at their jobs Eshe might get a pass because of her raging hormones and bliss, but Bricker and Anders have no such excuse There s a scene where Eshe and Bricker leave a suspect s home with only half their questions asked and Bricker knows it Does he pick up the slack during the interrogation No He waits until they ve exited, necessitating a return trip Sloppy, sloppy I know this isn t a mystery or suspense novel, but when you choose to incorporate these elements I expect some degree of finesse.The wrap up iscrazy The villain is just who I d thought it would be with a little twist thrown in, but there was little satisfaction in the unveiling My only thrill came from knowing Nicholas situation was resolved but then, I knew that from the last book.The epilogue is touching and cute and everything we love about the Argeneaus It s a sweet ending to an otherwise haphazard novel. Great series but this one wasn t one of my favorites Part of the popular Argeneau series, Born to Bite picks up where The Renegade Hunter left off Armand Argeneau s wives were killed under suspicious circumstances His brother Lucien, a Council member, has opened an investigation Eshe d Aureaus, a Council enforcer, goes undercover to investigate But to her suprise, she finds she can t read Armand and he cannot read her either they are intended life mates I really like the Argeneau series Most of the books are laugh out loud funny with engaging characters and appealing storylines They are great beach reads It s best to read them in order, because many of the early characters show up later in the series The series has two different publishers, so be sure to check the reading order on the author s website I noticed each publisher only lists the books they published, rather than the entire series After reading The Renegade Hunter I had really looked forward to reading Armand s story But I ended up being disappointed This was one of my least favorite books in the series for a few reasons Generally I don t like books where the main characters jump into bed together without a good focus on relationship development, romantic tension and or emotional connection beforehand Armand and Eshe weren t as well developed as most of the series other lead characters I liked Eshe ok as a character, but Armand was just kind of blah The mystery was pretty weak I almost immediately suspected the murderers The storyline was too predictable.I usually really enjoy the books that the Argeneau family members play a prominent role I m hoping the next one we see of Marguerite , Lucian, Bastian, Lissianna, Thomas, etc It would be great to read books about Julian and Marguerite s son and Julian s nephews They were great side characters in Vampire Interrupted and I ve been hoping for their happily ever afters. Legend Has It That Armand Argeneau Is A Killer In The BedroomBut With All Three Of His Late Wives Meeting Unfortunate And Untimely Ends, Is This Sexy Immortal A Lover Or A Murderer That S What Eshe D Aureus Intends To Find Out As An Enforcer, It S Her Job To Bring Rogue Vampires To Justice, Even If The Rogue In Question Makes Her Blood Race Red HotArmand Knew She Was Trouble The Moment Eshe Roared Into Town On Her Motorcycle, Clad In Tight Black Leather She Claims She S Hiding From Dangerous Fiends, Though He Suspects Something But After Three Wives Who Ve All Had Trouble Remaining, Well, Undead, Armand Is Reluctant To Open His Heart Again Then Strange Accidents Start To Happen, Each Deadlier Than The Last, And Armand Realizes He May Not Have Much Time To Prove He S A Lover, Not A Slayer Interesting to find out who killed all of his ex wives But I do not like stories that have dead exes This one had FOUR No can do Have I ever told you how much I really love Lynsay s books No Well let s just say that I have read every single book she has written to date so does that give you some indication This installment of the Argeneau Family Saga is right up there with the best of the best Lynsay starts out with sparks flying between Armand and Eshe that could incinerate an atomic bomb Whew Let s just say the hot and steaminess of the beginning chapters will have you running for a cold shower YUMM It s not long before we get down to business though and the storyline really picks up speed and continues right to the end at a fantastic pace This is a solid storyline that will make you think you are an innocent bystander watching all this as it actually happens This is what you get from an author who most certainly knows her stuff.Eshe and Armand are sooooooooo made for each other I want my own life mate please that will curl my toes and sizzle the tips of my hair With all that our hero and heroine go through and the way the story makes you think, it will keep you guessing let me tell you I had part of the puzzle solved early on but questioned myself right up to the end and Lynsay threw just the right size monkey wrench into the story to keep me off track and questioning.If you are an Argeneau Lover then don t miss out on this book You snooze you loose as the saying goes and this is a 5 star worth every page. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Born To Bite by Lynsay Sands The Argeneau series is one of my favorites, and this one is by far the hottest one yet.Born to Bite is Armand s story, and holds a key to the puzzle that ties the series together Like many other readers I was wondering if Armand really killed his wives, and who set up Nicholas Well Born to Bite explains it and finally gives up closure on the subject Eshe and Armand s story was one of my favorites I have to say I was surprised by who really was the killer, and why Born to Bite was one of those books, you couldn t put down The romance and mystery mix was perfect Eshe was a strong and vibrant character I loved her wild hair, crazy motorcycle, and her life for the moment attitude She was just what Armand needed to bring him out of his shell and back to being apart of the Argeneau family Born to Bite is not exactly the typical Argeneau novel, Eshe and Armand are already both immortal and have both previously had a life mate There is no search for lifemates, or adjusting to being immortal, instead Born to Bite explains the mystery of Armand s wives and how they died Born to Bite , is the 13th book in the Argeneau, and though it could be read as a stand alone, I suggest reading them in order to get the full feel for the series I found Born to Bite to be a wonderful addition to the series, and look forward to the next This series is one of the best vampire series out there, and I recommend it to any vampire lover. FINALLY When it comes to this series, I am a serious stalker of the author s website I check weekly, if not daily, to see if there is any news about this series When the announcement about this book came out, I was doing a happy dance Wait, you are here for a review and not my excitement Sorry.Armand is the father of Thomas, Nicholas and Jeanne Louise We have met each of them in previous books and the focus of this story is clearing Armand of murder while proving Nicholas is also innocent of his crimes While Lucian sends Eshe out to Armand s home under the pretense of Armand hiding her out from the bad guys, we also discover that Eshe is actually there to look into the murders of Armand s previous wives It turns into a mystery of finding out the truth, with romance and witty dialogue along the way I loved this book in the series While I am not a huge fan of the character of Eshe, this book really let her shine and bring Armand into a story of his own We had the suspense that the author is great at writing, but the important part is she didn t fail on the romance and witty humor that she is also known for Imagine not eating for centuries and trying to figure out what a can of whipped cream is and how it works Then imagine looking at a bottle of Metamucil for the first time and seeing a pretty picture on the front thinking it would be yummy Of course, what makes the humor even better is Bricker trying to explain these things to both of them I personally can t wait for Bricker s story and I keep begging Ms Sands to use me as Bricker s life mate The suspense was perfectly paced with surprises all throughout the book The author keeps you guessing at who the true murderer is and kept leading me in different directions Yet when all is revealed, I was still surprised and loved how it played out.If you haven t read any of The Argeneau series yet, you must sink your teeth into them as soon as possible Then when you do, I can guarantee that you will be a series stalker just like me Well done again Ms Sands for bringing me another wonderful Argeneau book Just remember me when you do Bricker s story I really was touched my Armond s situation and I admired Eshe for her strength and courage Eshe being the main one Super hot, African American, strong both body and mind and equal to the men since she is an enforcers I have been wanting to know about the mysterious Armand Argeneau since I started reading this series I pondered is he a murderer or does he just have really bad luck with women Each time he falls in love and is blessed with a child each of his wives die in mysterious accident Born to Bite follows up the story in The Renegade Hunter book 12 and is all about clearing Nicholas Argeneau s name I loved Eshe she s one of the 2 female enforcers and is a tough girl with a mind of her own, a positive attitude and she doesn t take shit from anyone She is sent to investigate Armand Argeneau to find the proof that Nicholas is innocent Someone had killed Armand s first lifemate and his two wives They had framed Armand s son, Nicholas for the murder of a mortal woman and killed his lifemate, as well In order to prevent Nicholas from being executed of a crime he didn t commit, Lucien sent his enforcer Eshe, to investigate and discover the truth Interestingly enough, Armand and Eshe were lifemates.Well when I first started this book I thought it was 3 stars may be 3.5 at most but the I kept reading the better it got In the end I had tears in my eyes and had a damn hard time seeing through them It was a very good read This Series gets better with each book There are several things I really love about this book OK, I have to tell you I am such a die hard Argeneau fan Born to Bite was full of suspence and I had absolutely no clue who the murderer was untill the very end I really enjoyed this book It has some great page turning parts, the humor, the contradictions, the characters are great, and the steamy scenes are good too I really liked the characteristics of the female lead, she had spunk, humor, and acceptance in a perfect amount I would definitely like to be like that. well, unlike most other reviewers, I was very disappointed in this book this felt like a short story, then a full novel so much was completely underdeveloped for example,, our heroine, has six living children she birthed with the her first life mate of SIX HUNDRED WONDERFUL YEARS and yet we hear nothing about them, only of armand s three kids yes, this is HIS story, but she s his life mate, it s THEIR story her previous life mate is mentioned briefly big whoop the mystery of who has killed armand s previous wives is painfully clear, simply but process of elimination although sands attempts a twist that feels very tacked on a pp has said that she had no trouble following the myriad of characters without having read the previous books well, I did, and I ve read them all every name ever used in the previous books is brought up every couple, including the whole sisters clan, is tumbled forth, sometimes only in name It felt like filler to me all in, I found this to be super simplistic, somewhat boring, and not comparable to most of the other argeneau books. I know as the creator of the Argeneau group I should love the books in the series than anyone, but seriously this book was terrible I even gave 2 stars because I liked the epilogue but I m not sure if it even deserves that Definitely the one I enjoyed the least in the whole series.First, there is no romance at all They meet, realize they are mates and go straight to bed That s all,really.REALLY I was bored like hell most of the time Had to put it down than once, even read another book in between I only finished it because it was a short book but was close to not do it than once.Then we have the whole investigation about Armand s dead wives Well this was even worse than the lack of romance It was obvious who did it since the beginning, as there are only 4 or 5 possible murderers The whole time they go to talk to them over and over again to discover clues but nothing comes of it It was bad I m sorry to say it, but it s the truth I still love the series and I just want it to go back the way it used to be when it began Book 12 was amazing, I though it was coming back to it s tracks, but this one was even worst than the 2 rogue hunters s books.