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A Necessary Husband Kindle ¸ A Necessary eBook

When Garrett Lynch bursts the glittering Raynewood ballroom a Wild mail a hapless footman clinging to each powerful arm Lucinda Devering is equally appalled and impressed How uncivilised How barbaric How stirringly strong and manly Then she learns he's the long lost heir of the Duke of Raynewood–and that it's her job to transform him into a proper Englishman And if she fails this impossible task the duke will reveal her desperate secret ruining her foreverLucinda Devering may be the loveliest woman Garrett's laid eyes on but her eternal rules and regulations about proper behaviour are enough to drive a man mad Which should he believe? That stiff spine or those soft curls and big brown eyes? One thing is certain that lush prissy mouth needs loosening up–and he knows just the way to do it But soon he wonders which is important winning this game or winning Lucinda's hand?

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