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{books pdf} Agent with a History (The Agents for Good #1) Author Guy S. Stanton III –

It S Been One Long Day For Lisa And Her Headache Is Living Proof Of It Most Of It She Blamed On The Full Moon Outside Things Always Got Crazy This Time Of The Month, But This Month Was Exceptional She Needed Sleep Bad And Only Hoped The Nightmares That Haunted Her Would Leave Her Alone For At Least One Night They Don T She Wakes Up As Usual Screaming Only To Find Out That Her Nightmare Has Just Begun, Because She S Not Alone In Her Room One Man Has Been Gruesomely Tortured To Death In A Ritualistic Killing An Entire Police Precinct Has Been Reconstructed Down To The Smallest Detail In An Abandoned Warehouse And A Mysterious Stranger Known Only As Flint Seems To Be The Cause Of It All It S A Case That Is Fast Turning Into One Big Headache For Lisa Tauranto A Detective For The NYPD, But It Gets Much Worse When Her Past, That She S Tried So Hard To Bury, Rises Up To Engulf Her In Its Golden Grip Once Again Lisa Is Ripped From The Existence That She So Pain Stakingly Built For Herself Into A Mixed Up World Of Intrigue, Where Nothing Is As It Seems It S A Fight To Survive And To Protect What She Is Sworn To, But Will Love Conquer All Will She Betray Her Oath To Be Happy Does She Even Have A Choice Any Or Does A Several Thousand Year Old Mystery Hold Enough Weight In Treasure To Drag Her Down With It Everyone Wants Her Dead, Everyone That Is But For One Man Who Is The Cause Of All Her Upheaval In The First Place He S An Agent Working For Someone, But She Doesn T Know Who She Only Hopes He S As Good As His Kisses Make Her Believe Him To Be

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    When this author contacted me, I was intrigued when he mentioned that he features a strong Christian standpoint in his books and there would be no explicit sex scenes or foul language I was curious to see if he would deliver I am happy to say that he does there is some mature content but nothing that is explicit.Lisa Tauranto is a detective who starts working a case that ends up being very personal for her She becomes involved with a man she knows as Flint and they are attracted to each other She s not quite sure if she can trust him, though As the story progresses, we learn about Lisa s past and the secret she must go to great lengths to keep hidden.I liked this story from the beginning Towards the middle, as we started to learn about Lisa, I got to the point where I didn t want to put it down There were plenty of twists and turns and I wasn t sure who to trust and what the motives of some people were Including Flint I liked him and wanted him to be good but wasn t sure I enjoyed their banter and relationship which is why I was hopeful it would all work out in the end The ending is satisfying but I feel like there s still much to learn about Flint There are currently six books in this series and I m not sure if Flint is in of them but I hope he is I look forward to reading so I can find out I received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my own.Mel s Shelves

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    Having just finished writing a brief explanation of why I abandoned another action adventure read, I thought I might as well attach a similar note to this one In this case, I was initially drawn to the book because it was written by a Christian author, and presented a female character in a strong role, both of which are positive features for me I also appreciated the fact that this one didn t present any problem of bad language or lewd content But without engaging in any spoilers, I thought the plotting was too far fetched to allow suspension of disbelief, and some of the crucial details were ludicrously impossible such as the kind of detailed, multi tonal drawing a homeless derelict was supposed to have done inside a jail cell with a single piece of chalk It was intended as a serious book, but I simply wasn t able to take it seriously.

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    Agent With A History by Guy Stanton III, was my first crime drama thriller suspense novel and I loved it I was immediately pulled into the middle of the action from the very first page A gruesome murder is committed, and exotic and stunning NYPD detective, Lisa Tauranto, is put on the case to find out who and why Lisa is a no nonsense, hard nosed detective, who has a few skeletons in her closet that later come up for air Through her quest to solve the case, Lisa is led to a mysterious and attractive man that goes by the name of Flint He becomes her protector when her life is in danger and she has no choice but to trust him But who is Flint and why does he seem to know so much about her, the murder, the people trying to kill her, her history and her knowledge of a hidden treasure Is he really trying to keep her out of harm s way, or is he the killer and is just out to get the fortune We are left guessing as to who is behind all this but know that they will stop at nothing to get what they want Agent With A History is full of intrigue, a touch of romance and Guy keeps the story moving forward with spy tingling action I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read the others in the Agent series.

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    I was given a copy of Agent With a History by the author, Guy Stanton III in exchange for an honest review This book was an action packed ride The main character is a strong woman who has been through some hard stuff The story is a James Bond Indiana Jones from a Christian viewpoint There is still plenty of violence, romance and good spy stuff, but all free of vulgar language and explicit sex scenes I give the book 4 stars and will read the rest of the series My only negative is most of the story is told in the first person and when we need an outside view from someone other than the main character, the switch can be confusing Just means you have to pay attention a little Adult content though not explicit.

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    Wow, this was a treat This is usually not the kind of books I read, but as I liked other stuff by this author I decided to give it a try I could hardly put it down at night I got totally into the book and everything around me disappeared I really liked the reference to the Louis L amour books.If I would try to describe the book in one sentence it would be A cross between Ed McBain and Indiana Jones, but better.

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    When Agent with a History began, I thought it was going to be a police drama Why Because the central character Lisa is an NYPD detective and is called onto a strange case The premise had me immediately intrigued A local strip club was recreated at the scene of an empty lot with sinister looking folks creeping around the site.But from that moment, the book took too many unnecessary twists and turns, and so much of it seemed implausible.I will suspend disbelief when reading a book I read paranormal, fantasy and science fiction, but some things are so far out there, they lose believability in the world created and that was the problem with Agent with a History.A bit of backstory on Lisa She s a tough as nails cop who won t let anyone get in her way of solving a case She was sexually abused in her teens and will not let people into her life easily SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD Except the man, Flint, who breaks into her apartment and disarms her.That gave me my first pause.She then decided to turn her back on the police and go off with a man she doesn t know, but immediately trusts and falls in love with roughly an hour into being in his presence Lisa goes against what I felt were her morals and breaks the law as she and Flint embark on an Indiana Jones esque journey as they chase a treasure of an ancient civilization.It became a bit too much, especially how easily Lisa forgave Flint for his lies and manipulation Remember, this woman was abused and escaped a horrible home life based on lies and manipulation, but for this guy that was OK.The book also jumped between first and third person and added to the confusion Originally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy.

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    What a hot mess This story seemed to be a compilation of every single fantasy thought the author ever had There is detective work, spies, shooting, magic and even Nazis I don t even know where to begin The writing was pretty awful, often times hard to follow and the dialogue was cringe worthy At one point the hero of the story calls the woman a sexy little fish What If a man called me that I would swim away as quickly as my sexy little fins would allow me And don t even get me started on the exclamation points So many exclamation points On pretty much every other line Was it supposed to make the story exciting I can t tell For being labelled Christian fiction it didn t have a lot of Christian elements in it Yes, there was a lengthy religious rant in the middle of the novel from an unlikely character and then it sort of tried to tie it back in at the end but it didn t really further the story or the characters at all The main character, Lisa, goes from being a mean, lean, fighting machine to a wimpy girl in need of rescue as soon as Flint shows up Her anxiety, nightmares and fear are never brought up again and she transforms into a totally different person Let s not even talk about how she falls in love within less than an hour of meeting the guy Flint s character is also poorly developed and his background is never explained Who is Flint You will never find out Come to think of it, the incident that starts off this book never even gets resolved Why was the replica of the stripper club made What was the point of that And why was Flint there, seeming to be a part of the whole thing So many loose ends and unanswered questionsThe story was all over the place and highly unrealistic However, despite all of this is was a quick, fun, often times unintentionally laugh out loud read that I got through in a couple of hours A nice attempt but needs to be thoroughly edited and thought through Also, despite it s supposed Christian message, a lot of emphasis is put on money and material wealth And ancient magic What is that all about

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    Agent with a History is a compelling, fast paced novel combining the best of various genres including mystery, action adventure, and a bit of folklore and history Flint is focused on saving certain groups of people by destroying a treasure that would give some organizations the wealth they need to carry out those plans while at the same time saving the woman he s fallen in love with Guy Stanton does a great job of developing the plot and basing it on Biblical history The only part of the character development that left me in the dark was that Mr Stanton never mentions a specific reason why Flint has taken on this type of mission or any background information about what appears to be a loosely bound organization of fellow agents Without this information, I can t stop thinking about these men and women as just another group of vigilantes who create their own moral values and play God by deciding who lives and dies based on their own ideas of justice.

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    I like this type of stories very much adventure, ancient treasure hunt, action, mystery and romance Generally speaking I don t like stories told in the first person so it took time for me to get used to it as I was reading this book For some reason I had a hard time to connect with main heroes as well I like it when a book sucks me in and makes me watch movies in my mind and even though I like the story I wish it would be somewhat richer in describing feelings and things, somewhat dimensional

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    Once I picked up the book I had a hard time putting it down The way it was written was like being pulled right along with the characters The facts of the Bible being woven in throughout the book shows just how much influence the Bible can have without people realizing it.