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To Newcomer Ellie, Avalon High Seems Like A Typical American High School, Complete With Jocks, Nerds, Cheerleaders, And Even The Obligatory Senior Class President, Quarterback, And All Around Good Guy But It Doesn T Take Ellie Long To Suspect That Something Weird Is Going On Beneath The Glossy Surface Of This Tranquil Hall Of Learning As She Pieces Together The Meaning Of This Unfolding Drama, She Begins To Recognize Some Haunting Arthurian Echoes, Causing Her To Worry That She Has Become Just A Pawn In Mythic History A Powerful Novel By The Author Of The Princess Diaries

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    Mehhhhhh I would have liked this WAY if I had read it when I first discovered Meg Cabot Oh well

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    New girl in town, Elaine Ellie Harrison can t believe her astounding luck Senior class president cum star QB cum all around nice guy, A.Will Wagner shows than just a passing interest in her A bit surprising, considering the fact that he s hotter than hell and is dating the stunningly pretty cheer leader, Jennifer Gold Little does Ellie know that when Will says, I feel we have met before in a different lifetime , it s than just a cheesy line Unlikely as it seems, the Legend of Camelot still lives on Odd parallels between their current lives and the Arthurian Legend make cynical Ellie accept the fact that the long dead King Arthur had been reincarnated as Will Wagner As if that wasn t freaky enough, Ellie appears to be Elaine of Astolat , born again Avalon High seems to be teeming with historical characters and startling coincidences As the dark forces rise once again to crush King Arthur, Ellie finds herself plunged headlong into devious plots and fatal situations A fantastic blend of medieval magic and contemporary teen angst, Avalon High is packed with chilling surprises It manages to provide a spanking new look at the life and times of one of the most discussed kings of history Arthur Pendragon.

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    I wasn t that impressed I get frustrated with books that try extremely hard to prove they are hip and modern While dealing with subject matter from Arthurian legend, I had hoped this would be an interesting retelling while holding the charm of the original stories Not so much That s pretty much all I can say about it.

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    I might have liked it 5 years ago, but at this point of my YA journey, I ve completely outgrown Meg Cabot s books.

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    3.75 starswell of course I really liked this cause I m King Arthur Trash mayyybbeee a little anticlimactic in the end, tho.

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    Oh, that was so much fun I loved the parallels in the story to King Arthur s tale This is definitely one of my favorite Meg Cabot books.Elaine s character is similar to Meg s other female characters, but significantly intelligent and extremely less annoying I cannot tell you what a relief that was.She wasn t like hanging around waiting for the answers to present themselves to her and or being so blind to the obvious truth.No Elaine figured it out almost immediate once presented with the clues Suremaybe it took some convincing for her to believe this cool story that I will not spoil for you But she still connected the dots quickly The romance was so cute A William Wagner was so adorable and gentlemanly D The other characters were great too except Marco Even the cheerleader wasn t despicable, which was a nice change I love these kinds of books The stories that are a modern take on old classic tales such as Beowulf, King Arthur, the Trojan War, and such with direct connections to said tale Great read

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    Thanks to Albie for picking this for me to read Now I know it was just okay and I can get it out of my house Alas, I think my enjoyment of this book was severely hampered by my recent viewing of the Disney made for TV movie based on the book There were lots of changes in the movie including the name of the MAIN CHARACTER that were frustrating and a lot of the plot was different as well After Insatiable and this, I m kind of disheartened about Meg Cabot s books I always enjoyed her adult books and most of the The Princess Diaries series as far as I read A few Bookers really like her Mediator series so maybe I ll try thoseLame review Sorry TBR Pile Reduction Pick 1 Albie

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    I LOVED this book It was awesome D

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    in a sentence ellie new girl at new school, thanks to her professor parents on sabbatical meets will, the potential reincarnation of king arthur and serious hottie let the fun begin this was seriously one of the most fun, enjoyable, and sweet stories i have ever heard i listened to it in the car, and i found myself laughing out loud, smiling, and sometimes even gasping while listening ellie, the main character and narrator, was very relatable, and you felt as if you were her best friend through the whole ordeal the teen lingo was spot on all of the whatevers and duhs were perfectly placed, to make it that much believable the story moves quickly and deliberately through her first days at a new school with all of the token, and realistic, awkwardness of the experience you could tell that Cabot knew where she was taking you with the plot, but was making sure you enjoyed the journey too.the blend of the chick lit hist fic novel was PERFECT the story of king arthur is one that is well known enough to be hinted at, but is explored deeply by Cabot throughout the tale the romance is sweet and genuine, while the drama though fantasy is very tastefully done i also found ellie s parents to be so refreshing genuinely caring, loving, and interested in herdespite their aloofness at times i feel like a lot of young adult novels out there have the token crappy parents, and it was nice to have the alternative in this novel.i can t say enough great things about this book as soon as i was done, i was 1 sad it was over and 2 ready to pop disc one back in and start at the beginning favorite quote listening to it makes it harder i liked how each chapter was prefaced by a stanza or so from the Tennyson poem that ellie gets her name from so clever that Cabotfix er up while i did find the style of writing to be true to a teenage girl speak i could see that being irritating while reading that is really my only complaint, and that s nit picking hardcore.

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    Wow, so many people think that this book was terrible Come on, what did you think it was going to be, total in depth dissection I personally enjoyed it It was laid back whilst still being exciting.The only two things I dislike about that novel are that, one, for a supposedly practical person, etc, Ellie thinks too much about seeing Will when she s only just met him Then again, it s part of the plot, so I don t know what I m going on about that for I don t know I guess Cabot should have drawn attention to it being out of character Like, she did, but I don t feel that was enough And the second thing is, the deepest thing that Ellie thinks about is snake protection, while Will s all into saving the world from evil and being deep How long is that relationship gonna last Be reasonable.The twist with Ellie s real persona was pretty cool, even though I kind of had it half figured out by the end I liked the way everything all sort of fit in neatly without being all Hey Look at me I m convenient All except Marko s fate As if he d just give up after that That s why it lost a star.And I liked how I didn t agree with Ellie all the time She was an actual character Makes a refreshing change from Bella Swan, and I enjoyed the story all the for that Meg Cabot may write for the teen girl population, and her subject matter may range from the frivolous to the downright weird Airhead, I m looking at you , but she can definitely write characters with personalities and an actual plot.Overall, a light take on King Arthur, and an enjoyable one.