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I enjoyed the story a lot after getting over the first chapter and despite a lot of awkward writing and a major dangling plot point that was never accounted for Or else I would give itstars I do plan to readof her books because the characters are great.I almost stopped reading in the first chapter because of the awkward dialog Characters said the most obvious, stilted things by way of exposition Why not edit the dialog and put the exposition beside it Here s an example Where s Mary Beth asked She said she was shorthanded at the cafe and would be running a little late I hope she brings some chowder with her, Violet said That would be perfect on a cold, rainy day like today, Beth agreed Nobody mentions the state of the weather to other people who are also experiencing it People just say, Don t you love this weather or whatever Beth should have said, That would be perfect in this weather And then the narrator should have continued with something like She glanced at the windows sheeted with rain Or, Just at that moment a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder accompanied the drumming of the rain on the walks outside Whatever Can you tell I m in a very picky mood I m going to getnitpicky The mixed and otherwise odd metaphors began to drive me crazy Here s the one that I wish I could forgetthe purple hush of twilight was spreading over the town like a thick, fluffy blanket This disconnect between the purple hush and the blanket I m sure will give me bad dreams that go round in a circle constantly morphing from a soundless dusk over a city to a terrible purple blanket threatening to smother me. I had been wanting to start reading this series for awhile so when another book club online chose it as their discussion for March, I was happy to start reading it I like settings in libraries and bookstores anyway so I devoured this book a little slower than usual since real life kept interrupting lol.Lindsey Norris was happily working as the director of the Briar Creek Library in Briar Creek CT Her best friend Beth worked with her as the children s librarian Despite a grumpy employee named Ms Cole, the library ran smoothly and life was pretty good That is until Beth s long time boyfriend Rick broke up with her very suddenly and the next thing we knew, Lindsey, Beth and their friend Sully Capt Mike Sullivan, a boat captain found Rick dead in his island home.Since all fingers seemed to point to Beth as the main suspect, Lindsey took it on herself to investigate along with a little help from Sully and Beth Surprisingly, they found that Rick was not everything he claimed to be There was a great plot twist towards the end and at that point, I was really not wanting any interruptions This was a great cast of characters, well with the exception of the grumpy library worker I loved the idea of them having a crafternoon a book club discussion along with doing their knitting projects It was so funny that when Lindsey was coming to a difficult part of her knitting she only learned so she d be able to meet with them she would suddenly become very scholarly about the book and pretty hilarious when they all called her on it I d love to see an in person cozy mystery book club do something like that Milton, the 80 something year old yoga expert was such a nice guy I really liked him a lot and I hope he s in the rest of these books He was the library board president among other local volunteer things he did He made me think of one of my favorite actors, Dick Van Dyke in his Dr Sloane character, an all around nice friend to have Nancy was such a sweet lady to kind of take Lindsey under her wing since her parents lived in another state, as well as be a good landlord and friend to her The other ladies in the crafternoon group were fun too And there was Beth Everyone needs a best friend like her I had sort of guessed the killer but I sure didn t guess the twist that came later and the reasoning behind it all There were some fun and handy things at the back of the book Tips on how to hold a crafternoon group, a book guide to a book they were reading, Sully s yummy hot cocoa and Mary s clam chowder There was also a short preview for the next book which I already know I m going to read 27 Pearl RuledRating 1.5 of five p76 The Book Description Lindsey is getting into her groove as the director of the Briar Creek Public Library when a New York editor visits town, creating quite a buzz Lindsey s friend Beth wants to sell the editor her children s book, but Beth s boyfriend, a famous author, gets in the way When they go to confront him, he s found murdered and Beth is the prime suspect Lindsey has to act fast before they throw the book at the wrong person My Review Writing serviceable Characters stock Narration uninspired Why the 1.5 stars Now really I like cozies, but knitting and discussing Rebecca when the horrible circ desk dragon lady comes in Just as the town nutball stands on his head to tell the director when they need to run the library book sale P.U.But what did it, what made me so mad I went outside and tossed the book in the bin before the garbage guys picked up, is the fact that the sleuth, the love interest or I miss my guess , and the suspect get off a boat, find the body, and I simply couldn t bring even a small frisson of interest to the party Not a whit Yuck Yikes I can t even quote anything because it s all much of a muchness, and not one turn of phrase or description so much as made an impression This is so meh that the Mouldering Mound of Meh has misplaced it This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. My book was from the MERIDIAN LIBRARY and my thanks to them This is the first book in the Library Lover s series Lindsey has just started as the Libray Director Beth, her BFF breaks off from her boyfriend she is evenupset when she discovers the boyfriend, Rick has stolen Beth s work.Lindsey and Beth hire Sully to take to the island and find him murdered The sheriff feels Beth murdered Rick Lindsey decides to clear Beth reputation by seeking answers.I highly recommend this book and seriesRecipe and Knitting pattern included. What am I going to do Another book that I started and just could not put down Until way past when I should have been asleep LOL Seriously who wouldn t love reading about a Librarian, who loves to read, who is solving a mystery that may land her best friend and Children s librarian in jail for murder Don t answer that LOL A good read that I wholeheartedly recommend. Lindsey Norris is settling into her new life as the director of the public library in Briar Creek, Connecticut One of her many joys is working alongside her best friend Beth Stanley, the children s librarian Unfortunately, Lindsey has never warmed to Beth s boyfriend Rick Eckman, and spendingtime with him doesn t change that at all So, Lindsey isn t upset when the two break up However, Beth gets some surprising news about Rick the next day just before she finds his body It s obvious that Rick has been killed With the police certain that Beth is guilty, Lindsey springs into action to clear her best friend Can she do it I m finally getting around to starting this series, but I ve loved the other books from Jenn McKinlay I ve read I pretty much knew what to expect here, and I was right We get a fantastic cast of characters that I already can t wait to spendtime with The setting, both the library and the town, are charming as well I d move to this town is it weren t for the murder rate and the fact that it s fictional There is a bit of series set up that slows things down at the beginning, but the mystery is very strong once it gets started I was surprised by some of the twists along the way I also laughed several times along the way, and part of the climax made me want to cheer.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. This series has been on my TBR pile for longer than it should I have read all the Hat Shop Mysteries and last month binge read my way through the Cupcake Bakery Series so I decided that in between my ARC reading obligations, I would start on this series I really enjoyed this first book Lindsey is smart and mature with a level head on her shoulders Her friend Beth makes a great complement and they have a good friendship The rest of the ladies in the crafting book club round out the cast nicely and I look forward to getting to know their characters better The mystery was solid and woven nicely through the plot of the story The only criticism I have is that the town sheriff was a stereotype of the blundering small town sheriff that I hope gets better as the series goes along I really enjoy this author s writing style She creates a wonderful charming world and fills it with characters that will grab readers attention allowing them to relate to someone in each story I am looking forward to readingin the series I have the next four books on my TBR pile. I really, really enjoyed this first book to be added to my new shelf and reading project code name Operation I Love Libraries which will be its code name only for as long as it takes me to come with a better, cleverer title please message me any suggestions I thought it might be fun to start a list of books that either take place in libraries or feature librarians as the major character and what better place to start then with a mystery solving librarian Our heroine is the new director of the Briar Creek Public Library, Ms Lindsey Norris Lindsey left her life as an archivist at the prestigious Yale University library and her cheating fiancee six months ago desperate for a fresh start With the encouragement of her best friend Beth, who also happened to be the children s librarian at Briar Creek, she applied for the director s post and won the confidence of its board with her innovative ideas and fresh enthusiasm Lindsey is slowly settling in to Briar Creek, a beautiful coastal town in Connecticut with its quirky residents and small town charm She s made some changes to the traditional little library that don t sit well with all the residents but most have embraced her Crafternoon book club and admire her determination to update things And while she s determined to distance herself from romance she can t help but notice and share the sidelong glances she s been getting from Sully a local boat captain.But just when things are coming together tragedy strikes Beth s newly dumped former boyfriend, a Caldecott winning children s book illustrator, is found horribly murdered in his solitary island home To complicate matters further he s turned up dead just one day after Beth dumped him in a dramatic and very public scene The local chief of police who, as far as Lindsey is concerned, couldn t detect his way out of a paper bag is ready to arrest Beth as the typical woman scorned With nothing much to go on except the knowledge that her best friend could nokill a housefly than a person Lindsey decides if the police aren t going to look for the real murderer she will.This really was a lot of fun and I m absolutely looking forward to diving into this series Lindsey is a terrific character There s a tendency in cozies I find for the detective to be very soft and reluctant to get into confrontations which makes sense since the basic idea of a cozy is to soften the usual violence and gore that populate grittier novels What s nice here is author Jenn McKinlay is basically like screw that and writes Lindsey as an assertive woman who doesn t just sit there while another character yells in her face She gets intothan one verbal sparring match with people who piss her off and its refreshing The irony of course is that as the library director she probably ought to bepolitic but god is it satisfying to watch her lay into a particularly horrendous helicopter mom who s demanding she fire Beth the murderess It also gives her character a nice dose of realism She s got a temper and sometimes its helpful when she stands up to the giant tool of a police chief and sometimes its a hindrance when she stands up to the crazy murderer with a gun.The dialogue is also really excellent, smart and modern and not laden with a lot of local yokel, aren t they so quaint with their Quaker talk nonsense that also tends to be something of a hallmark of this type of mystery Briar Creek also seems like a place I d actually want to live Sure its a nice seaside village away from the big city with pretty views and occasionally violent stormy nights but its not so quaint that you want to throw up McKinlay manages to weave just enough quirky landlady s, retired actresses, and salty diner owners into a perfectly normal town in anywhere USA so that you have fun with the goofier touches and still feel like this is someplace real.The way she approaches solving the mystery and the mystery itself also follow a really logical path, which absolutely does not always happen in a book like this Part of what s great about making your detective a librarian is it just makes sense I m tooting my own horn a bit here but darn it librarians are smart And we re good at research and most of us are veritable repositories of random, esoteric knowledge that we just know because we had to look it up for some lunatic We also don t back away from the challenge of ferreting out an answer even if it takes forever McKinlay also very smartly gives Lindsey a personal stake in this first foray into detection, you absolutely get why she wants the answers You also spend enough time with everyone to see that Beth is a great person, a great friend and absolutely not a murderer so you re just as anxious as Lindsey to figure out what really happened.Really my only beef is the somewhat sudden resolution to the story that was just a tad too melodramatic for me Don t get me wrong it fits the mystery and its even pretty clever there s just something very Hollywood about the climax that didn t fit the tone of the rest of the book I bought who the murderer was but there was a Scooby Doo sort of lets see who you REALLY are element that felt over the top.That being said I m still very keen to revisit Briar Creek and see how Lindsey shakes out as a sleuth My guess is McKinlay gets stronger in her murder plotting as this series, which I think is now up to eight books, goes on and I m looking forward to find out I wanted to like this book the main character is a librarian and the book is written by a librarian The premise is good, the insider s view of the library is good, and a few of the local characters are good I d personally love to meet Sully Unfortunately, too many of the characters are caricatures the bumbling police chief, the crazed ex, the petulant boyfriend There s a lot of irrelevant detail what label of clothing footwear someone s wearing, where snacks for a roadtrip were purchased etc I could have accepted the excessive descriptiveness if the same attention had been devoted to the mystery itself but sadly it was not I do expect a librarian to demonstrate better investigative skills public records, anyone The biggest fault with the book however is what s left out how exactly did the murderer get to the island How did this not come up In addition to those complaints, I have to say I was completely irritated by Ms Cole I can t imagine any manager being so ambivalent about the behavior described and I m as softhearted as you can get I was also troubled by a couple of details related to Rick Eckman one, he s a Caldecott winner and yet Lindsey implies that his books have little to recommend them two, his relationship with Beth, given the way he apparently interacts with people in general Finally, I felt cheated by the buildup about Ruby island that went nowhere.Sigh If it were a first novel, I would give the next book in the series a try, but it s not. Lindsey Is Getting Into Her Groove As The Director Of The Briar Creek Public Library When A New York Editor Visits Town, Creating Quite A Buzz Lindsey S Friend Beth Wants To Sell The Editor Her Children S Book, But Beth S Boyfriend, A Famous Author, Gets In The Way When They Go To Confront Him, He S Found Murdered And Beth Is The Prime Suspect Lindsey Has To Act Fast Before They Throw The Book At The Wrong Person