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King Midas Once Had The Ability To Turn All He Touched Into Gold But After His Gift Or Curse Almost Killed His Daughter, Midas Relinquished The Touch Forever Ten Years Later, Princess Kora Still Bears The Consequences Of Her Father S Wish Her Skin Shines Golden, Rumors Follow Her Everywhere She Goes, And She Harbors Secret Powers That Are Getting Harder To HideKora Spends Her Days Locked In The Palace, Concealed Behind Gloves And Veils, Trying To Ignore The Stares And Gossip Of Courtiers It Isn T Until A Charming Young Duke Arrives That Kora Realizes There May Be Someone Out There Who Doesn T Fear Her Or Her Curse But Their Courtship Is Disrupted When A Thief Steals Precious Items From The Kingdom, Leaving The Treasury Depleted And King Midas Vulnerable Thanks To Her Unique Ability To Sense Gold, Kora Is The Only One Who Can Track The Thief Down As She Sails Off On Her Quest, Kora Learns That Not Everything Is What It Seems Not Thieves, Not Pirates, And Not Even Curses She Quickly Discovers That Gold And The Power It Brings Is Dangerous Than She D Ever BelievedMidas Learned His Lesson At A Price What Will Kora S Journey Cost

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    I ve only ever turned one person to gold, and that was an accident I had a lot of expectations for this I mean I read the synopsis and all I could think was thieves, pirates, curses and gold, is there any better combination , but this book just wasn t for me.I found it lacking, the description of the world or of anything really, was almost never there, the romance was not good the development of it was complete bullshit, she like someone and then bum suddenly she likes someone else, it made a bit of sense but it could have had a better development, and I m sad about that because I love romance the end left with a cliffhanger, at least of me, and has far had I know there isn t a sequel The writing was good, and I really like how the curse affected the people in a realistic way I had very big expectations that, unfortunately no one is sadder than me about this it wasn t meet But overall it was an interesting read, with very good writing and I get why the main character was so dumb sometimes but even so it pissed me off So yeah, I expect Thank you to Edelweiss for a ARC of this book for a honest review.

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    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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    Reread damn I loved this book even the second time around OH MY GOD I LOVED THIS BOOK The characters were all really cool There was a lot pirates and sailing than I was anticipating which was a big wonderful surprise plus and the betrayals OMG poor Kora Girl is gonna have some trust issues going forward Especially for a stand alone, I m really impressed with the world development, problems, amount of questing, plot twists and character development I ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Annie s next work.

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    I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review What a pleasant surprise I have this awful habit of reading the synopsis of books only once or twice, and having nothing than a vague idea of what a story is about, before diving headfirst into it There s romance, curses, pirates squeals all wrapped up in a short, sweet plot with action and excitement I ve never had the pleasure to read a retelling of King Midas, but loved this spin on his tale A charming debut by Annie Sullivan Full RTC

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    Official Comments Utterly charming This fresh take on a classic tale will be treasured by fans of myth and romance alike Unofficial Comments Annie s writing is gorgeous WOW This story is such a treat

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    A Touch Of Gold was so very different from what I thought it would be but in the best way possible.Maybe it s because I m bad at reading synopses or remembering them but I really though that this was gonna be about a princess in her castle, dealing with her curse , a swoon worthy romance and a little bit of I m being rebellious and leaving the castle even though I m not supposed to But what I got instead was a sea adventure, including pirates and sirens, and if you know me just a little bit, you will know, that that is literally my favourite thing So this book was honestly almost perfect for me I ask you, why can the sun rise and sink each day and not an island For though the tides rise and fall, men say an island cannot What fools men are As far as the world building goes, there s really not all that much to expect It was good enough to get a feeling for the setting but there s really not a lot of explaining on the general world I wasn t bothered by it and I feel like the story works well as it is but if you re a fan of intricate world building, this might not be the book for you.I love when books make you crave for it to go into a certain direction, then leave you hanging for a bit but ultimately go into that exact direction I guess it wasn t exactly unpredictable but I did not dare to hope the storyline would go the way I wanted it to When it DID, it left me with an intensely satisfied feeling.The romance was absolutely wonderful and right up my alley And I wish I could talk much about it but talking about its development would definitely be a spoiler, so as much as I want to, I can t But just know, that this romance was my favourite part of the story, next to the general sea adventure setting.What I can say is that I loved how this book made use of the insta love trope Now I don t know if this was actually on purpose but I definitely noticed it in a positive way I don t dislike most of the commonly hated tropes because I think there s always an interesting way to work with them and A Touch of Gold did exactly that The insta love made sense and it was used in a way that helped the main character s development in a lot of ways Then his lips are on mine They taste like the sea breeze, salty and light It s a kiss that says everything he couldn t In general, this had an interesting cast of characters The main character wasn t my favourite but she was very well written and her thoughts and feelings made a lot of sense Her cousin, Hettie, might have been my favourite of the characters She is amazing and so much fun but also super passionate and stubborn I d read a novel from her perspective.I loved the rest of the cast and all their different quirks too and this also had some complex and interesting concepts for the villain.Overall I had an amazing time reading this book If you like books set on sea, this is for you While the crew were following is not exactly pirates, they definitely behave like it for a lot of the time, so if that s your thing, you re in the right place Booktube Channel Twitter Instagram I received an ARC of this through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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    Ah Such a wonderful adventure

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    3 stars I m a huge sucker for Greek mythology and YA fantasy So I was pretty pysched to get into this novel and I would say that I really liked this retelling of the King Midas story However, there were many aspects of the story that just didn t pique my interest enough to give it a 5 star rating.Firstly, there was a lack of worldbuilding The story wasn t immersive enough for me From the descriptions, I had the sense that our characters lived in a medevial sort of setting where there were kingdoms and fantastical creatures We got the idea that magic played an integral part of the world but it wasn t explained or delved into too deeply The descriptions and imagery used painted a picture without becoming lyrical or whimsical Personally, I love novels that are wrought with emotive language as it lends a sense of escapism This just played out like a story that needed to be told.Secondly, I liked the MC Kora She was fiesty enough and rather independant However, she was quite the usual YA protagonist who was misunderstood and was looking to change people s opinions of her She has a tragic past and a special ability which I honestly found to be very cliched Moreover, the romance aspect was just bland I didn t like the so called love triangle and I felt there was absolutely zero chemistry between any of the love interests for Kora Plus, the idea of falling in and out of love so quickly with two guys is just so unrealistic It made me laugh I can t understand why authors make the girls so gullible and silly when it comes to love Although, I would have to admit I still did enjoy the story I especially liked Hettie I found her to be relatable and unpredictable In addition, the side characters were pretty well rounded to create an engaging story I especially found that the inclusion of pirates in the plot made for an interesting read.Overall, the story wasn t so bad The structure flowed smoothly enough and the pacing was just right not too fast or slow There were enough action scenes to build up speed whenever the storyline was prone to lagging I also liked the plot twists and revelations They were surprising and I didn t expect them as much The ending was not too predictable and had me raising my eyebrows I liked how the author blended deceit, vulnerability, love and fantasy into the storyline Even though, the language was simplistic, the story wasn t lacking in entertainment per se I would suggest this story as a good one time read and I guess for a standalone it made it s impact albeit in a not so showy way.

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    I really loved this retelling of King Midas.I think it s best to go into this book without knowing too much I knew a little of the King Midas story, but not very much I had read the synopsis awhile ago, but I didn t reread it before starting the book and I m glad I didn t I was just able to read and really enjoy the story.This is mostly Kora s story Her father, King Midas, turned her into gold by accident when she was young He was able to turn her back, but he didn t do everything he needed to do to break the curse Because of that, Kora became gold again But not as a statue Just her appearance She spent the rest of her childhood hiding from almost everyone She could also turn things to gold, but not in the same way her dad could.The gold items were tied to Midas and when they were stolen, he essentially falls into a coma Uncle Pheus had just introduced Kora to Duke Aris Wystilos that day Aris wasn t afraid of Kora and she liked him because of it Most other boys ran from her Aris offers to take Kora to find the gold She has a connection to it and can sense it Reluctantly, Uncle Pheus agrees While on the ship, they find that Kora s cousin, Hettie, sneaked on board The captain, Royce, was worried about the trip, but agreed to take Kora to find the gold Most of the men on board were worried Rhat was the only one who seemed okay with the journey.Kora starts having visions of the gold with a pirate His name is Captain Skulls because he has his men behead victims and bring him their skulls to collect.There are pirates, sirens, love, betrayal, friendship, fights, death, and adventures I don t want to give anything away, so I won t go into any detail The writing flowed well and the pacing was great.I gave this book 5 stars Thank you to the publisher and Edelweiss for giving me a copy for review.

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    God, this book was painful I listened to the audiobook and I just wanted it to end the entire time, but I felt committed I don t know why I kept going I guess I hoped it would get better It did not First of all, the MC in this story was so pathetic I wanted to scream Her defining characteristic could literally be meek Except that all of these characters felt so flat I m not sure I would give them any real characteristics at all Homegirl falls in love with a guy in 0.5 seconds Then she falls in love with another guy even faster Both of these relationships seem to jump out of goddamn nowhere, but yet were so predictable Actually, everything about this book was cliche and predictable It made me cringe so hard The evil guy is so stereotypically evil Also, he collects people s skulls so therefore his name is literally CAPTAIN SKULLS Kill me Then there s a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean called the Island of Lost Souls, which sounds like every mysterious island in the middle of the ocean to ever exist in fantasy Also when the MC and her crew finally face CAPTAIN SKULLS they have the most cliche conversation EVER where bad guy is all like YOU MUST DO THIS MUAHA and the MC is all like, NEVER And I was just all like..omfg Not to mention that the entire premise of this book makes very little sense to me MC goes out into the world to search for the gold that can save her father s life the father who treats her like shit and ignore her existence Her internal monologue is just droning on about how she needs to save him because he s running out of time and oh, she should have been a better daughter and princess..and then the book ends on that note her trying to be better going forward.Ahem, EXCUSE ME This is not only further evidence of her infuriating meekness it s also a terrible goddamn message for girls It s lowkey victim blaming, and it made me so mad to read about This book might have been redeemed slightly for me if as I d hoped the MC decided to abandon her quest to save her father and live her own life free from his horrible treatment of her, but nope And yes, of course in the end she learned that he only treated her like shit because he felt guilty for cursing if that s supposed to fix a decade of neglect LOL, no Honestly, this concept could have made for a cool story, but now I m just sitting here wondering how this got published.