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Down On Her Luck Lori Shepherd Thought Aunt Dimity Was A Pretend Character In Her Mother S Bedtime Stories Until The Dickensian Law Firm Of Willis Willis Offers The Possibility Of Large Inheritance If She Can Discover The Secret Hidden In Letters Between Dimity And Her Mother PlusPg Recipe Beth S Oatmeal Cookies

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    I am going to lump all of her books into one review because it will simply take too long to review all of her books individually I have been a huge fan of these since I started reading them about six years ago I always look forward to her new release with some anxiety, because apparently book sales are down and there was a question prior to her Deep Blue See book I believe it was that one , that it may get dropped from being published Hence, the new artwork on the recent books in an effort to revitalize interest.If you like something quick and easy, but very entertaining with great characters, these are wonderful stories There is love, excitement, humor and suspense They are well written and all her books come with a great recipe in the back that relate to some character in the story.Most of the stories take place in England, the main character an American woman named Lori who finds help in her adventures from a ghost she calls Aund Dimity who communicates to her through a blue journal I can t say too much, as much of her character and situation unfolds in the first book.Book two, Aunt Dimity and the Duke, does not have Lori in it the only one that doesn t , but is a necessity to introduce other characters that will be in Lori s life in the following books It is just as good as the rest of them, and I encourage you to read the books in chronological order, as each references events in previous books, but this is not a necessity, as Ms Atherton recaps pertinent information well.I highly recommend these if you are in the mood to just curl up on the couch with a glass of wine or cup of tea and relax, or are looking for something fun to read if you are pressed for time.

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    I got this on CD from the library and really enjoyed it It s about a young woman who learns that her late mother and the mysterious Aunt Dimity conspired to leave her a very unusual legacy It s a ghost story and romance than a mystery sophisticated enough to hold my attention, but there was nothing in it I couldn t listen to when my 5 year old was in the car she liked it too The characters, settings, and situations were so charming that I wished I could just jump into the book and live there for a while I m glad I listened to it rather than reading it, as it lasted longer that way The reader did a wonderful job, and I kept finding excuses to drive so I would have reason to stay longer in the cozy little world she and Atherton created I will probably buy the book to have on hand for comfort reading , and look forward to reading or listening to the rest of the Aunt Dimity series.

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    There are few books that are so sweet, so perfect, so interminably beautiful A blast into the past of the 1940s, though set in the 90s Reminiscent of L.M Montgomery, few books have made me as happy as this one has by just being astoundingly brilliant If I could give it than five stars, I would Of course, having just finished it, I perhaps have less objectivity than I should, given my current overjoyed, amazed state, but still I must read the others immediately If you are expecting a mystery, however, this is NOT the book for you This is a literary romance or some such thing, if it must be classified It holds the most similarity to, as I said, L.M Montgomery, or Jane Austen if you really want to stretch Though there is a mystery in the novel, the novel is not about that mystery, but about what the narrator learns about herself through that mystery To view this as a mystery novel is to miss the plot of the novel entirely Someone wanting a sweet, light hearted, supernaturally tinged, fairy tale style romance, however, will be overjoyed with what they find in this novel.

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    I think that this book is the perfect example of how expectations can color your impression of a book Although the front cover boasts One of the 100 best mysteries of all time, this book isn t really a mystery.There s no murder There s no hunt for whodunnit There s no bad guy.I was expecting a traditional murder mystery, something along the lines of Agatha Christie perhaps, because I knew the story was partially set in an English cottage I was drawn into the opening The main character, Lori Shepherd, is sympathetic and I found myself rooting for her to have a better life for herself than she s had so far But once it became evident that there was no murder mystery in this story, I was disappointed.It s hard for me to judge the book based on the reality versus my expectation It s a sweet read and of a romance than a mystery, but it doesn t even have passion in the romance It s almost as if the author wasn t sure what she wanted to write.The Aunt Dimity series is very popular, so it must be appealing to a number of readers Personally, I would have liked to have something happen, stronger emotions, and a nice, juicy killing with a puzzle to figure out I doubt that I ll be reading any books in this series.

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    A thoroughly enjoyable cosy mystery although I was a little perplexed as to how this would work as the main character apparently dies in the first book of the series Never fear all will be revealed Aunt Dimity was a lifelong friend and correspondent with Ruth, Lori s mother The two ladies met in London during WWI and after Ruth returned to America the pair kept up a profuse correspondence until their deaths within a short time of each other.Lori finds herself with little money, grieving for her mother and in need of a friend when she receives a letter from William Willis Son solicitors When she turns up at the mansion in the Willis s live and from where they run the business things take a miraculous turn for the better and Lori s life will never be the same again This story has all the ingredients of a good Cosy mystery, gentle sleuthing, pleasant characters and a tender ripple of romance which is not at all overdone The book is well written and I shall be reading others in the series

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    4.5 stars This is one of the few mysteries I ve read that didn t involve a murder Instead, this book, cleverly disguised as a cosy mystery, takes us into a world of adults looking at childhood memories through grown up eyes There are memories sweet and difficult, dark secrets, and finally, a love story or two There s really not so much of a mystery here, but a righting of past wrongs.This is an unusual and rather understated little book, and one I enjoyed very much.

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    I award four stars to many wonderful books, so there is a distinction from outrageously special ones Those you stick with all night, forsaking other activities because you re at a good part non stop So superbly done, its characters and quirks integrate into your life and everyday things remind you of the story Aunt Dimity s Death was excellent from start to finish and I thank Nancy Atherton for creating it Her peculiar first lines, which advertise the synopsis, successfully draw you in and the momentum persists Every turn surprises you and there are no clich s.It is enormously original when a mystery isn t a murder Rarer, for the average person to grasp that When our downtrodden protagonist meets about a will at a mansion, Lori isn t handed a cigar and a deed to land, nor does she encounter snobs Warm, impeccably mannered men are eager to meet her You can t wait to learn why and dialogue constantly carries wit Here s an observation at which I really laughed The changing room was to bathrooms what the Taj Mahal is to the Little Brown Church in the Vale I would have gladly moved into it and lived there for the rest of my life.I enjoyed seeing that a writing style I favour, works well Similar to Lyn Hamilton, Nancy describes points of interest but stays abreast of key information and action I like beginning with normal scenarios, so the appearance of otherworldly elements has an impact No need to set mystique up Magic floats into the tale beautifully, as Lori looks into wartime history and recent letters to understand her family and herself.

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    I couldn t finish this book I got half way through it and tried to skip to the end, but it was too much for me I have to say, I m pretty disappointed, I was looking forward to a nice long series to settle into I really HATED Lori, the main character She is rude, childish, ill mannered and demanding She treats Bill her companion through the story like crap and is never corrected for it And he rolls over like a puppy dog, allows her to treat him horribly and never expects an apology I did like Bills character expect where it came to Lori , I liked Dimity and all the other characters but I just couldn t get past her.

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    A really sweet read and classified as a cosy mystery, but I would have to say that it s a ghost story and romance than a mystery Certainly not a murder mystery of a I wonder what happened all those years ago.It took me a long time to read but I was totally immersed in the story and there are a lot in this series that I will eventually get around to reading.You really have to suspend belief when you read this story the different characters are all very interesting so make a good support team.

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    I got this book from my grandma years and year ago I super love it.