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A Missing Little Girl Named Maggie Rose A Family Of Three Brutally Murdered In The Projects Of Washington, DC The Thrill Killing Of A Beautiful Elementary School Teacher A Psychopathic Serial Kidnapper Murderer Who Is So Terrifying That The FBI, The Secret Service, And The Police Cannot Outsmart Him Even After He S Been CapturedGary Soneji Wants To Commit The Crime Of The Century Alex Cross Is The Brilliant Homicide Detective Pitted Against Him Jezzie Flanagan Is The First Female Supervisor Of The Secret Service Who Completes One Of The Most Unusual Suspense Triangles In Any Thriller You Have Ever Read Alex Cross And Jezzie Flanagan Are About To Have A Forbidden Love Affair At The Worst Possible Time For Both Of Them Because Gary Soneji Is Playing At The Top Of His Game The Latest Of The Unspeakable Crimes Happens In Alex Cross S Precinct It Happens Under The Noses Of Jezzie Flanagan S Men Now Alex Cross Must Face The Ultimate Test How Do You Outmaneuver A Brilliant Psychopath Wow, where do I begin This book inspired me to write a literary review for English class discussing why a a book like this should NEVER have made it onto the bestsellers list IF YOU ENJOYED THIS BOOK OR THE ALEX CROSS SERIES, PLEASE DON T CONTINUE Some major points include Alex Cross is an incredibly boring, clich , slightly racist, unrealistic character The italicization of random words without regards to taste or context Incredible off putting love scenes Boring, repetitive text, and dull, awkward dialog So many 90 s references and dialog, even Kevin Costner from Bodyguard finds it painful to read Plot holes you could drive a truck through I bought the entire Alex Cross series at a book sale for about 13 dollars I wish I hadn t, and instead, I wish I had bought something actually entertaining, like silly putty. James Patterson The man writes a book and you read it It s plain and simple He knows how to write a mother fucking story This wasn t the first book I read but damn The dude keeps makin a brother come back for It gets even better when you re reading a book about the REAL OG Alex Cross.Short attention span James Patterson s books come automatically equipped with small chapters.Enjoy reading before bed Forget about it You re laying down in bed, right HAIL NO This shit has you on the edge of your seat Your brain may be tricked into thinking that you are laying down but the reality of it is that you are actually sitting up in a tricked out leather chair by the fireplace smoking a pipe.Don t smoke a pipe Doesn t matter You will be This book is off the chain You ll be speaking nothing but eloquence when you re done reading a James Patterson book What comes after eloquence Smoking a pipe You re doomed.Like to see someone get bu bu busted big time Alright Pauly D These bitches ain t shit but hoes and tricks You know what that means That means someone s getting jacked the fuck up.If you like reading, getting smacked in the face with plot twists and actually relating to characters in a book, check out my dog James Patterson This book is a great intro to his writing. I am honestly speechless after reading that Everything that a thriller should be I am embarrassed to say that this is the first James Patterson book I have read excluding his book shot series.Although I was unfamiliar with his work I think everyone who likes fiction has heard of Alex Cross.He was one of many standout characters in this novel Alex Cross, detective, doctor of psychology, hypnotiser, friends of the poor people when he helps out at a food shelter, respected by the black people for never leaving the hood following his glittering career, great family man and a bit of genius who cannot give up a case Although hard and rough when he needs to be, practical as they come the crimes he sees sometimes upset him such as deaths of young children Enter our villain Gary Murphy Soneji Actor Manipulator Tortured past Horrid present Other important characters include Alex s best friend and partner, sunglasses wielding 6 6 copper Sampson FBI agent Jezzie Flannagan who is part of Alex s team of experts to hopefully solve the world s most infamous case.The story commences with a kidnapping of two children from a 10,000 a term school by a Maths Teacher One was the son of the Secretary of State One was the daughter of this fictional world s equivalent of Angelina Jolie There are also a few brutal murders that have been lurking around the suburbs that are a bit too grim to describe here The book talks a lot about cruelty to children and we have seen both sides people who have received this agony and viewpoints of it being given Macabre How does this all fit together When I thought I knew where this book was going Patterson would kick sand into my eyes and it would take a crazy direction I thought I had been metaphorically blindfolded by the author, kidnapped, dropped off in the woods 70 miles away with Patterson laughing at me grotesquely saying here are a few clues figure this out Hahaha Friends and colleagues might not be that transparent Is the villain a psychopath or a sufferer from multiple personality disorder Will the families pay the ransom Do the children survive Are the kidnappings related to the murders Is there an accomplice Is it even deeper than that How many deaths can one person cause Who can we trust I won t mention the specific twists or plot too much as that is what makes this book special It was brilliantly written Mixing up pacing here and there Slow scenes with Alex and Family The middle paced romance scenes with Alex and a special someone and also blood racing turn the page 700 miles an hour sections.This was brilliant I wish I had of his Alex Cross novels I might watch the film but I have heard it isn t very good.That was a thrill Detective Inspector James x ALONG CAME A SPIDER Police Procedural US Cont PoorPatterson, James 1st in seriesWarner Books, 1992 PaperbackThe daughter of a famous actress and son of the secretary of the Treasury has been kidnapped The boy s body is found and the kidnapper demands that Detective Alex Cross be the one to deliver the 10M ransom The money is taken, but the girl is not returned and Alex joins forces with Jezzie Flanagan, the supervisor of the Secret Service, to find the kidnapper I had some real problems with this book The alternating first person, third person telling of the story was distracting Alex seemed the whitest black man I ve ever read, and there was next to no character development There were hints of the mastermind fairly early in the story, the kidnapper was stereotypically evil and the very ending was unrealistic The story did move well for about the first half, and then I found myself getting bored Judging by his popularity, one can only assume Mr Patterson s writing improved radically after this book.