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Just As Ever Is Learning Everything She Can About Her New Abilities As An Immortal, Initiated Into The Dark, Seductive World By Her Beloved Damen, Something Terrible Is Happening To Him As Ever S Powers Are Increasing, Damen S Begin To Fade After He Is Stricken By A Mysterious Illness That Threatens His Memory, His Identity, His LifeDesperate To Save Him, Ever Travels To The Mystical Dimension Of Summerland, Where She Uncovers Not Only The Secrets Of Damen S Past The Brutal, Tortured History He Hoped To Keep Hidden But Also An Ancient Text Revealing The Workings Of Time With The Approaching Blue Moon Heralding Her Only Window For Travel, Ever Is Forced To Decide Between Turning Back The Clock And Saving Her Family From The Accident That Claimed Them Or Staying In The Present And Saving Damen, Who Grows Weaker Each Day

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    It s officialI love Ever and Damen just as much I love Bella and Edward Seriously, folksgive the Immortals series a chance You will not be disappointed UPDATE I have since tried to read another installment, and have found there is really no comparison to Bella and Edward I love B E far too much and no other characters from other series can hold a candle.

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    It s Official, I hate Ever The story is just lame, I found Ever annoying than ever She s an inconsistent character, doing one irrational thing after the other, and yeah, sometimes characters do that, but Ever s actions were contradictory Like, when she finally thinks its okay to go all the way with Damen after a million lifetimes Seriously The girl doesn t have enough of a brain to make the right decisions and not to trust the most obvious bad guy in the world, but she s smart enough not to go all the way After hours of make out sessions, where hormones call at you desperately, let me ask again SERIOUSLY And the ending, Oh My God Kill me How could she trust the bad guy, after he confessed all the bad things he has done No matter how desperate you are for help If a freaking ghost or whatever the hell that thing was tells you to stop, you STOP I found this thing Irrational, and it simply drove me insane In case you re wondering, Yes I bought the third book

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    Ever one ups herself in this one, proving to be the dumbest fictional character of all time How anyone can read this and walk away happy is beyond me Seriously, the girl is dumb, the plot limp, the characters even haphazard than they were the first time around It s the literary equivalent of smacking your head into a brick wall over and over again Although, I think that would ultimately be enjoyable and less damaging I can t even count how many times I was trying to mentally will the characters into being interesting and smart, but they never failed to disappoint This is one of the worst books I ve ever read.and I ve read all four installments of the Twilight Saga Stephenie Meyer really likes it when her characters you know what Alyson Noel likes her characters to do Shrug A LOT Even when they re not shrugging , they re lifting their shoulders Someone please buy Alyson Noel a dictionary, a thesaurus, and perhaps a book on human body language She would benefit.

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    I m not sure I m gonna write a review for this one I still have to write one for the previous book ooops

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    I hated this book, but I can t separate my frustration over Ever s stupid decision making from my annoyance with the book, so I don t know if I hated it because of what happened in it or because it just sucks I kind of think I hated it because of the book s outcome, which then leads me to admit that maybe I sort of liked it and let it get to me so much that the end angered me and led me to believe that I hated it Are you confused yet I am So, in a nutshell, the whole book is about the fact that despite falling in love with each other over and over for hundreds of years, Ever and Damen have never had a chance to erm, consummate their love because Ever has always been murdered before that could happen Finally, it seems no obstacles stand in their way ALAS, tis not to be Damen is stricken with some sort of sickness and Ever must work out what has happened in time to save him She does save him despite her extreme stupidity She trusts the villain of the book instead of two girls who befriended her sister before she crossed over and therein lies my extreme frustration Who would do that Hmm, let me think trust two girls my sweet, dead 12 year old sister trusted or trust the evil immortal who has poisoned the man I am destined to be with forever That does not seem like a hard decision to me After Ever distrusted Roman the evil immortal from first laying eyes on him, WHY would she suddenly put her and Damen lives in his hands I maintain, she wouldn t, and that fact that she did MADE ME SO AGGRAVATED For being so stupid, she deserves never to be able to touch him again Click here for my review on the next book in the series Shadowland

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    This was a YA paranormal romance, which picked up where the first book left off.I liked Ever in this but she was entirely too trusting at times I felt sorry for her when things started going wrong with Damen though and she was powerless to do anything about it.The storyline in this was about Damen suddenly turning on Ever and wanting nothing to do with her, and Ever not knowing why There was a new guy at school who seemed to want her even when she turned him down, and things just generally seemed to be going wrong for her This was an enjoyable story, and it held my attention well throughout The ending to this was a giant cliff hanger 7 out of 10

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    I ve said it once, and I ll say it again Ever is so stupid.Like, not just academic stupid, horror movie stupid She s the fool who ll walk up the stairs toward the axe murderer while the front door lies wide open and the keys are waiting in the car s ignition Sound familiar It s funny how addictive these books are I wanted to stop reading, but I couldn t bear to put the damn book down I bought this one as a holiday read, and blazed through it in less than a day.

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    Blue Moon was incredible If you thought Ever was full of suspense and unknowns, just wait until you read Blue Moon Noel surpassed all expectations I had for the sequel, if this is a preview to how the rest of the series will be, we all in for a huge treat.The plot was insane, and I mean that in a good way Noel took this novel in a direction I was never expecting, resulting in an emotional roller coaster ride that I never wanted to end It was so cleverly pieced, so intricately meshed, I never saw it coming Fabulous.Pieces of Damen s history are revealed as well as some glimpses in to Ever s previous lives I have to admit that was one of my favorite aspects of the story Damen s character was displayed on a whole new level in this novel, if you didn t feel a connection with him in Ever, you ll be sure to in Blue Moon Not to mention the new incredibly enticing characters introduced Roman, Romy and Rayne.Ever was good, but Blue Moon is phenomenal If you re looking for a new fantasy series that s worth reading, be sure to check out the Immortals series.