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Ellis Peters Introduction To The Murderous Medieval World Of Brother CadfaelA Morbid Taste For BonesIn The Remote Welsh Mountain Village Of Gwytherin Lies The Grave Of Saint Winifred Now, In , The Ambitious Head Of Shrewsbury Abbey Has Decided To Acquire The Sacred Remains For His Benedictine Order Native Welshman Brother Cadfael Is Sent On The Expedition To Translate And Finds The Rustic Villagers Of Gwytherin Passionately Divided By The Benedictine S Offer For The Saint S Relics Canny, Wise, And All Too Wordly, He Isn T Surprised When This Taste For Bones Leads To Bloody MurderThe Leading Opponent To Moving The Grave Has Been Shot Dead With A Mysterious Arrow, And Some Say Winifred Herself Held The Bow Brother Cadfael Knows A Carnal Hand Did The Killing But He Doesn T Know That His Plan To Unearth A Murderer May Dig Up A Case Of Love And Justicewhere The Wages Of Sin May Be Scandal Or Cadfael S Own Ruin 1.99 Kindle sale, today Dec 13, 2017 only Some of my GR friends love this medieval mystery series, so I think I m going to give it a shot. Great historical mystery series Since this info was hard for me to find, below is a list of the Cadfael novels in order of publication A Morbid Taste for BonesOne Corpse Too ManyMonk s HoodSt Peter s FairThe Leper of St GilesThe Virgin in the IceThe Sanctuary SparrowThe Devil s NoviceDead Man s RansomThe Pilgrim of HateAn Excellent MysteryThe Raven in the ForegateThe Rose RentThe Hermit of Eyton ForestThe Confession of Brother HaluinThe Heretic s ApprenticeA Rare BenedectineThe Potter s FieldThe Summer of the DanesThe Holy ThiefBrother Cadfael s Penance Justice can be arrived at byroutes than one I thought this book was a swell start to this series Brother Cadfael, monk by vocation and detective by circumstance, is a really delightful character A medieval time, Welsh born man, Cadfael now carries out his monastic duties at Shrewsbury Abbey in England He has not been in the service of the church his entire life, however, and that is what makes him such an intriguing fellowFor Brother Cadfael had come late to the monastic life, like a battered ship settling at last for a quiet harbourA former soldier and captain of a ship, Cadfael has even experienced his fair share of sweetheartshe remembered other ladies, inlands than one, with whom he had enjoyed encounters pleasurable to both parties, and no harm to eitherYou can t help but adore this guy While Brother Cadfael may be well liked, author Ellis Peters also introduces us to some less agreeable characters as well Prior Robert cuts a splendid and authoritative figure, and is well aware of this factFor whatever virtues might be found in Prior Robert, humility was not one, nor magnanimity He was invariably sure of his own rightness, and where it was challenged he was not a forgiving manThe prior s latest ambition is to acquire the relics of a saint in order to advance the prestige of the monastery Thus begins an adventure to Wales in search of the resting place of Saint Winifred Prior Robert bands together a small group of his monks to carry out his mission, Brother Cadfael among them due to his Welsh background He will serve as translator between the Shrewsbury brothers and the people of Gwytherin Upon their arrival at Gwytherin, the monks quickly realize that despite the fact the saint s grave has been neglected, the villagers are not necessarily keen to give her up to a group of strangers Here we meet another group of interesting men and women Peters certainly delivers in her characterizations I loved that she also included a strong female figure in a young woman named Sioned Brother Cadfael is not without a great sense of respect and admiration for her as wellThere are women as strong as any of us, and as able When a leading citizen of this quaint Welsh village turns up dead, Cadfael will put to use his sleuthing skills to ensure that justice is served But this unconventional monk will not necessarily do everything by the book, making for an intriguing, sometimes humorous, and very enjoyable read I ve had A Morbid Taste for Bones waiting for me on my kindle for quite some time now I dillydallied about actually reading it, thinking that a book about an assortment of monks could be either a snooze fest or too heavy on the religion I was wrong When a GR friend chose this book for me as part of a book swap, I finally jumped right in I am so glad that I did, because I have now found a fabulous, new to me, historical mystery series to indulge in thanks, Jen Recommended to those that love historical mysteries with an appealing and bit out of the ordinary leading man. Note, Aug 7, 2017 I edited this just now to correct a minor typo.Dame Edith Pargeter had already, by 1977, made a reputation for herself, under the pen name of Ellis Peters, as a mystery writer but under her own name, she was also a respected author of historical fiction, much of it set in medieval Wales When she brought the two genres together in this first of many novels, set in the border country between England and Wales where she grew up in the turbulent mid 1100s and featuring Brother Cadfael, a former veteran soldier now a monk in his sixties, and well versed both in herbology and in solving mysteries, she single handedly created the now flourishing historical mystery subgenre Before that, the only historical mysteries were Sherlock Holmes pastiches The appeal of the series comes mainly from the character of Cadfael himself wise, shrewd, caring, a bit mischievous, and endued with a gentle, life affirming faith much like Pargeter s own It also comes from her appealing depiction of the 12th century world, her sympathy with her characters, and her optimistic and moral view of the world Writers, she once said, need to depict evil but for them to take pleasure in evil is mortal sin Here, the Welsh born Cadfael finds himself brought along as an interpreter on his prior s expedition into Wales to extract the bones of a saint venerated as holy relics from the unwilling congregation of the little country parish where she s buried But when the most vocal opponent of transferring the bones turns up the victim of a murder, Cadfael finds himself called on to dothan translate The solution of the mystery will demand detective ability, but this is only part of the picture Pargeter has stated that she was never attracted to the purely intellectual puzzle type of mystery, so as much of the focus here is on the human drama of the characters and their interactions.