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Greenwich, South East London The Met S Crack Murder Squad, AMIP, Is Called Out By Nervous CID Detectives To A Grim Discovery Five Bodies, All Young Women, All Ritualistically Murdered And Dumped On Wasteland Near The Dome As Each Post Mortem Reveals A Singular, Horrific Signature Linking The Victims, Officers Realize That They Are On The Trail Of That Most Dangerous Offender A Sexual Serial Killer Detective Inspector Jack Caffery Young, Driven, Unshockable Finds Himself Facing Both Hostility Within The Force And Echoes Of His Past In This, His First Case With AMIP Haunted By The Memory Of A Death Long Ago, He Employs Every Weapon Forensic Science Can Offer For He Knows It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before This Chaotic, Sadistic Killer Strikes Again

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    Birdman is a solid genre crime thriller and fans of this kind of novel will be happy to see the following old favourites present and correct Sexy mid ranking but fuckedup policeman hero with deeply troubled past check Who meets during the investigation a babelicious middle class artist so that both of them know something s gonna happen soon check Gruesome crimes the like of which are never seen in real life check check check Yards and yards and YARDS of police acronyms, police tech speak, police management speak, police humour, police casual sexism, police cups of tea, all things police check The wrong guy arrested check Hero s new girlfriend ending up being menaced by the killer check Need you ask Psycho killer as dumpy middle aged nobody with a big gut but really remarkable sexual vitality who surprisingly seems to have moves than Batman as he manhandles and incapacitates both his victims and his pursuers with contemptuous ease even though COME ON REALLY he s a dumpy middle aged nobody who hasn t done any physical exercise for the last 40 years check Hectic every second counts chase at the grand finale check Eventually I almost began to like this silly slice of tough tough London kinky killer thriller fol de rol but then the big climax ahem ahem sorry vicar dragged on and on and, oh yes, on, with so many arcs of arterial blood on the walls and splashes of that other well known bodily fluid all over the dinner plates and just everywhere that I found myself frankly guffawing I think the sun has set on my relationship with tough British police thrillers.

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    No matter where I lay this book, it immediately improved the visual aspects of that space True, even when it lay half hazard amid the detritus of day to day And it is not only the visual aspects that appeal there is a feeling of what present And you re drawn back, again, considering This book doesn t just reside here, it rocks, it rolls, it rules Great and clever cover art Which brings us to the story and it s a good one Meet British, Detective Inspector Jack Caffery He is young, driven and methodical but he is also haunted by the long ago disappearance of his brother Ewan as a child In the opening, the dead bodies of five women are found, dumped in a wasteland, near the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, England They have all been horribly, brutally mutilated and carry a singular, macabre signature Not even one of these women has been reported missing, suggesting the killer has taken some care in selecting his victims.Hayder pulls no punches here as she takes you on a slow and sinister creep ride into the world of a sexual sadist, through the corridors of crime most foul Warning though, this one is not for the faint of heart I confess I was reminded of Harris s Hannibal Lecter as I read this, none the less it is written well enough to stand on its own This marks the first Mo Hayder novel I have read It will not be the last.

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    Man, what is it about female mystery writers that makes them come up with the most heinous of crimes From her bio and picture, Mo Hayder seems like such a nice lady But with Birdman, her debut novel, she launches herself right into the darkest of Val McDermid s territory I couldn t burn through Birdman quickly enough There is nothing not to like about this novel Take a serial killer with a bizarre signature, an inspector with a dark past and struggling relationship, and short chapters, and you ve got a formula for a novel that deserves to be read without petty distractions like work and sleep.The serial killer genre has been so saturated over the past twenty years That s why I m so impressed when one comes along that stands out from the rest In a genre that can barely help but become formulaic, the writer can still come up with unique ideas that makes the story her own Hayder also does a fantastic job developing her characters I totally bought into what Jack Caffery was going through, his motivations, and hey, I really liked the guy.What a great debut Five stars for sure.

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    This book was the Pick It For Me , with my group A Good Thriller , so thank you to my members that picked this book for me.Detective Inspector Jack Caffery young, driven, unshockable is called to one of the most gruesome crime scenes he has ever seen Five young women have been ritualistically murdered and dumped on wasteland near the Dome Subsequent post mortems reveal a singular, horrific signature linking the victims.Soon Caffery realises that he is on the trail of that most dangerous offender a serial killer Beset by animosity within the police force, haunted by the memory of a very personal death long ago, Caffery employs every weapon forensic science can offer to hunt him down.Because he knows that it is only a matter of time before this sadistic killer strikes again Gruesome.yesShocking.yesViolent.yesDisturbing yesBut also gripping, tense and shocking, with very powerful, disturbing story that will hit you right in the stomach With a great strong main character in DI Jack Caffery who himself has a shocking history, with lots of shocks, twists and very strong deaths.A fast paced, gripping, tense thriller that will shock you with it s gore, not for the faint hearted But highly recommended and an easy four stars for me

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    In the midnight hour I cried Mo, Mo, Mo Yes, I believe I have become a Mo Fo n, Mo Hayder fan.During the first half of this book I would have said that Mo was giving Thomas Harris a run for his money hell, probably leaving him in the dust The second half veered a little and I thought the train was in danger of derailing, taking of a Joe Hill course, but I made it to the end in one piece, still considering this to be an excellent thriller horror Jack Caffery, a good detective with his own tragedies weighing him down, is a great character that I look forward to following in Hayder s, The Treatment And as far as the serial killer and the hard core descriptive technique used by Mo, let me just say you better have the stomach for some nasty shit or you might not want to venture into these pages.

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    Creepy Creepy Creepy 3 It is my personal belief that given the right set of circumstances ANYONE is capable of murder If someone tells me that they are not capable of killing another human, I will disagree with them Having said that, there are some things that I don t believe every person capable of doing While I might believe your grandma is capable of shooting or poisoning someone, I don t necessarily believe that she is capable of then cutting them up and cooking them in a stew for supper I enjoy dark crime novels I have always be interested in what makes people do those things for which I think few people have the capacity While I enjoy reading about these things, I believe I have found my upper limit for what I can stomach Birdman has brought me to that threshold The Good The writing and pacing of this novel is excellent Mo Hayder writes excellent prose and the story never drags Jack Caffery is an interesting and nuanced character as are the criminals The psychological elements of the crime are well explored There is an interesting exploration of how a person feels compelled to do bad things, the steps he takes to avoid doing them and the ultimate failure of those boundaries It is a compelling look in the mind of the depraved The Bad In the words of a 14 year old OMG These people are messed up While I can stomach quite a few things, this one about took me over the edge We have some people in this novel who are interested in necrophilia In case you do no know what this means, that would be obtaining sexual gratification with corpses While many dark crime novels have characters who find the act of killing as sexual experience, I find it far disturbing that the sexual experience occurs after the act of killing is complete The only reason I finished this novel is that it was multilayered As this was not the only aspect of the novel, this theme was not pervasive.Another major issue with the novel was the manner in which Jack Caffery made breakthroughs in the case Most every breakthrough was an Eureka moment The reader is rarely privy to the information that the MC uses to reach his conclusion Jack usually sits around thinking about the case and suddenly he thinks, Hey We are looking at this case all wrong fill in the blank is what is actually happening here This was lazy plot development.While Mo Hayder can certainly write, the plot development leaves something to be desired Assuming the next novel is not increasingly disturbing, I will continue reading in hopes that the plot development improved as the writer gained experience.

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    Hayder gives her readers crime thriller fiction so macabre as to border into the horror territory This is seriously I m sleeping with the lights on reading, at its finest Birdman is set in the dawn of the new millennium and follows the London Metropolitan Police s Murder team as they attempt to track down a possible contemporary Jack the Ripper serial killer.Hayder s power is that she shines the spotlight on the quiet, often overlooked, moments and the minutest of details, for added impact and shock factor Instead of giving the reader whole grim scenes in one installment, she teases us with isolated, close up details that appear from an almost cinematographic perspective For example, Her nails bitten and painted sky blue, curled inwards to the swollen palm is one of the images that remained my companion, instead of sleep, through the long, dark night time hours opposed to the gruesome, fuller images conjured It is these powerful, small reminders that make me view each victim as human instead of character The crime itself is also approached from an odd angle as we are given the perspectives of both the detectives attempting to solve the case and the murder as well as, briefly, the victims The reader is in the unique position of having all the facts and is only waiting for the good guys to piece the puzzle together, or so we are led to believeI have also, myself, approached this book from an odd perspective as my first experience with Mo Hayder s brilliance was early last year when I read Poppet, the sixth installment to the Jack Caffrey series Reading this felt almost nostalgic, in parts, as I read of a youthful figure and his humbler beginnings What remained the same, however, was the compelling story telling, the fast paced plot, the horror lurking on every page and my insatiable desire to devour

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