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[Prime] Abby Cooper: Psychic EyeAuthor Victoria Laurie –

I really enjoyed this book In fact, I think I may have found a replacement for the now horrid Stephanie Plum series Not that Abby Cooper is anything like Stephanie Plum But sometimes I need a light mystery with some laughs, and this fits the bill The characters are pretty likable, but flawed Like, Abby actually has a bad day and goes off on people for no reason You know, like a normal person I appreciated that And the psychic angle adds a nice little quirk I really liked the fact that Abby s sister spends her money I hate when there are rich characters in books who are too noble to spend their money What s the point in being rich if you don t spend the money There were a couple of things that did annoy me, but overall I really enjoyed this and would definitely read another in the series. My love of cozy mysteries has no end Most of the books I read are actually very good or I ve been very lucky and I just finished another good one today One of the books in this series was set to be discussed at one of my groups and my friend Leya was so nice she sent me a copy of this one I couldn t find anywhere.In the Royal Oak suburb of Detroit, thirtysomething Abby Cooper lives a life that s kind of like vanilla ice cream good enough, but a little bland Her work as a P.I psychic intuitive can be rewarding, but she feels like somehow she s missing out on the hot fudge topping Now she s getting what she wished for as one of her clients turns up dead and the clues start pointing in Abby s direction She just knows too many details about the murder for her own good To make matters worse, the hot blind date she just met turns out to be the lead investigator on the case And gorgeous Detective Dutch Rivers is convinced she s a fraud.No matter how great her psychic abilities are, Abby isn t completely sure she can solve this case Unfortunately for her, though, the killer s pretty convinced A Psychic intuitive is someone that receives information about the people she meets or just comes across After years of trying to ignore her gift Abby Cooper decides to start a practice by giving psychic advance She is quite successful being booked with several months in advance I liked the down to earth approach to psychic abilities, how Abby s reads always involved quite a bit of humour and how she didn t read the same personthan twice a year so they wouldn t decide their whole life s based on her reads She s having some trouble finding her Prince Charming so she decides to join an internet dating service where she meets Dutch She feels the date went really well so when he doesn t call her back she thinks she must have scared him by showing off her abilities and telling him that the case of a missing 4 year old that has been talked on the news is actually a murder case and the mother is to blame Although generally a nice person she can be cold and a bit rough on occasion especially if people ask forreads than the 2 a year, 1 every 6 months, she thinks is right This happens with one of her clients who is found murdered and Abby feels a bit responsible because maybe she could have given her some answers that could have prevented the murder.In the mean time Dutch reveals himself to be a cop and although a bit suspicious at first ends up believing in Abby psychic talents and actually asks her for information on her client s murder Abby is a bit too bold when it comes to investigating, always believing she will be warned of there s any danger, which unfortunately is not always so The book isabout Abby s powers and her relationship with Dutch than it is about giving clues to solve the murder mystery The killer is a surprise because there s a lot of information only given in the end However Laurie s humour and characterization of Abby s talents and way of life really convinced me I have to look for the others in this series Grade B I was looking for brain candy this was the verbal equivalent of Pop Rocks Actually, I don t know a candy awful enough to stand as an analogy to this book.Egregious quotations Me liiiiikes it kissed the bejesus out of me He had that effect on people he was someone who quite literally exuded virility oh, dear God , and like a scent in the air it tickled the noses of everyone interested A flutter of insecurity tickled my tummy, and I wished for not the first time that day that I had puteffort into my appearance before leaving the house Dutch opened the door to a bedroom just down the hall I was surprised to see that the room was painted a pale lavender with white trim Lace doilies and antique porcelain knickknacks dotted every surface I cocked one eyebrow at him, as if to question his sexual orientationShe should definitely be questioning something, but way to insert a gross stereotype Then there are the 19 quotations of Liar, liar, pants on fire The protagonist, a psychic, apparently hears this rhyme every time someone lies It gets old fast.The only reason I picked up this cornball was because I liked the author s YA books, or at least those I ve read The contrast between the two series perfectly illustrates the fact that YA is not just dumbed down, oversimplified adult stories. Whoever has mused that covers attract hasn t lied, for I admit the cover of this book is what first drew me to it I always am a sucker for cozy mysteries, and this proved to be a fun one.Abby s personality is a contagious mixture of bubbling awkwardness, firm self assurance, and strong sense of humanity Although she s a psychic, she s sure to limit her clients to only two visits per year, in order to prove to them true answers lie within themselves, and not to fall into the trap of being a scam artist causing others to depend on psychics for all their endless answers Detective Dutch Rivers was a fun, protective guywhat is it about detectives that usually ends up so hot in most books His personality was great, from the awkward set up date to the interrogations and, finally, to the ultimate revelation of his feelings.The mystery itself was also a pay off, as it was hard to pinpoint who the culprit was As Abby tried on a few red herrings for size and enraged the detective at the same time it was good times The slow unraveling of clues produced a decent mystery that wasn t conveniently answered, and the suspense scenes when shown there weren t many , were well written Thankfully Abby did the clever thing when she was threatened at the end, not being overly heroic read silly and stupid This gave her a depth of realism I always like to read about with my characters.Not to mention, the psychic ability itself was just plain cool Okay, I know there s misconceptions about psychics, but this is an ability I d kill to have She doesn t get strange premonitions out of the blue by touching various objects like overly dramatic lifetime movie renditions, but instead it s just a natural flow of things for her She s a strong psychic, as well, and I always like when it seems realistic.There s humor, too, but not to where it s cloying Some amusing situations that fit with the ironic side of life, but nothing forced and too comedic to where it takes over the book Nothing overly violent there are deaths, of course but no descriptive phrases that would make the violence weary shudder in their beds It s an addictive book that s easy to get through I read it in one day The length isn t atrociously short, being 295 pages, but something about the subject and the author s great writing style made it easy to breeze through quickly I can t wait forof this series After years of struggling to accept her psychic ability, Abby Cooper decides to put her gift to use and starts a business as a psychic intuitive Her business is doing very well and she is booked months in advance Abby sees so many clients she can t remember them all and even though she got an icky feeling while doing a reading for Allison Pierce, she soon forgets about her But Allison is murdered and the police, skeptical about Abby s psychic powers, think Abby had something to do with the murder since she knows a lot about it Abby, needing to clear her name, beings to investigate Allison s life and death Hunky police detective Dutch Rivers is soon convinced of her innocence but is unhappy that Abby is investigating the case because he realizes the real killer is dangerous Abby soon realizes she should have listened to Dutch as she faces very real danger Abby Cooper Psychic Eye is a wonderful debut novel in what promises to be a fun cozy mystery series Author Victoria Laurie does a good job of explaining how Abby s psychic powers came to be and how the psychic mind works There s a nice sense of humor throughout the book, especially when Abby does her readings Abby is a fully developed character, with Laurie giving little tidbits about Abby s relationship with her parents, plus good insight into her relationship with her sister, Cat, who is another great character Abby s relationship with Dutch is also well done and realistic as she struggles to accept that he is a cop who doesn t want her involved in the case and he struggles to accept her psychic abilities As for the mystery itself, while the murder and motive are all too real and tragic, armchair sleuths may be disappointed that they don t really have a chance to figure out who the murderer is Still, it is the characters that make this book so enjoyable and worth reading I really enjoyed reading Abby Cooper Psychic Eye and have already picked up the next book in the series Well done. Review originally posted on Bitten Books and given 4 stars.This book was a quick, fun, and light read It didn t have much substance but I wasn t hoping for any Laurie had me laughing out loud at certain parts and commending her on many of her witty and sarcastic remarks I really enjoyed the writing style and feel of this book It was fast paced without being overwhelming and the subject of a psychic detective never felt contrived or unrealistic.I enjoyed all of Laurie s characters Abby grew on me quite quickly She was funny, caring and in a little over her head, which I always find fun when paired with humor She had a great voice that kept me interested and chowing down chapters I especially loved Abby s interactions with other characters Her budding relationship with Dutch was the highlight but I also really enjoyed the interactions she had with her sister, Cat I can t wait to see the Abby Dutch relationship furthered in future books Getting to know and trust one another was funny in this book but I can t wait to see a true partnership form between them both professionally and personally.Usually I don t mention any author information in my reviews but I felt this was too relevant not too Victoria Laurie is a real life police psychic While my personal opinion is that that s a load of hoo ha, I couldn t help but think how how cool it was that she made a cozy mystery out of her life I think she did a great job touching on preconceptions people have and treating them with humor and levity I think ifpsychics had her attitude and approach, my image of a psychic wouldn t be Professor Trelawney. Ever noticed how superheroes always have really useful superpowers Strength, speed, the ability to read minds No superhero has autoclave vision, or breath so bad that it gets rid of vermin No superhero has the ability to recite to 1000 places Maybe there are semi heroes who can do those things but I guess they re not superheroes because there s nothing super about that stuff Abby Cooper is in the superhero group She can see into the future with uncanny accuracy So uncanny errrso accurate.uncannily accurate that you couldn t help but believe her She knows stuff she couldn t possibly know if she wasn t magical psychic girl And that s kind of what I don t like about the book I think it would have been better if her abilities were underplayed, less obvious, less accurate,open to interpretation I think there is a sort of beauty to ambiguity I like the idea of a story that isn t so obvious, that even after I ve turned the last page I m still not sure if she s the real deal or a fake So it s a good book that could have been but sadly isn t great Abby Cooper Is A PI Psychic Intuitive But Her Insight Failed Her When She Didn T Foresee The Death Of One Of Her Clients Or That The Lead Investigator For The Case Is The Gorgeous Blind Date She Just Met Now, With The Police Suspicious Of Her Abilities And A Killer On The Loose, Abby S Future Looks Uncertain Than Ever Ovo mi je super, obavezno tra im nastavke Odlu ih ponoviti, obo avam ovaj serijal I m reading this now and really enjoying it Smart and feisty heroine, sexy boyfriend cop and a good romance going on, mystery, action, and suspense, all done with a great sense of humor