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While this book was not my favorite book of the series I found that if you can manage to make it past about 10 or 15% of the book it does quickly redeem itself I did love seeing the uber strict and straight as an arrow, Immortal Enforcer Lucian, get his comeuppance when he meets his second life mate and he has to help her while she makes the change.It was a good story but as I said the first part was a bit boring in that it was all about Leighs change and how it affected Lucian.The rest of the book is typical of Ms Sands in that the bulk of the story is on these two learning about each others foibles, the Immortal learning to live in the human world again and realizing that just because one lives many hundreds of centuries, doesn t make them perfect.It was fun seeing the stick up the butt Lucian coming to terms with the fact that Leigh is his life mate, re learning to eat, and finding his sense of humor again He was an extremely well written character, and even though this is fiction you can almost beleive that he is just a real and regular guy I appreciated the fact that Leigh was one of the easy going women in this series and excepted her fate without much angst.All in all a good but not great addition to the series. Lucian is over 2,000 years old and really has no idea This story centres on Lucian, the twin brother of Jean Claude, Marguerite s deceased husband making Lucian the uncle of Lucern etc He s one of the original immortals, and has lived for over two thousand years He s on the Council and hunts down rogue vampires It s while he s on the hunt for another ancient vampire, Morgan, who has started his own nest , that he encounters Leigh Lucian is such a tough guy but to see his character being completely lost with how to perform simple everyday tasks was endearing There is not a lot of action to this story as it is most focused on the relationship between Lucian and Leigh As far as a PNR goes this is a very sweet, romantic, and funny story I love Lucian and Leigh as a couple One, because Lucian turned out to be the marshmallow Rachell called him, of course after trying to dump the poor woman on everyone he could get his hands on Two, Leigh wasn t the snippy crying woman you d expect a newly turned and almost rogue vampire to be As she is always described, she was the peaceful self all along I love Lucian He seems like such a tough guy from others POV and he starts out really tough He falls for Leigh and it s hilarious Both characters are pretty funny In this story Lucian Argeneau meets his match in a bar owner from Kansas The whole family gets involved to get him his HEA Except Marguerite who is surprising absent, but in her one cameo does manage to try to play matchmaker over the phone she just can t help herself The story opens with Leigh Gerard walking home from work at about 5 00 in the morning Lucian is one crusty character Leigh was much to easy on him but as the book goes on he becomes much human and the message that a lifemate can make a leopard change his spots came through loud and clear I look for to his appreances in further books I am started to warm up to LS s style of writing but admit to finding them a slow start.One of my very favorite things in books is when something or someone is not human is trying to be human If it s written correctly, it will always be funny and endearing This story did a good job with it This book had me laughing out loud When you read the books in this series, there are no great surprises, but they do offer and light hearted pnr story Ahhhhhh I had a hard time putting this down I was doing the I will just read to the end of the chapter and then I will go clean my bathroom and then I got to the end of the chapter and immediatly started the next chapterAre you talking to my penis Lucian asked with disbelief It talked to me first, she said defensively, and frowned You didn t mention this little skill Lucian decided she must be joking and laughed So, what did it say It said, Lucian Lucian, are you there He blinked Why would it say that I don t know It s your penis That s when he recalled the cell phone in his pocket. Once Bitten One Minute Leigh Is Walking Home In The Early Hours Of The Morning, And The Next A Vampire Is Sinking His Teeth Into Her Neck Turns Out It Was A Rogue Vampire Marked For Termination, But It Does Leigh Little Good Because The Damage S Already Been Done She S Become One Of ThemLucian Argeneau, Hunter Of Rogue Vampires, Has Been Alive For Over Two Thousand Years, And There S Very Little To Excite Him Any Food Has Become Tasteless, Sex Is Ordinary The Leigh Drops Into His Life Suddenly He Finds Himself Craving Coffeeand Imagining The Sassy Brunette Atop The Black Satin Sheets On His Nice Big Bed It S Lucian S Job Now To Enlighten Leigh On The Inner Workings Of Being Immortaland Tutoring Her Is Igniting A Fire In Him That Hasn T Burned In CenturiesBut Until They Stop A Renegade Bloodsucker From Destroying The Human Race, Passion Will Have To Wait I am re reading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 60 on my shelf This is book 20Tropes Starched hero Gets UnstarchedThis is how my 20th re read held up I remember loving the Lynsay Sands vampire series In fact, it was my introduction to vampire romance, a genre I wasn t really aware existed But re reading the favorite of the series did not hold up Maybe I m cynical than I was 10 years ago, read too many romance novels, because this book now was too cutesy for me Entertaining sure but made me feel very little, and I found myself skimming several parts Downgrading my original review from a 5 to a 3.Nonetheless, the star of this book is Lucien, and him alone makes this book worth the readOver the last couple of years, he d watched his niece and nephews find their own life mates, and he d been happy for them He d also been envious, yearning for someone of his own again He d had a life mate once before in Atlantis but had lost her during the fall Part of him was excited at the idea of finally having someone to share the passing years with But another part was anxious, reluctant to love and possibly lose again. Quick plot Walking home late one night, Leigh is bitten by a rogue vampire, and before she knows it she is turning Lucien Arganou, the oldest years not looks , grumpiest, weary of life vampire about, finds himself having to look after Leigh while she accommodates to vampire life Can t you do something for her his nephew finally asked, when several moments passed and her screaming and thrashing didn t stop I already have I didn t kill her, Lucian said dryly Bring the luggage in, Thomas, Lucian ordered with a frown as he approached the front What about the girl Thomas asked with irritation That s what I meant Lucian stepped through the open front doors of the house You re a great big marshmallow under all that bluster and crust Lucian s eyes widened in horror at this accusation, his mouth working but nothing coming out as he sought for some response strong enough to express his dismay at her altered opinion of him A marshmallow He wasn t a damned marshmallow He was cold, and mean and hard enough to do what had to be done when others faltered He was a damned warrior, had slain both mortal and immortal down through the ages with sword, knife, mace, spear, lance I think we d better go now, Etienne said, eyeing his uncle warily as he took Rachel s elbow to lead her quickly up the hall Can I help you Yes, Lucian said tersely I need books Carl s mouth tipped with amusement That s what we sell What kind Lucian hesitated, suddenly embarrassed, then recalled his boast to Rachel that he d lived too long to be afraid of anyone or anything Time to prove that Straightening his shoulders, he said, Books on how to get girls I am a hardass, Lucian said coldly, as if they had openly disputed it What is it Thomas asked.Much to Lucian s surprise, Rachel hesitated, then shoved the books back in the bag and shook her head Never mind Oh, no way Thomas rushed forward and snatched the bag from her Pulling out the first book, he gave a little whoop of amusement, then read, The Art of Seduction Lucian struggled to keep his face expressionless, but inside he felt about two inches tall.Thomas tossed the book on the desk with the others Rachel had pulled out, retrieved the other one and said, And the last one is How to Satisfy Her Every Time Thomas s voice had slowed and become less amused and quiet with each word When he closed his mouth, the room fell into a complete and uncomfortable silence No one seemed to want to look at anyone else It has been a while, Lucian said finally, his voice stiff as he broke the silence And you want to please her, Greg said quietly as he crossed the room He took the book from Thomas and returned it to the bag That s understandable Yeah, Etienne echoed I think it s sweet Lissianna patted his shoulder You should be who you are, not act like some book says you should But what if she doesn t like who I am Lucian asked with frustration.Silence filled the room and they all stared at him wide eyed She s going to love you, Uncle Lucian, Lissianna said quietly, moving to his side to rub his back, as if she thought he needed soothing. If you ve read through the first 5 books of this Series then you know that Lucian is well a grump to say the least He is one of the oldest immortals and he is hanging on by a thread from turning Rogue like so many before him Lucian is out hunting, hunting rogue vampires that is, when Leigh is thrown into his lap Leigh is a bar owner who just happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time and has hired the wrong type of employees The combination of the two is just incredibly funny Lucian this big old bad ass all of a sudden in charge of handling Leighs change WITHOUT the assistance of anyone His orginal plan was to dump her into Marguerites lap Upon his arrival he quickly finds not only is Marguerite unavailable but every other member of the family is unvailable There are some really hilarious scenes in this book It was one of the funniest books of the series to date Melissa Reviewer for 1000 Books to Read 3 3.5 starsThis is my first book by this author Plus it is the 6th book in the series I did not feel like I missed a lot by not reading the prior books The book was funny, but at times I felt it was trying too hard to be funny and sacrificing the character traits of the Hero especially in that effort Making him at times appear to be a bumbling idiot when he was really supposed to be some badass vampire hunter Overall it was enjoyable enough that I am going to try another later book in the Series Safety gang safe but there is another minor trigger for a couple of people view spoiler Lucian had a life mate and children 3000 years ago and they died He has found no life mate since But clearly you can have than one Wonder what happens if the first one had not died Anyway, he loved them but it has been so long he cannot remember their faces He just remembers loving having a family He never says Leigh is the best but since it has been so long, it was really hard to complain He had been celibate since Alexander the Greats wedding So a LONG time Heroine was not a virgin but only had an abusive ex hide spoiler Yeesh 2.5 stars for me.What I liked the humor I thought there were some really genuinely funny moments throughout the book The author had a great voice and knew how to embarrass her characters that the story featured one of my favourite romance tropes grumpy old immortal has hard exterior chipped away at by the love of his life, and then jk he s actually a softy.What I didn t like the fact that about two thirds of the whole book was basically a giant info dump about this world s vampires, how nanos make them perfect, and Atlantis It went on FOREVER after Leigh finally stopped changing the fact that the Big Bad was defeated in like three pages of the climax starting yeah, mostly just the insane amount of info dumping It kind of works for someone who hasn t read the other books in the series like me but even I got tired of it , but it must have been mindnumbingly boring if you ve read the first five books and know the lore alreadyBasically, this book felt like filler to me I liked Lucian and Leigh, but I didn t feel like I had enough time to see them develop as a couple, and this was in a full length book So, yeah Bit of a shoulder shrugger for me I WOULD be interested in reading from the series, provided all the info dumping isn t something that happens in every book. I am a fan of Lynsay Sands and an even bigger fan of her Argeneau series This book in particular had me laughing out loud Lucian is such a tough guy but to see his character being completely lost with how to perform simple everyday tasks was endearing There is not a lot of action to this story as it is most focused on the relationship between Lucian and Leigh As far as a PNR goes this is a very sweet, romantic, and funny story I highly recommend. This story centres on Lucian, the twin brother of Jean Claude, Marguerite s deceased husband making Lucian the uncle of Lucern etc He s one of the original immortals, and has lived for over two thousand years He s on the Council and hunts down rogue vampires It s while he s on the hunt for another ancient vampire, Morgan, who has started his own nest , that he encounters Leigh Morgan has just turned her but she hasn t yet gone through the painful process when Lucian grudgingly rescues her.He s not happy about it, though He tries to dump her on Margeurite but she s off to Europe, leaving him at her home in Toronto with her massive mastiff Julius He can t get any of his relatives to help him except to offer advice he doesn t want to hear, and it doesn t help that they all think Leigh is his life mate and he hasn t been laid since Alexander the Great s wedding.And on top of all that, Morgan s coming for Leigh.This is serious in tone than some of the others in this series, but it still has moments of making me laugh out loud Lucian, the sexy beast, is now my favourite Argeneau vampire, and I will quite happily be re reading this one So at this point I think I can safely wash my hands off this series I think I ve read five yup five.But now this feels like another one of those stand alone series where if you ve read one you ve read them all Don t get me wrong it s not badly written and the characters are always endearing but they seem pretty interchangeable now.So I read this cause Addie H s review showed up on my wall and it has all these wonderful excerpts and well, I just couldn t resist Plus Jilly loved it and that s all the thought I need to put in that decision It was a good way to pass the time I wish all the characters loads of happiness and say Goodbye Though I might drop by to read Thomas s story cause I know how terribly he s waiting to meet his mate Update Well now, what do you know Turns out I ve already read Thomas s book Way back in 2014 And yup, you guessed it, no clue what happened Guess it really is for the best that I stop now p