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download Best A Man and His Mountain: The Everyman Who Created Kendall-Jackson and Became America's Greatest Wine EntrepreneurAuthor Edward Humes –

Great story about how a non wine person became one of the greatest wine empire owners of all time Jess Jackson and his family created Kendall Jackson and many boutique wineries that produce some of the best wines in the world at all price breaks It covers his positives and negatives yes there are plenty In doing so he changed the status quo in the wine industry and also did the same exposing questionable business practices in thoroughbred racing also A fascinating driven person who also was quite gruff. A Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Tells The Story Of The Self Made Billionaire Who Built The Kendall Jackson Empire From Nothing Into The Biggest Selling Brand Of Premium Wines In The US Jess Stonestreet Jackson Was One Of A Small Band Of Pioneering Entrepreneurs Who Put California S Wine Country On The Map His Life Story Is A Compelling Slice Of History, Daring, Innovation, Feuds, Intrigue, Talent, Mystique, Contrarianism, And Luck, Offering A Unique Window On The Elegant, Adventurous, And Cut Throat Worlds Of Jackson S Two Passions Wine And Horseracing Time After Time His Decisions Would Be Ignored, Derided, Then Finally Envied And Imitated, As Whole Industries Watched Him Become A Billionaire And Tried To Keep Up He Reinvented Himself At Mid Life, And Became Founder And CEO Of Kendall Jackson The Empire He Constructed Endures And Thrives Even After His Death InIn A Man And His Mountain, Edward Humes Brings Us The No Holds Barred Tale Of The Brilliant, Infuriating, Successful Man Who Seemed To Win Than His Share By Staying Far Ahead Of The Pack Jess Jackson a lawyer at the twilight of his career purchases a small pear walnut orchid just next to California s wine valley He decides to grow grapes as a potential retirement job when one cold evening he is confronted with a broken watering system resulting in a cold night time scuba dive to unclog a filter and save his crop He reflects on this difficulty and ponders why the trouble for other wineries and not his own This moment is the beginning of a transformation of the American wine industry from cheap swill to world class vintages.I like the pace of this book It reads very well while taking you into the strong character of a man with vision and drive Jess Jackson a man in his middle 50 s develops a unique blended Chardonnay that takes the country by storm in the early 80 s A big risk and a huge success which drove him into a steep growth curve by buying up and capturing the California Wine Industry before anyone else.Jess Jackson turns his life family upside down on his 54 birthday by leaving his wife because of her reluctance to risk everything on his dream He goes head first changing the course of the American wine industry Jackson a smart lawyer gambler had total confidence in his vision by betting everything to deliver the Kendal Jackson wine brand.Jess the horse track gambler visits the Kentucky Oak s the Kentucky Derby for the 3 year old fillies held yearly at Churchill Downs 1 day prior to the Derby , and is impressed by the massive led of a thoroughbred named Rachel Alexandra He spends millions to buy her, and then races her weeks later in the Preakness wins Again, a newcomer taking a big risk by racing a Filly among colts a filly hasn t won since Seabiscuit took it in 1938.The book is short 300 plus pages and to the point I would of liked a littledetail about the in s outs of grape growing and winery operation, but that does not diminish this fabulous book I recommend it, and believe those interested in business, fresh starts, risk taking, and pure guts should read this book Edward Humes a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist shows his writing talent by describing the complex man Jess Jackson s climb to the top and his contribution to Made in America. A friend recommended this book because he knew I liked history and wine Another friend had recalled a chance encounter with Jess Jackson in 2006 at a remote fishing lodge in Alaska, together those coincidental facts led me to order this book It was a great read and being a lawyer in SB County with friends and family in various parts of the business made thisinteresting This is an inspiring read of a complicated and hard driving man with whom you might disagree but would walk away still admiring him I regret our paths never crossed. There is an interesting story here Edward Humes just doesn t seem to be up to the task of telling it His biography of Jess Jackson crosses far over the line into hagiography, as Jackson s mastery of persuasion and marketing apparently rendered Humes unable to tell a balanced story of this remarkable life In short in every good trait, Jackson is the best in every dispute, win or lose, Jackson is right in every endeavor, Jackson did the right thing and came out on top The book suffers from that lack of balance as it feels muchlike a family favor than an honest portrait of what was surely a complex man But beyond that, Humes seemed to struggle to turn this epic life story into a full length book, returning to the same stories over and over as though he was terrified that the reader was only half paying attention and might not recall some pertinent information from 20 pages earlier This trait is exacerbated by the lack of structure to the book that leaves the reader pointlessly moving back and forward through time for much of the first half of the book It s as though Kendall Jackson s meteoric rise didn t give the author enough to say so he drags out the story as best he can It s an interesting tale and a quick read, but not a particularly good one.