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[ Free eBook ] Binge Eating Cure: Cure Binge Eating with Intermittent FastingAuthor Lisa P. Simms –

Have You Finally Grown Tired Of The Feeling That You Would Be Happier In Life If You Could Just Control Your Eating Habits Do You Ever Wonder If There Is Any Other Way To Come Closer To Your Health And Fitness Goals Have You Been Dreaming Of Becoming The Type Of Person Who Has Total Control Over Food, Rather Than Food Having Total Control Over You If You Answered Yes To At Least One Of The Above Questions, Then This Book Is Just What You Need To Get Informed, Grow Confident, And Take The Steps Necessary To Get Exactly What You Want Out Of Your Diet Regimen Binge Eating Cure Was Written With Individuals Like You In Mind Individuals Who Are Ready To Take Massive Action To Achieve Massive Results So What Are You Waiting For Take Action, Not Now, But Right Now, And Download Your Copy, Today

6 thoughts on “Binge Eating Cure: Cure Binge Eating with Intermittent Fasting

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    Bizarre book, very badly written I don t think anyone bothered proof reading it Lots of contradictory messages, the whole book just didn t make sense Save your money and don t bother buying this.

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    I never thought of curing binge eating with intermittent fasting but it seems to make sense I like how this book lays everything out that I need to know about intermittent fasting like the do s and dont s list, precautions, some recipes, and helpful tips I didn t realize that the human growth hormone is active when fasting so that s kind of good to know to speed up metabolism I feel much better when I fast for at least 14 hours, like I ll stop eating around 6 00pm at night and then don t have breakfast until after 8 00am I feel lighter waking up and my exercise is easier.

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    This book focuses a great deal on intermittent fasting The key learning after reading this book is in the moderation and routine of your eating habits This book gives you that pack with information and guides you in using intermittent fasting to overcome binge eating.

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    A good book that covers all the basics of intermittent fasting It was nice to see that the author has even covered one of the fasting methods which has helped me lose quite some weight over the past several months.

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    It is an apparently common trick by authors who don t think their book will measure up in the appropriate category to place their books into completely irrelevant categories in the hope of reaching a high rating in that category But what s the point of doing this Other than to admit to all potential readers that you the author don t think you d cut it in your own category How is a book on Binge Eating remotely relevant to the Antiques Collectibles category Move your book into it s own niche on , Ms Simms, which you re perfectly capable of doing And then see how you fare against your actual competition For people who visit the Antiques Collectibles category in the hope of finding RELEVANT books, you re nothing but a waste of time By refusing to correctly list your book, you clearly signal to browsers that you don t have any faith in your own product, so why should we

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    If book but not sure how this solves binge eating