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though there are some misleading issues about Islam, I still think that this book is a worth reading one It s not the author s fault if he thinks that zakat is for the non muslims as well, yeah maybe he just want people to help each other and be loving to all human beings regardless their races and religions of course that s what Islam teaches us, but as Muslims we do have our own principles and law we are encouraged to be generous and make an abundance of sadaqah, but to acknowledge other people s belief donating money to build tokong we berlepas diri from doing so Well, just because of certain issues which are a bit controversial, I still think this is a good book on teaching and enjoining people to unite and be kind to each other, and to respect every person we meet and it s good to read a story of a struggling man trying to give a better lives to his family Allah yubaarik fiik. Sebuah Koleksi Coretan Kisah Hidup, Renungan Dan Kenangan Zaman Kanak Kanak, Al Quran Dalam Hidupku Menggambarkan Bagaimana Al Quran Menjadi Inspirasi Kepada Seorang Insan Dalam Kehidupan Seharian Bermula Dari Ajaran Datuknya Sehingga Memulakan Kerjaya Pertama Dan Seterusnya Merealisasikan Impian Impiannya Hingga Ke Masa Kini Hasil Penulisan Yang Jujur, Menyentuh Perasaan, Lucu Dan Pada Masa Yang Sama Menyayat Hati, Kesemua Kisah Menggambarkan Ciri Ciri Kemalaysiaan Yang Unik Ia Merangkumi Unsur Unsur Peribadi Serta Universal Yang Dikongsi Bersama Dengan Penuh Harapan Dan Kasih Sayang Saya tak pernah baca tulisan beliau sebelum ini Malah, ini buku pertama yang saya baca tentang Islam dari perspektif liberal Selain daripada penulis yang menghalalkan banyak perkara dengan hujah boleh saja berdasarkan cara hidup manusia di sekelilingnya seperti kawan kawan, adik beradik dan other Penangites eg.Boon Siew case , saya tidak ada masalah dengan buku ini.Ya, buku ini certain part adalah misleading tapi saya juga setuju dengan penulis dalam sesetengah hal Yang paling bersetuju dan menarik hati adalah chapter tentang Travelers dan chapter Umi, juga Jid.Tentang penulis yang mempersoalkan kenapa Muslim tidak boleh menderma kepada bukan Islam dalam upacara keagamaan mereka ini mungkin membantu anda.Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour fear Allah for Allah is strict in punishment.Al Maaidah 5 2 The 1st chapter is the best chapter. An easy read Very Malaysian I thought it was just a light read but there are moments when I empathized with his hardships And I loved how he relates his experiences from the mundane to the happy moments with the Quran Because it put new meaning and perspective to some ayaahs which I came across before, but never dwelled on the them. I have good time reading The Quran and I Combination of smooth style of writing, nice paper quality, good photography, well type font and spacing sum up for wonderful easy reading Testimony My sister finish it in just one night If not for some remarks from the book that uncomfortable for me, I should have gave this book 5 stars.As what Brother Anas wrote in the preface, it is his intention that readers be encouraged to pick the Quran after reading his and I really did In Introduction Brother Anas used the term God s Children For me it is disrespect term to God Although it is not meant literally, literature is not a valid permit to use such phrase He begetteth, not nor is He begotten Quran 112 3 Chapter 6 Pedro Brother Anas your Umi was correct on that dog matter Malaikat memang tak masuk kecuali malaikat maut It is not something we should joke about The prophet said Angels of Mercy do not enter a house WHEREIN there is a dog or a picture of a living creature a human being or an animal Bukhari 3 515, au kama qol Overall it is a good book an engaging honest story that fall in must read story I am touched reading chapter Yed bila nak beli baju raya and Umi It always inspiring to read about how people have preserved and overcome It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, to have any option about their decision if anyone disobeys Allah and His Messenger he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path Quran 33 36 Wallahua lam. This book is his personal story of life It tells about family and friendship It emphasizes on the plural society in Malaysia The important thing is, it discovers the values in the Holy Quran and how to practice it in our daily life.