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Prime Between Sinners and SaintsAuthor Marie Sexton –

not one, but two examples of unhelpful stereotypes of sexually abused persons used for facile romance trope angsting.PEACE OUT, HOMIE returns, 5 minutes later, filled with righteous fury let s just call it my trigger.abused, raped, dub conned to hell gay dudes who may or may not seek healing in the form of being whipped, chained, gang banged, or choked the fuck out.that s my trigger.because while this world is enormous, and there are all kinds of people out there, and definitely people who fit any of those descriptors the fact remains that you don t have to make a homo miserable to make him interesting to read when a chintzy romance novel does that define being gay in terms of suffering a motherfucker gets really pissed off.because being gay has enough angsty fucking problems attendant to it without someone should posit, over and over, that one of them is being raped up the ass.all to spice up a stupid story that would have been perfectly compelling without s gratuitous and it hurts to men are not Rape Barbies.they are not canvasses for the wildly irresponsible speculations of lazy writers who are unable to characterize human beings without appalling mortifications of the spirit, and of the s ugly and matter how many shelter dogs they adopt in the epilogue. 4.5 Stars This one was good Really good A bit on the heavier side And a bit religious y Definitely a slow build, but I thought it was completely appropriate Not a lot of steam, but enough A tad on the long side, but I was never bored There you have it in a nutshell Recommended read for sure I have a Thing about books revolving around abuse In theory I like to read them, but they re so often poorly done, and a poorly done abuse book is a terrible, terrible thing The balance is as delicate as a spider s web It can t be too angsty, but it can t be too glib Most authors think the way to deal with abuse is for the character to wallow directly, which I have to tell you, I ve never seen a real abuse victim do in real life The stories are also often so heavy you can t stand to read them without antidepressants.Not so Between Sinners and Saints The story has humor, to start Sexton manages the balance of an abusive past by showing us not only Jamie s weaknesses but also his strengths It s also not primarily a story about abuse It s a story about past and pain, and most important of all, it s about family Between Sinners and Saints is a story of what it means to be broken, what it means to be saved, and how no matter what has happened to you and no matter who you are, everything can be healed by love.And Marie wrote it She s always good Go buy it today. Audio 5 starsStory 5 starsReligion is not my thing at all so when Levi s family start in about their views and the gay life style I had to shelf this book in my piss me off shelf The story is 5 stars for me because Levi and Jaime s love story is so freaking amazing and deserves all the stars Their love cancelled out all the negatives of the ignorant religious views. Levi Binder Is A Miami Bartender Who Cares About Only Two Things Sex And Surfing Ostracized By His Mormon Family For His Homosexuality, Levi Is Determined To Live His Life His Own Way, But Everything Changes When He Meets Massage Therapist Jaime MarshallJaime Is Used To Being Alone Haunted By The Horrors Of His Past, His Only Friend Is His Faithful Dog, Dolly He Has No Idea How To Handle Somebody As Gorgeous And Vibrant As LeviComplete Opposites On The Surface, Levi And Jaime Both Long For Something That They Can Only Find Together Through Love And The Therapeutic Power Of Touch, They Ll Find A Way To Heal Each Other, And They Ll Learn To Live As Sinners In A Family Of Saints I struggled with the sanctimonious bigotry that Levi s family levelled at him throughout the entire book, and that s why I try to steer clear of books with a religious theme running through That said, Levi saved the book for me, his character growth was brilliant in spite of his awful family.The book would ve benefited greatly from an epilogue instead of the abrupt ending that I was left with It s a longish book and after all that to just cut me off with a HFN just no 3.5 stars 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this book I like reading slow and sweet love stories, and this definitely fit the bill, due to Jaime s history Even though they often infuriated me , I enjoyed Levi s family I think it was very smart of Marie Sexton to let this story run the course it did Now that I think back on it, there isn t one book I remember reading right now in this genre that doesn t offer a complete resolution for coming out even though Levi is already out that isn t either complete and ultimate acceptance or estrangement It is so often black and white, or the climax of the novel is the point in which the family accepts the MCs completely and without reservation This is so often not the case in real life, especially in situations like this Yet, I never doubted the love the whole family had for Levi, and I believe that they truly loved him And not only did I find Levi much mature than the family gave him credit for, but I thought it was incredibly mature of him to persist having to bear their disapproval instead of writing his family off and cutting himself off from them, even before he realizes that Jaime needs them as much as he needs Levi.The only other thing I can say is that they should have chosen Coda This was my second read and I LOVED it all over again I never wrote a review the first time, so here is a quick review for the second read Seriously If there is anyone out there that hasn t read this, STOP EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW Just stop Pick up this hurt healing comfort gem and start it RIGHT The Fuck Now I don t know what else to say that hasn t been said One damaged broken character, another recently redeemed, strong, emotionally supportive character.Perfection. Kindle FREEBIE 2 21 19 4 Stars for a very nice and tender story about life, family, acceptance, fear, attraction, the wounds of abuse and to love unconditionallyThis was another very fine and sweet story from Ms Sexton she is becoming a new favorite I really like her a bit diverse and somewhat damaged characters, they are so much than just two MC in a love story They make my heart sore and I almost hit a knot in myself in my desire for their happiness and HEA Levi s and Jamie s story is wonderfully beautiful, but also so difficult I knew immediately that this would be an enjoyable and entertaining read A promiscuous surfing bartender and a shy and single masseur is a promising start What I probably didn t understand was that this would be so much than another hot M M romance Daring to go with a seducer to the beach to surf, or to say no to willing sexy men, or to touch and be touched is a challenge and sometimes requires courage Unexpected twists and heartbreaking to follow, yes my tears flowed actually a few times He also wasn t sure where to go to avoid running into some type of surfer gang He d seen Point Break and while he suspected it was nothing but Hollywood bullshit, he didn t exactly want to find out the hard way he was wrong The relationship with Levi s family who live in the Mormon Church s spirit and their inability to accept homosexuality at least that their son brother etc live it out probably made this novel a little bit interesting for me It s a community whose values are basically unknown to me And if I had a little hesitant and negative attitude earlier gave the author me a positive picture with their family cohesion and willingness to try to slowly change, here in this story As I grew up and live in a very non religiously and far come secular country and society, I always have a little difficulty understanding how the influence of the church, God and the Bible can influence people s perceptions of what is right and wrong so much It s not that I don t believe in God, I m like most Swedes member of the Protestant Church But it s a very symbolic membership which basically hardly affect my life at all Levi s tough fight to get his hugeYes huge it s parents, five siblings with wifes husbands and 19 nephews I just say WowMormon family to accept his sexuality and life choices were so engaging to follow Not to be believed, listened to and not being accepted for who you are and the way you choose to live on, is terrible Here in this story there is, in any case, the whole time a family s wholehearted love, even if it s tough and hard sometimes I think you want very much to make this black and white to make us all out to be sinners or saints But it s just not that simple I think what you need to accept is that, just maybe, we re all something else Maybe we re all something in between Even Jamie has a heavy luggage, a terribly heavy I don t want to reveal too much, but the spirit of the story is, after all, that with love, patience and confidence may you heal wounds, make life changes and also create and get great happiness I really cared for these two guys, the family circumstances and its solution Perhaps sometimes was it a little too slow paced, but the credible it was after all I m often a bit restless so slow can be good Their longing and slow pace closer together physically was so nice to follow I was as nervous and anxious as the boys sigh, they are so nice and cute There was not a page in the book I didn t read with my heart and great interest He loved Jaime He loved him so much sometimes he thought he must certainly be losing his mind It was hard to believe his heart could go on beating minute after minute, day after day, when it felt so distorted and huge and fragile In my opinion, this is a wonderfully nice, tender and romantic, but maybe slightly sentimental, novel There were new emotions, both in terms of relationships and sex, it was beautifully told and I just love when damaged and lonely souls will get another chance to heal and find peace I m very pleased I LIKE a very nice and touching story and so it was, that good idea they have, to take a course to become altered and non gay reallyview spoiler hide spoiler